Analytic Vision

The Author

HR, Marketing & PR Consultant.

Formation: PR & Marketing Graduate; Governmentally recognized training / certified as Trainer, HR inspector; NLP practitioner (2005), LAB Profile [en, html] Consultant (2006), Identity Compass [en. html] Consultant (2007).

Subjective description

I am recognized and professionally appreciated [ro, pdf] for career consulting, brand development and personal brand consulting & training.  I have specific experience one-on-one, with students and young proffesionals.

I have been preoccupied (studying and designing applications) since 2005 by perceptual filters, especially metaprograms, values, time lines, prime concerns, values levels, transactional analysis drivers, stress coping strategies, deffensive mechanisms and their implications on the subconscious aspects of the identity and branding, for people and businesses.

I held the first specialized metaprograms trainings with applications to marketing and HR in Romania (2005). I worked in a research group developing design and implementation of evaluation tools on stress coping strategies in organizational field and motivation. I am one of the few NLP Consultants in Romania specialized in metaprograms changing.

I am a specialist in self-esteem. I have conducted a research on this topic and I have written more articles on this topic.

I blog since 2007. Currently, I am publishing on 4 blogs. This is the main one. I have published 350+ articles which are still public.

Professional experience:

Marketing & PR – own projects (2004-2007)

Marketing & PR – consultant (2005-2009)

HR Consultant (2006-2009)

Coach (ocasionally)

NGO Activity (2004-2006, 2008-2010)

Business & Entrepreneurship Consultant (2009-2011)

Trainer (2005-2007, 2011)

What describes me through what I do:

Professional learner.

Passionate about the details which make the difference

Personal and professional development consulting and coaching

Founder / Promoter for the Romanian personal & professional development market of the following:

Time lines (2008, International Psychology Fair)

Neurological Branding (2008, International Psychology Fair)

Metalanguage Analysis & Strategy (2006-2007, articles in Psihologia Azi and on, presentations at the National Conference of Organizional Psychology 2005, Business-Edu 2006)

Deffensive Mechanisms of the Self (Most original White Paper in Psychology, 2005)

Graphological Analysis (4 years of experience, hundreds of analysis done) and Grapho-Therapy (Presentation, International Psychology Fair, 2008)

Efficient Learning (Multimedia CD, in collaboration with Andy Szekely [ro, php]. Ist edition: 2005, IInd edition: 2008, IIIrd edition:2011 – coming soon)

Self-Esteem (series of articles – check the list [ro, php]), the award for best personal development article (Ionuţ Ciurea, 2007)

Brand electoral study (2004) – Branding using NLP – 1st Romanian Psychological Research applied in Political branding – 1st prize, Management-Marketing, EconomMix 2005

Transactional Analysis Drivers (test translated into Romanian [ro, doc] + articles (I and II) [ro, php], 2007; presentation, The International Psychology Fair, with the participation of Romanian Association of Transactional Analysis [ro, html]

Romanian Coaching Guild – co-founder (2008), candidate for general secretary (2008), candidate for Managerial College (2009)


(detailed list in CV [en, pdf])

Entrepreneurship: START Governmental programme (2004), NetCamp (2007, 2009), Good to Go (2009), BOS Entrepreneurship School (2010)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (practioner, 2004-2005)

Transactional Analysis (2005, 2006, 2008)

Psychodrama (2006)

Communication Strategy in Marketing & Public Relations (Promotion, Communication, Persuasion, Asertiveness, Sales, Negotiation, Marketing Research, Personal Branding, Public Speaking, Psychoanalysis, Web Design, Social and Political Marketing, Psychology of Advertising, Cultural Marketing and Book Editing, Permission Marketing, Television & Film Classes – film directing).

Human Resources (HR Management, Graphological Analysis, Motivation, Defensive Mechanisms of the Self, Sociology, Personnel, Organizational and Economic Psychology, psychometric instruments design & development, Social Care, Mentoring)

Management (Project Management & Writing, Emotional Intelligence, Financial Intelligence, Local Government, Commercial Operations and Contracts, Strategic Management, Anger Management)

Coaching (Goal Management, Career Planning, Conflicts Negotiation & Mediation, Hypnosis, Self-Knowledge, Gestalt-therapy and Psychointegrative therapy, Life coaching, Conversational Coaching)

Efficient Learning: Photo Reading, Concentration and Memorising (Creativity, Speed Reading and Memorising Techniques, Social Memory, Concentration and Meditation , Vision Training)

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