UPDATE NOVEMBER 2022: This page has been left online for historical purposes. Removing it would have affected the structure of the static website pages of the blog. MARCUS VICTOR GRANT IS CURRENTLY NOT OFFERING ANY MORE CONSULTING OR TRAINING SERVICES. THE PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITY HAS BEEN SUSPENDED INDETERMINATELY FOR HEALTH REASONS.

Whether it is about marketing, public relations, human resources, personal development, or coaching, the consultant’s mission is to help the client so that, by using what the client has and/or wants to create (content), he would offer him the professional and effective instruments (the process) that would help him /resolve his/her problems, find solutions, and meet the desired goals. Consultancy, as a profession, is a highly varied field and has a history starting from antiquity, a tradition continued in time, and enriched using communication means specific to the needs, places, and moments when they have manifested themselves.

You will want to invest in the provided services to reduce the problems and meet your goals… I am offering professional services in specific fields, using sophisticated working instruments so that I can support you to use them for a long time for what you pay for once. Thus your professional satisfaction would strategically be prolonged. The experience and acknowledgment acquired in time have proved fruitful for the clients, based on successful techniques. So, naturally, they will also work for you. The consultant is in charge of the quality of the provided service, and the client is in order of the quality of the results in terms of content, using the process provided by the consultant.

What if you became more and more interested… in the idea of learning which offers to choose? If you carefully studied what I offer, you would prefer to be more and more interested in what benefits you and is essential to you.  

List of services provided for a fee for organizations and/or individuals. Further information at Marcus.Victor.Grant [at] Gmail [dot] com. Prices vary depending on the service and scope of your initiative.

Please check here for a list of successful case studies in marketing & PR. 


Organizational branding services


Strategic analysis through the points technique – Analiza strategică prin tehnica punctelor® (ASTP);

Determining the brand attributes;

Describing the audiences;

Promotion strategy through marketing, public relations, and sales;

Consultancy in organizing brand promotion events.



Promotional materials and online ads;

Preparing flyers and posters (I deal with text only);

Press kits;

Sales letters;

Consultancy in preparing business cards;

Consultancy regarding creativity.


Employer branding



Determining the brand attributes;

360-degree evaluation;

Recruiting strategy;

Employment ads (I deal with text only);

Assessing the internal communication policy: Internal Regulations (IR); consultancy in workplace communication problems; designing job descriptions; mediation in managing conflicts.


Human Resources Consultancy:

Psychometric construction and assessment;

Consultancy in preparing labor contracts, job descriptions, and internal regulations;

Career consultancy;

Training assessment;

Concentration techniques.


  Other services for organizations:


Training and workshops;



Consultancy for real-time public business presentations (fairs, specialized conferences, press conferences, sale speeches, corporate speeches, award festivities, TV and radio appearances, workshops, training) and any type of oral presentations: I support my clients in conveying clear ideas, which would suit their personal brand and the goals of their presentations. Before realizing it, whether you sell a business plan to potential investors or you prepare your speech for a dissertation, you will have the opportunity to be more convincing using my techniques and recommendations.


Consultancy in blog and online community administration:

Customer care (written and by phone)

Online niching and positioning;

Online editorial activity;

Copyright consultancy;

Article writing;




Entrepreneurship assistance services:

Consultancy in preparing and supporting business plans;

Consultancy in an objective and task management;

Networking consultancy;



Services for employees:

Career consultancy;

Personal branding consultancy;

Consultancy in workplace communication problems;

Negotiating salaries and labor conditions specified in the individual labor contract and job description;

Time management consultancy;

Networking consultancy;


Personal development consultancy;

Professional development consultancy.

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