DOs and DON’Ts about SADNESS


  • Set boundaries/limits;
  • Respect and experience your emotion;
  • Search/source for secure bases;

For example, it is useful to call someone who understands your sadness or to look for an environment which creates security. Sadness can happen to you, it is not a choice. However, being alone with sadness is a choice;

  • Express the emotion in a creative manner.

For example: painting, theatre, drawing, writing, metaphors.

Sometimes, people find it hard to speak openly about their emotions.



  • Turn sadness into an addiction;

Confuse your needs. All adapted patterns arise from the conviction that the child ego state doesn’t need to express its emotions.

  • Sabotage yourself;

Sometimes, the moment/environment isn’t right for you to express an emotion when it appears. Emotions are deeds. It is preferable and sometimes necessary to postpone expressing an emotion as such, rather than to turn it into a racket or to ignore it.


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