Nikola Tesla The Genius Who Lit the World

Ever since I have studied physics in high school, I have been a longstanding admirer of Nicola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors which ever lived. Father of the alternating current, he competed with the most brilliant minds of his time to bring progress to mankind.

What absolutely amazes me is Tesla’s initiative to provide free wireless electricity. The tower he built with this purpose has been destroyed in order to prevent the USA’s enemies to use it in strategical purposes. I will never stop wondering what would have been if he would have had the chance to finish his project. The world we live in would have been totally different.

I learned a lot of new things from this documentary, an insightful perspective on the past, and a proof that the greatest human inventions are almost always used first for military purposes. I also imagine that for those of you having more technical inclinations will find delight in the scenes from the museum.

Although it is clear the filmmakers did not have a lot of resources, the structure and the story of the documentary are captivating enough and relevant in content to make it above average. A good lesson in doing much with little resources.

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2011-present

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