This blog has been launched June 17, 2009. 

Analytic Vision has over 150 posts published within 2009-2018, out of which most articles which are found complex and very useful by the readers. I have listed below all the posts available, displayed chronologically for each category. Where a post is filed under several of the 6 categories, I have only chosen one of them, the most relevant. About 10 posts originally published here have been moved to Debug Your Mind, a niche blog which deals with issues of contemporary history, politics, and economics.

Analytic Vision is active again since 2017. As an average, 2 new articles get published every month.

Titles are suggestive enough for content. Please take a look at any posts which get your attention, comment and recommended to others.

Please CLICK ON ANY OF THE TITLES TO READ the posts that get your attention.


Analytic & Critic Vision Over… (67)

My Annotation to the Faculty Programme (04.09.2009)

Marketing Un-Mix (12.09.2009)

Make Mistakes. Learn from Them. (30.09.2009)

The Impact of Negative Feedback (23.11.2009)

Nobody to Vote With (I) (24.11.2009)

Nobody to Vote With (II) (25.11.2009)

It’s Not WHAT You Write, It’s HOW You Write (27.11.2009)

The Better Me (30.12.2009)

Goal Evaluation (11.01.2010)

7 Key Questions Before Assuming Tasks (14.01.2010)

The Romanian Market of Compensations and Benefits (25.01.2010)

Romanians Work Jobs They Hate So They Can Buy Properties Without Enjoying Them (20.02.2010)

Skills Improvement Chart (22.02.2010)

What Questions to Ask Your Psychologist (17.05.2010)

I’ll solve your problem, no matter what” (20.07.2010)

The Ethics in Job Design & Structure (21.07.2010)

Stress and Productivity (22.03.2010)

The Meta-Programs Correspondence in HR Tools (14.06.2011)

The Psychometric Measurement of the Self-Esteem by Ştefan Alexandrescu (23.06.2011)

Customer Satisfaction in Modern Society (27.06.2011)

The HR Evaluation through Graphological Analysis and Psychometrically through Metaprograms (09.07.2011)

Attention Direction (16.07.2011)

Meta Modalities (18.07.2011)

Procedure for Changing Metaprograms (20.07.2011)

4 +, 4 – (14.01.2012)

Top 10 Yahoo Groups on Professional Development in Romania (28.01.2012)

Job Publishing (16.02.2012)

Personal Development Goals in 2012 (08.03.2012)

The Questionnaire Design for Surveys, part I (11.03.2012)

The Questionnaire Design for Surveys, part II (15.03.2012)

The Questionnaire Design for Surveys, part III (21.03.2012)

Rich Item Conceptualization. (26.03.2012)

Overcoming the Façade Effect (31.03.2012)

To Manipulate Or Not to Manipulate, That Is the Question (06.04.2012)

The Ethics of Public Speaking (15.04.2012)

The Difference Between Critical Thinking and Competitive Thinking (21.04.2012)

What Is More Effective: SEO Or PPC? (13.07.2012)

Recycle for Your Tomorrow (26.07.2012)

Survival Techniques (18.08.2012)

Why Use a LED Flashlight? (19.08.2012)

Universal Adaptor (20.08.2012)

A Nation’s Path to Self-Destruction. On This Day, Where Do You Stand? (09.09.2012)

Main Categories of Tasks (20.09.2012)

Top 10 Most Read Posts on Analytic Vision (24.09.2012)

Jack’s Brand (09.10.2012)

The Best Articles You Might Have Not Read Yet On This Blog (19.10.2012)

Tell Me Who Recommends You So I Can Tell You How Much I will buy (04.11.2012)

My Educational Credits (11.11.2012)

Couchsurfing Rules for Visitors (14.11.2012)

From Whom and How to Request a Testimonial (20.11.2012)

My Experience in Journalism and Publishing, 2001-2005 (28.11.2012)

My Personal Development Goals Evaluation For 2012 (30.03.2013)

About My Excessive Formalism & the So-Called “Lack of Empathy” (13.05.2013)

The Fight with My Dark Side (15.05.2013)

The Fight with My Dark Side, part II (18.05.2013)

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Bucharest (18.01.2014)

Basic Surviving Expenses in Bucharest, Romania (23.01.2014)

Administrative Necessities Expenses in Bucharest, Romania (28.01.2014)

What Gifts to Buy to a Romanian (02.02.2014)

Leisure and Other Expenses for a Young Professional Living in Bucharest (7.2.2014)

NLP Modal Operators From A Marketing Perspective. (31.3.2017)

The Same Kind of Different As Me (30.4.2017)

10 Useful Skills That Will Make You A Better Entrepreneur (31.7.2017)

How to Make a Scientific Comparison Between Men and Women in Terms of Intelligence and Stupidity (12.9.2017)

Why Public Relations Are Not Marketing (7.12.2017)

The Best Articles By Ștefan Alexandrescu published in 2017 (15.1.2018)



Debug Your Mind (25)

The Quadrant of Making Things Happen (10.01.2010)

How to Fix the Whole World (11.02.2010)

What Are You Doing with the Rest of Your 8 Hours a Day? (05.03.2010)

If You Think Too Well, Don’t Think Too Much! (12.05.2010)

Study This Small Story, Hope That Makes a BIG Change (13.05.2010)

10 Things Young Idealists Can’t Change in Romania (15.05.2010)

If You Really Want To (17.06.2012)

DOs and DON’Ts about Fear and Apprehension (25.06.2011)

DOs and DON’Ts about Anger (29.06.2011)

DOs and DON’Ts about SADNESS (07.07.2011)

DOs and DON’Ts about Joy (12.07.2011)

Which Are Your Values for Success? (04.09.2011)

A Father’s Instructions for Life (10.09.2011)

What Are You Pretending Not to Have in order for Your Problem to Be Real? (04.10.2011)

How Easily Do You Conform to “No”? (09.10.2011)

We Have All Experienced the Power of Speech (17.09.2012)

How to Live a Perfect Life. Part I. (31.10.2017)

How to Live a Perfect Life, part II. The First 4 Out of 12 Steps, In the Right Order (13.11.2016)

How to Live a Perfect Life, part III. Steps 5-8 Out of 12, In the Right Order (17.11.2016)

How to Live a Perfect Life, Last Part. Steps 9-12 Out of 12, In the Right Order (21.11.2016)

13 Hints – How to Separate Value from Mind Bugging In Webinars (26.11.2016)

Schema Dynamics Programming with Stefan Alexandrescu (25.12.2016)

Ten myths about financial independence and the truth that will set you free. Part I. (24.5.2017)

Ten myths about financial independence and the truth that will set you free. Part II. (4.6.2017)

Some differences between working hard and working SMART (27.6.2017)

What is Schema Dynamics Programming (6.7.2017)


The Art of Respecting Others (24)

The Ethics in HR (07.12.2009)

What Do Your Questions Say About Yourself? (22.01.2010)

Respect (20.5.2010)

The Art of Respecting Message (11.07.2010)

Actually Living Communication. Between Investing and Spending. (15.07.2010)

The Modern Buttons of the Digital People. (22.07.2010)

Soul” File is Write-Protected. Are You Sure You Want to Delete It? (25.07.2010)

Across-Messages Communication (31.07.2010)

The Art of Listening Others. Version 2.1. (03.08.2010)

Transcending Patterns of Communication (04.04.2011)

The Windmills of Your Mind (07.04.2011)

Less Is More. Until It Becomes Nothing. (08.06.2011)

Photo-Reading People (10.06.2011)

The Art of Personal Branding”, or Sometimes, a “Pen” is Just a Pen. But Sometimes It Isn’t. (15.06.2011)

Saint Steven the Great or Why Europe Has Such a Diverse Map (03.07.2011)

Benefits of Forgiveness (27.04.2012)

Chişinău (03.05.2012)

The Art of Respecting Others, by Ştefan Alexandrescu (27.08.2012)

The Ultimate Gift (11.09.2012)

In Which Mirror Do You Prefer to Look? (11.8.2017)

The Timeline (13.10.2017)

In Time (30.10.2017)

Meta Time (13.11.2017)

The Complex Perception of Time and Measuring It at An Elementary Level (27.11.2017)


Social Media (9)

Impressions from Webstock 2009 (19.09.2009)

Twitter Behavior (If You Just Started) (08.10.2009)

30 Predictions for Twitter (27.01.2010)

New Media (vs) PR ? – The Flea Circus Illusion (18.02.2010)

Live Blogging at Webstock 2010 (16.09.2010)

How to Promote: 10 Great Video Examples, Selected by Stefan Alexandrescu (19.12.2011)

NetCamp 2012 (17.11.2012)

Live Blogging Netcamp 2012 (22.11.2012)

Smartphone Application Pitch – StartUp Now Netcamp 2012 (22.11.2012)


Events / Meet me at… (25)

Impressions from the GalerIAA Opening (17.06.2009)

Yesterday at Business Edu (19.06.2009)

Vision. Inspire. Think globally. (19.06.2009)

When You Don’t Need to Promote Your Business (20.06.2009)

The Greenfield Community Project (03.09.2009)

Impressions from Webstock (19.09.2009)

Video Advice from Radu Georgescu (02.12.2009)

In the Target? That Is the REAL Question… (03.12.2009)

Entrepreneurship School 2010 (10.03.2010)

Analytic Vision Readers Comment (06.09.2011)

What Have I Been Doing Lately (01.10.2011)

Ştefan Alexandrescu’s Favorite 10 cities to Live In (10.11.2011)

My 4th Year in Blogging (08.01.2012)

The Agencies’ Night (17.05.2012)

1 Year of Mind Debugging (15.06.2012)

Happy New Year of Your Life! (01.09.2012)

One Year and a Half of Discernment (13.09.2012)

Happy Birthday, Ticu Constantin! (28.09.2012)

125 Public Posts on Analytic Vision (06.10.2012)

My Dream House (27.10.2012)

2012 in review (31.12.2012)

4 Years Anniversary on my first WordPress blog (17.06.2013)

Sibiu International Theater Festival (28.05.2013)

Summer Soltice (21.06.2013)

Merry Christmas! (22.12.2017)


 Film (30+6)

Independent Essays, Reportages and Short Films in Bucharest (06.09.2009)

Show, Don’t Tell (08.12.2009)

100 Movies, 100 Quotes, 100 Numbers (30.01.2010)

Gran Torino (19.02.2010)

Experimental” Tryout (23.05.2010)

Time Dissipating Made into an Art (11.06.2010)

Felicia, înainte de toate (12.06.2010)

Ştefan Alexandrescu’s Top 10 of Personal Branding Pictures (25.03.2011)

Ştefan Alexandrescu’s Top 5 Pictures on How to Do Personal Branding in a WRONG WAY (19.06.2011)

Ştefan Alexandrescu’s Top 5 of Pictures on Self-Discovery (21.06.2011)

Nikola Tesla The Genius Who Lit the World (05.07.2011)

Three Great Pictures on Fighting with Oneself (14.07.2011)

Top 10 Stefan Alexandrescu’s favorite FICTION films (part I) (31.08.2011)

Top 10 Stefan Alexandrescu’s favorite FICTION films (part II) (02.09.2011)

Analytic Vision’s Top 10 of Best Fiction Features at Cinema in 2011 (06.09.2012)

Man on Wire (16.10.2012)

O Aprendiz (25.11.2012)

Stoker (01.04.2013)

Top films 2013 (08.06.2013)

My First Film at Cinema – a Special Moment, 16 Years Ago. (18.06.2013)

Ştefan Alexandrescu’s Top 10 of Best Films Made in 2013 (07.01.2014)

Live Blogging for the Golden Globes 2014 (13.01.2014)

Live Blogging about the Oscars Ceremony 2014 (03.03.2014)

Live Blogging for the Golden Globes 2015 (12.1.2015)

Live Blogging about the Oscars Ceremony 2015 (23.2.2015)

Live Blogging about the Oscars Ceremony 2016 (29.2.2016)

Golden Globes Ceremony 2017 Live Blogging (9.1.2017)

Film culture (24.8.2017)

Stuart McBratney’s “Pop-Up” film reviewed by Ștefan Alexandrescu (23.9.2017) 

Golden Globes Ceremony 2018 Live Blogging (8.1.2018)


Music from Film (6)

ATB – Marrakech (20.01.2010)

Harry Gregson-Williams (26.05.2010)

Clint Mansell (14.06.2010)

Ştefan Alexandrescu’s Top 5 of Best Films about Music (14.07.2010)

Jan A. P Kaczmarek (29.07.2010)

Miami Vice Music (02.10.2012)



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