Copyrights & Disclaimer

Art. 1. This blog is written, managed, and owned by Marcus Victor Grant. Copyright (C) Marcus Victor Grant, 2009-present

Art. 2. Legal protection of the content

The original texts found on this blog are protected by copyright, according to Romanian Laws no. 205/21.11.2000 and no. 8/1996, Emergency Ordinance 123/2005, and updated Law no. 329/2006. For a broader perspective of the copyright law, amended up to April 2011, please read here [legal, Romanian]. Any partial or complete copying and/or any (re)distribution of the text/content of this under any form and/or of any part without the explicit favorable written agreement of the authors mentioned on this website is punishable according to the law. Furthermore, any unauthorized circulation of these texts shall be punished according to the laws in force at the national and/or international levels.

Art. 3. Materials that do not belong to the authors of this blog

In this blog, one can also find materials for which I own third-party copyrights, which fall into the following categories:

  • a) materials took over from third-party websites or works while mentioning their source;

  • b) materials whose author is not known;

  • c) materials suggested or prepared by collaborators and/or contributors;

  • d) materials prepared by Marcus Victor Grant in collaboration with other persons;

  • e) comments of the blog’s readers;

  • f) videos incorporated from Youtube – whose source can be found by following the original link.

Art. 4. The assignment of the copyrights for articles and web pages is performed by mentioning the author’s name (s) at the end or beginning of the article/webpage. In case the source is not mentioned, and no specification is made on a webpage or in an article, then the content of that article/webpage is implicitly written by Marcus Victor Grant. On the other hand, if there is a specification reading, for instance, “copy please” or “copy-left”, then the respective material is not covered by copyright protection and can be taken over and redistributed freely by anybody without obtaining any prior permission.

Art. 5. Use this blog wisely

1. Analytic Vision encompasses a series of articles, websites, and links whose purpose is solely informative and for personal use only. The authors of these materials, which are publicly available on the blog, do not take any responsibility for the way any information, suggestions, or ideas are enforced in the personal or professional life of any of their readers.

2. These writings can model how the reader should act in relation to exterior stimuli or inner necessities. However, any consequences resulting from the unfortunate use of any information or ideas from the public content of this blog belong entirely to the readers. The information and ideas explicitly and implicitly contained on this blog are the subjective expressions of an author’s / author’s point of view on a topic selected by them, and by no means can they be affiliated with a juridical person unless that juridical person is mentioned at the beginning or at the end of the article/website, as an author. The readers admit that, by using this website, they are entirely liable and responsible for applying the information resulting from their own understanding of a part of the texts published on this blog.

3. The suggestions, opinions, and ideas in this blog do not necessarily reflect the author’s vision and cannot legally be interpreted as advice or rules. The author provides links to documentation but does not take any responsibility for it, nor does he necessarily wholly agree to the content of the sources referred to.

4. The project manager, Marcus Victor Grant, does not necessarily and totally agree with the articles written by others and published on this blog. Each of the known authors of each article published on this blog is liable before the third parties and the laws for any potential accusations of breaching copyrights, denigration, calumny, and others. The editorial office disclaims all responsibility for mediating possible conflicts between an author and any third parties.

5. Actuality. Some of the information found in this blog’s posts, articles, or web pages, is no longer up-to-date (such as addresses, telephone numbers, links, reasons, and prices). Therefore, the authors of the articles, the coordinator of the blog, and those whose materials are used recommend to the readers to check the actuality and accuracy of the information mentioned at a certain point by verifying it at the source and possibly requesting current information, valid at the time the respective web pages or posts are read.

Art. 6. Meanings

The authors who have published, published, or shall publish on this blog are not linguists or journalists; consequently, not all that is to be found on this blog complies with the conventions or meanings contained by the well-known dictionaries. This blog also contains certain unintentional typing, language, and grammar mistakes, which cannot wholly be corrected for practical reasons.

Art. 7. Public

Reading this blog appeals to readers with particular intellectual and professional inclinations; consequently, it might not be suitable for any professional or social category. The administrator cannot be blamed for the dissatisfactions this blog might cause certain readers who cannot be found among its audience. If you disapprove of what is published on Analytic Vision, I recommend that you immediately leave the blog and never reaccess it! The act of reading and commenting on this blog implies your implicit approval of this disclaimer in its whole in terms of using this service.

Art. 8. This project belongs to Marcus Victor Grant and is published on a WordPress platform. Their terms and conditions also apply. 

Art. 9. The rights of collaborators and contributors

Any person other than Marcus Victor Grant, who has contributed to the preparation of the content of this blog, with proposals of materials for publication, answers to an interview, videos, photos or audio materials, and original materials to be published on this blog, as well as granting the permission to modify, publish, republish or prepare materials deriving from this blog, has for their own materials, the same rights, as an author, like Marcus Victor Grant. The withdrawal of material published on the blog Analytic Vision can be made via e-mail to the address Marcus. Victor. Grant [at] Gmail [dot] com, except for the situation when it was published on the blog further to barter services and/or products. Within 5 working days from the registration of the request, the material shall be withdrawn from the public area of the website or completely deleted from the blog, according to the applicant’s wish. In the case of the materials published within the barter, the removal can be made by financial compensation at 150% of the initial value of the negotiated service.

Art. 10. The rights of the co-authors

1. “Co-author” means a person’s participation in the preparation of an article published on the blog Analytic Vision in collaboration with Marcus Victor Grant or with one or several different entities.

2. The co-authors have the right to submit requests for alteration, partial or total removal of their work, further to written communication with the administrator, to the e-mail address mentioned within this disclaimer. In addition, the administrator may discuss, negotiate and eventually accept, conditionally or unconditionally, the withdrawal of those written materials with the direct participation of certain co-authors.

3. If material is written by several authors, then the request of one of them shall be subject to the voting of an uneven number of co-authors involving all the co-authors of the disputed material. As the case may be, the administrator may also participate.

Art. 11. The rights of the interviewed persons

The persons interviewed within articles/web pages published on the blog Analytic Vision do NOT have any copyrights for the content of the interview. The copyrights exclusively belong to the author of each interview. However, the interviewed persons have the right to request modifications to the article before it is published or within 15 calendar days from publishing the interview. Granting the right to modifications is conditioned by the approval of the administrator of the blog Analytic Vision AND of the author of the interview. In the case of the interviews exclusively made or being published for the first time on the blog  Analytic Vision, the administrator acknowledges the interviewed persons the right of veto regarding republishing their interview in third-party publications, whether online or printed. The right of veto is expressed in writing, to the address Marcus.victor.grant [at] Gmail [dot] com

Art. 12. Derived creations

This blog may contain materials taken partially or entirely from other sources, with their written permission. Based on these materials, analyses, interpretations, developments, and any other forms of derived written works, audio or video, may be published on this blog. After obtaining the written agreement for the initial incorporation of these original materials of the third parties, the administrator does NOT acknowledge their right to withdraw them; instead, he admits to their right of reply. The right of reply is granted under the conditions stipulated by art. 13 of this disclaimer.

In the case of translations (acknowledged as derived creations according to copyright law), translators grant a non-exclusive cession of the copyrights for the respective materials to be published on this blog.

Art. 13. Right of reply

1. In the analyses, case studies, or exemplifications, the names of certain natural or juridical persons may explicitly be used to praise or criticize a certain type of behavior (for instance, the category “analytical and critical vision over). The persons considering that the way their name has been used or the way certain facts or events have been presented is not right have the right to reply whenever they want it.

2. The right to reply shall be made WITH PROOFS/REASONS and may be granted by the administrator further to written amicable communication. In case this reply of the person (that acts based on an actual or presumed damage in terms of image) does not comply with rules of adequate language, or it is promotional, or it is degrading to third parties, the administrator reserves his right NOT to publish the right of reply. In some instances, the administrator of the blog may make modifications of the original material so that these would remove the impairment of truth or may decide to completely withdraw the material – cases in which the reply shall also not be published.

3. The right of reply shall only be granted to the directly damaged natural persons or, in the case of juridical persons, a representative empowered by the juridical person to deal with this aspect (administrator, manager, or public relations specialist).

4. In case the right of reply is granted by publishing material of the prejudiced person, this shall be issued within 15 calendar days from expressing the final written agreement of the administrator regarding it, under the form agreed to with the author of the right of reply at the date of the agreement.

Art. 14. Republishing

1. A part of the articles/web pages published on Analytic Vision have been, are, and/or shall be republished on third-party websites, magazines, blogs, or newspapers. The selection of these articles shall be made by the administrator, or author(s), when the publication initiative belongs to him/them, or by third parties, in case the industry belongs to the third parties AND the administrator has expressed his agreement for republication in writing, from the address Marcus.victor.grant [at] Gmail [dot] com In the republication of the materials on Analytic Vision, the copyrights shall be preserved because by publishing material on Analytic Vision, the author grants a non-exclusive cessation of the copyrights.

2. The complete republication or the republication of a part larger than 100 words shall be made, in any case, with the specification of a link to the original article or to the blog Analytic Vision.

3. In the specific case in which less than 400 words are quoted, the quoting may be made without notifying, in any way, the blog administrator or the author of the article. Still, it is however conditioned by mentioning the source using a link.

4. The duration for which the republishing is allowed may be limited in time or unlimited; this aspect is set using written communication with the administrator.

Art. 15. Advertising.

1. This blog may contain publicity, advertisements, advertising, and any other form of commercial recommendation. The author reserves his right to signal or not to signal the advertisement on this blog. A part of the advertising is automatically displayed by WordPress, the provider of the platform hosting this blog, and is out of the administrator’s control.

2. Except for the services and products sold by the project manager, the administrator of this blog does not guarantee for any of the recommended services or products and cannot be held responsible or liable, legally or morally, for the decisions resulting from involving the users of the blog Analytic Vision in the respective promotions or advertisements.

3. The promotion contracts or circumstances causing the occurrence of any commercial recommendations on the blog are confidential and administered by Marcus Victor Grant, whether directly or using intermediaries.

Art. 16. The remuneration of the contribution to the blog Analytic Vision 

The contribution to the blog Analytic Vision of persons other than Marcus Victor Grant using (re)publishing articles, interviews, photographs, audio or video recordings, graphics, design, and drawings shall not be made financially. The contribution is voluntary, out of passion and solidarity, or within a barter, and it is subject to this disclaimer.

Art. 17. The modification of this disclaimer

This disclaimer may be modified anytime, at the absolute discretion of the administrator of the blog Analytic Vision. To keep you up to date, you may check this webpage anytime. The first English version of this disclaimer was published on January 17th, 2018. 

Art. 18. Official communication

All the official communication regarding the materials, rights, and obligations resulting from this disclaimer shall be made with the administrator of the blog Analytic Vision, Marcus Victor Grant, to the e-mail address Marcus.Victor.Grant [at] Gmail [dot] com.

Art. 19. Good faith

1. The blog Analytic Vision aims to share useful information with the readers, which would intellectually stimulate them and help them in their personal, professional, and organizational development. The administrator intends to reflect the truth or reality in a manner as exhausting and argued as possible. If there are differences of opinions or misunderstandings, they shall amicably be dealt with using the following:

  • a) unofficial face-to-face communication via telephone, Skype, or Facebook;

  • b) official e-mails;

  • c) comments;

  • d) modifications;

  • e) rights of reply;

  • f) removal of materials;

  • g) negotiation;

  • h) mediation.

2. In case none of these manners of interaction has given the anticipated results, then the misunderstanding may escalate to a dispute. During this communication, in case the good faith of an interlocutor is doubted by his words or actions, the administrator reserves his right to suspend communication until resuming it in a manner that could support genuine communication using the ways specified above.

3. This disclaimer is not intended to limit the rights or freedoms of the third parties but to set a clear framework for a blog development that would firstly benefit its readers. Thank you!

Marcus Victor Grant

This article has been translated from Romanian by Cristiana Brezeanu.