Available for Interviews

I am available for interviews on the following list of topics in that I have strategic knowledge and experience. If you have a podcast, summit, blog, magazine, group, or another publishing platform where you are welcoming guests, please contact me. What great podcast or conference should I be a part of to offer value?

– NLP: metaprograms, values, beliefs, allergies, neurological levels, inner conflict management, metaphors, modeling (also written and published a book on it);

– education & learning (efficient learning: speed reading, memorization, concentration). (I have also written and published three books and one audiobook on it);

– psychometrics and evaluation (also written two dissertations, and I’ve got 1 master’s degree in it);

– 360 degrees evaluation (also created own method and been teaching it in personal branding training)

persuasion and negotiation (also written and published a book on it);

– blogging and blogvertising (also won a national championship, got > 1 M views for 1 blog and several other awards);

– career counseling (also a master’s degree in it);

– branding (also a Bachelor’s degree in communication and PR with a dissertation on organizational branding & communication strategy);

– self-esteem and respect (also conducted research on it, did a dissertation, and published 2 series of articles);

– graphological/handwriting analysis (also a dissertation on it);

– publishing (press, books, and online) (also worked in the field since 2001);

– freelance 1-on-1 consulting (also worked in the field on-and-off since 2005 for clients in 8 countries from 3 continents in EN, RO & IT);

– training (worked as a freelance trainer on and off doing open training on various topics, also in an international event);

– strategic analysis (also presented on it at psychology conferences);

– coaching & goal management (also co-founder of the Romanian Coaching Guild in 2008 and co-author of the peer-coaching practice and ethical status of the coach);

– the psychology (marketing psychology, recruiting, personality taxonomies, hypnosis, healing traumas; also an author for the Psychology Today magazine in Romania);

– research design (worked and also got awarded as a researcher in various marketing/psychological research projects);

– stress management (including panic attacks and phobias);

– unconscious defense mechanisms of the self (also got awarded for originality and did training on this);

– transactional analysis drivers (also translated & written specialty documentation on it)

– real team-building, not fun corporate partying;

– how to find a sentimental partner;

– productivity systems;

– wheel of consent & the 3 minutes exercise (also built development on it);

– various types of intelligence (also wrote and published several articles series on it), including financial intelligence (I was also an author for 4+yrs at the same magazine together with top economists and financial experts);

– correlative creativity (also participated with an invention and an industrial design to various inventions events and was co-organizer in a creativity club);

– copywriting (worked in the area on and off since 2005);

– testimonial management for marketing (also wrote an article series on the topic);

– entrepreneurship (also did consult & branding for entrepreneurs; owned company between 2004-2018);

– space organization (also KonMari technique and library virtualization);

– film critic (also been an official blogger for film festivals, wrote and published hundreds of film reviews, and co-organized a film school);

– Orthodox Christianity (also published tens of articles in various publications);

– alternative health solutions I successfully used on myself (for example detox, water fasting, eyesight problems solved, thyroid cysts removal, electromagnetic radiation sensitivity, stress management);

– vision/eyesight problems (fixed my own myopia & strabism, and can tell you how to fix several eyesight problems).

I also got interviewed in Esquire magazine in 2008, on 7 different television channels and in 2 virtual summits

I live in Italy, UTC+2 time zone. Available on Skype (search for Marcus Victor Grant). 00393512394155 0040729034883