The Author

Marcus Victor Grant

Consultant, coach, trainer, and author in personal, professional, and organizational development. Specialties: efficient learning, strategic promotion, NLP. 

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I am a fast & efficient learning freelancer in structured consulting, training, and writing. I excel in publishing, copywriting, and psychometrics. I persistently work with clients, collaborators, and participants who share a passion for self-knowledge, personal development, and business optimization. I fix problems effectively and shortcut roads to goal achievement by practicing with professionalism profound correlations of evaluations and analysis.

I live in Italy and work for clients all around the world. I was born as Ștefan Alexandrescu in Romania, which is a country from the former communist block. As I am transitioning between using my new business name and the name by which I was known in Romania, some of the results you find for me will be under Marcus Victor Grant and some under Ștefan Alexandrescu.

Check my full detailed professional profile on LinkedIn here.

My most functional and groundbreaking approach which offers lifetime powerful deep change mixes advanced NLP techniques with schema focused therapy and other approaches

Those interested in a deep journey to their most relevant structures of personality are welcomed to solicit a free evaluation correlating multiple instruments.

In our first messages or in our first meeting, I would like to establish what type of services are best for you from what I have to offer: consulting, coaching, mentoring, or something special.

Professionally, using my services and products, I support people in their transformation and development, prioritizing what matters to each of them.

As an individual consultant, I have combined my analysis, assessment, and coaching skills in order to optimally turn to account my knowledge and experiences in NLP (since 2004), marketing and public relations (since 2005), and human resources (since 2006). What this brings for my clients personally, professionally, financially, and emotionally is self-knowledge, balance, and values, that lead to meeting the objectives and solving the issues, as complex or profound as they may be. I have worked in Romanian, English, and Italian for clients from the USA, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Kazachstan, Italy, and the Republic of Moldova.

Those who know me describe me as a professional and earnest consultant (although sometimes rather formal), perseverant (although sometimes too insistent), analytical (although sometimes too complex), enthusiastic (although sometimes hasty), with high standards (some say “too high”), with clear strategic orientations (although sometimes in too many directions), who fully exerts his talent in using words both verbally and in writing, which is also proved by the performed professional orientation tests, as main native and professional talent.



PR & Marketing graduate (2004-2008); HR Masters graduate (2011); governmentally recognized training / certified as Trainer, HR inspector; NLP practitioner (2005), LAB Profile [en, html] Consultant (2006), Identity Compass [en. html] Consultant (2007).

As a graduate of formal and informal educational programs, I make available to the professional organizations my freelance services in the fields of communication and public relations (bachelor’s degree, 2008), career orientation and counseling (master’s degree, dissertation 2011), managerial communication and human resources (master’s degree, dissertation 2011), NLP (practitioner, 2005), human resources inspection (certification obtained in 2008) and training (certification obtained in 2007).

These qualifications supported by other training and courses are multiplied by means of the practical experience in each of these fields, offered to organizations and clients, and also performed within my own organization of internal projects.


Subjective description

I am recognized and professionally appreciated [en, scribd] for career consulting, brand development, and personal brand consulting & training. I have specific experience one-on-one, with young professionals, aspiring employees, freelancers, and small business entrepreneurs.

I am preoccupied (studying and designing applications) by these specialization areas: speed reading, training, public speaking, organizational transformation, 360-degree assessment, neuro-linguistic programming (especially metaprograms, values, timelines, prime concerns, modeling, the pyramid of the neurologic levels), schema therapy, Spiral Dynamics, strategy, human resources profiling, psychometrical research, publishing, personal branding, self-esteem, coaching, transactional analysis drivers, stress coping strategies, defensive mechanisms and their implications on the subconscious aspects of the identity and branding, for people and businesses…

I held the first specialized metaprograms seminars with applications in marketing and HR in Romania (2005). I worked in a research group developing the design and implementation of evaluation tools on stress coping strategies and motivation in the organizational field. I am one of the few Romanian NLP Consultants specialized in metaprograms changing.

I am a specialist in self-esteem. I have conducted research on this topic and I have written several tens of articles on this topic.

I blog since 2007. My articles reached more than 1.5 million views all-time. I published on more than 20 websites. I founded 4 blogs. Currently, I am publishing on 2 blogs.


Current professional roles:

  • Consultant (via Skype)
  • Author and publisher of blogging and printed books, under several forms of collaboration in time
  • Coach


Former roles

  • Editor/collaborator in several magazines/newspapers/publications
  • Member of several professional associations (for instance, co-founder of the Romanian Coaching Association)
  • Researcher in socio-human sciences – beginner level
  • Trainer, facilitator, public speaker
  • Passionate about contemporary history and geopolitics.


Professional experience:

  • Marketing & PR – own projects (2004-2018)
  • Marketing & PR – consultant (2005-2007, 2011-2018)
  • HR Consultant (2006-2011)
  • Coach (occasionally, co-founder of the Romanian Coaching Guild)
  • NGO Activity (2004-2006, 2008-2010)
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Consultant (2009-2018)
  • Trainer (2005-2007, 2011, 2013-2018, 2021)

As a service provider in the development and management of resources and businesses for companies and wide audience, I offer to my clients and participants in my programs my experience in education (I had my first coaching client in 2004, and the first training clients in 2005), research (psychometrics and marketing), and teamwork (since 2001, I have been working with 200+ persons in 80+ groups/teams, in 70+ professional projects).

As a marketer, I combine my skills, knowledge, and experiences in promotional strategy, sales, and copywriting in order to deliver a presentation, a memorable trajectory of my services and products, and those of my clients’. In collaboration with designers and programmers, I can bring to life the visible alignment of the values, objectives, and results for any product or service chosen in agreement with the client.

As an author of books and blogs, I share ideas that would change perspectives. With publishing experience starting in 2001, I have held positions and published hundreds of articles in tens of publications (newspapers, websites, magazines, weekly publications, blogs). I am the author of 5 books published during 2005-2015 and 1 audiobook. Books of mine have been ordered from Romania, the USA, the UK, Italy, and the Republic of Moldova.

As a manager, I operate individual collaborations with freelance providers of translations, design, photography, graphic design, transcriptions, proofreading, copywriting, and podcasting, which I use in my publishing activity and in the development of services and products for my business and my clients. In this respect, I use my assessment, delegation, writing, and project management skills, in order to provide satisfactory experiences for all parties involved. I believe in win-win-win.

What describes me through what I do

  • Mapmaker: Charting the deep emotions and thoughts which encompass the human personality.
  • Founder / Promoter for the personal & professional development market (especially in Romania) of the following:

Timelines (2008, International Psychology Fair)

Neurological Branding (2008, International Psychology Fair)

Metalanguage Analysis & Strategy (2006-2007, articles in Psihologia Azi and on, presentations at the National Conference of Organizational Psychology 2005, Business-Edu 2006)

Defensive Mechanisms of the Self (Most original White Paper in Psychology, 2005)

Graphological Analysis (4 years of experience, hundreds of analyses done) and Grapho-Therapy (Presentation, International Psychology Fair, 2008)

Efficient Learning (Multimedia CD, in collaboration with Andy Szekely [ro, php]. 1st edition: 2005, 2nd edition: 2008, 3rd edition:2012)

Self-Esteem (2 series of articles, research, dissertation), the award for the best personal development article (Ionuţ Ciurea, 2007)

Brand electoral study (2004) – Branding using NLP – 1st Romanian Psychological Research applied in Political branding – 1st prize, Management-Marketing, EconomMix 2005

Transactional Analysis Drivers (test translated into Romanian [ro, doc] + article series [ro, blog]; presentation, The International Psychology Fair, with the participation of Romanian Association of Transactional Analysis [ro, html]

I am, among others, the co-founder and co-author of the professional ethical code of the Romanian Coaching Guild (2008), candidate for the general secretary position and I have a year-long participation experience in professional and student organizations (2004-2011), as a member and volunteer. Since 2011, I have not been affiliated to any NGO anymore. I was the founder of my own company, Artis Consulting & Training (registered in 2004 and closed down in 2018), through which I performed a large part of my professional activity while in Romania.

I have developed an advanced model of strategic analysis for the development of products and corporate decisions, presented in 2005 at the National Psychology Exhibition, and in 2006 at the National Conference of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I have participated, with an invention and an industrial design, both created by me, in 2 invention exhibitions. I have developed a 360-degree assessment system, used in personal branding. I have successfully prepared an innovative research methodology in the field of marketing and psychometrics, efforts which have been acknowledged at the university level.


(extended list in Linkedin profile [en, php])

  • Entrepreneurship: START Governmental program (2004), NetCamp (2007, 2009), Good to Go (2009), BOS Entrepreneurship School (2010)
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (practitioner, 2004-2005)
  • Transactional Analysis (2005, 2006, 2008)
  • Psychodrama (2006)
  • Communication Strategy in Marketing & Public Relations (Promotion, Communication, Persuasion, Assertiveness, Sales, Negotiation, Marketing Research, Personal Branding, Public Speaking, Psychoanalysis, Web Design, Social and Political Marketing, Psychology of Advertising, Cultural Marketing, and Book Editing, Permission Marketing, Television & Film Classes – film directing).
  • Human Resources (HR Management, Graphological Analysis, Motivation, Defensive Mechanisms of the Self, Sociology, Personnel, Organizational and Economic Psychology, psychometric instruments design & development, Social Care, Mentoring)
  • Management (Project Management & Writing, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Local Government, Commercial Operations and Contracts, Strategic Management, Anger Management)
  • Coaching (Goal Management, Career Planning, Conflicts Negotiation & Mediation, Hypnosis, Self-Knowledge, Gestalt-therapy and Psychointegrative therapy, Life coaching, Conversational Coaching)
  • Efficient Learning: Photo Reading, Concentration, and Memorising (Creativity, Speed Reading, and Memorising Techniques, Social Memory, Concentration and Meditation, Vision Training)

Marcus Victor Grant’s blogs and publishing activity

The 12 Years Anniversary of Analytic Vision and 10 Years Anniversary of Debug Your Mind

20+ Years of Publishing: A Story with Very Little Storytelling But Lots of Lessons

I am the founder of 4 blogs, among which the collective blog “Discerne” (2011-present), that in 2012 won me the first edition of a competition called ”National Blogging Championship” (a campaign organized by Blogal Initiative), and got me nominated for the Webstock Awards (2014). In this quality, I have published over 1000 posts (2009-present), from approx. 20 authors, whereof 10 long-term collaborators. I have often been invited or interviewed by TV channels, magazines, newspapers, websites, and I have spoken about topics related to education, learning, professional assessment, manipulation, and negotiation.

Discerne is my Romanian official blog. It started being active in March 2011. It is intended for Romanian readers. For those who wish to read the English version of the articles, I recommend that they use Google Chrome for the translation of that blog, or read the articles published on Analytic Vision starting 2009, i.e. on Debug Your Mind.

DISCERNE is a generalist blog, also like Analytic Vision, the first public blog. Debug Your Mind is the author’s third blog, in English, on documentaries and reality-related films. Dezvoltare Profesională (Professional Development) is an abandoned attempt at a collective blog.

Photographs of mine can be found on this multimedia page.

Contact information.

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