Content Structure


  Category   Subcategory   Sub-subcategory
SK 01. (Self-)Knowledge SK1 Self-knowledge & psychometrics    
    SK2 Acceptance    
    SK3 Personality Structures (PS) PS1 Values
        PS2 Metaprograms
        PS3 Self-Esteem
        PS4 Self-Respect & Dignity




Values List

    SK4 Motivation    
    SK5 Romania(ns) (RR) RR1 Psychology of the Romanian People
        RR2 Romanian Tendencies
    SK6 Stress    
    SK7 Maladaptive Schemas & Modes    
L 02. Learning L1 Efficient Learning    
    L2 Training    
WP 03. Wellness & Prosperity WP1 Health    
    WP2 Financial Education    
PED 04. Personal Development PED1 What Is Development    
    PED2 Schema Dynamics Programming    
    PED3 Control & Discipline    
    PED4 Vision    
PRD 05. Professional Development PRD1 Hiring & Career    
    PRD2 Entrepreneurship & Freelancing    
    PRD3 Personal Image (PI) PI1 360 Degrees Evaluation
        PI2 Personal Branding
        PI3 Mainstream Social Media Platforms
    PRD4 Influence in Communication (IIC) IIC1 Convince & Negotiate
        IIC2 Public Speaking
        IIC3 Testimonials
    PRD5 Psychology & Coaching    
    PRD6 NLP Modeling    
    PRD7 Goal Management (GM) GM1 Motivation for Productivity
        GM2 Organizing Techniques & Models
        GM3 TimeLine
        GM4 Time Management
CP 06. (Copy)Writing & Publishing CP1 Styles in Communication    
    CP2 Research (R) R1 How to Conceive Research
        R2 Research-Based Articles
    CP3 Books    
    CP4 Blogging (BG) BG1 Own Examples în Copywriting
        BG2 Subjective Journal
        BG3 Articles Lists & Retrospectives
I 07. Interpersonal I1 Give & Receive (GR) GR1 Get What You Deserve
        GR2 Keep Flexible Exchanges
        GR3 Offer What Is Appropriate
    I2 Respect for Others    
    I3 Interpersonal communication    



Emotional Intelligence

From Expectation to Reality

OM 08. Organizational Management OM1 NGOs    
    OM2 Human Resources    
    OM3 Management    
    OM4 Organizational Image (OI) OI1 Branding & Marketing
        OI2 Promotion, Advertising & Public Relations
        OI3 Event Review
BM 09. Beliefs Manipulation (BM)        
O 10. Orthodoxy (O)        
F 11. Film (F) F1 Film Analysis    
    F2 Film Event    
    F3 Individual Review    
    F4 Films List    
    F5 Romanian Film    

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