Entrepreneurship School 2010

Today and tomorrow, I’m at Myth Busters, organized by BOS România.

I’m copy+pasting the twitter notes. But what impressed me the most until now is Andrei Roşca presenting this little short movie (if you can be an entrepreneur, you will vibrate in seeing it.

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Viorel Spînu talks about his disasters in business as an experience to learn from.

Play to get customers that would be very open to buying the products you sell in the business you open.

If there’s no competition, there’s no business.

Get transparent with numbers: what do you want to achieve and do to get there.

The product is not the business. The product is only 20 % of the business …

Pitching an investor shows him the business model, not the project or the product.

Do you want to do the business, or do you want to do the project?

Your job is to make the business automatic.

Build the simplest thing that works and get it to the market.

Don’t build it perfectly; make it sellable, then develop it for the customers’ money.

You can’t stop someone from stealing your idea, but it’s unlikely someone will steal it, considering they have their own business ideas.

Key question: “How does what I’m doing gets me closer to my goal?” How much of the employee’s time is spent increasing the income?

Monitor your cash flow, and spend as little as possible. A significant challenge for an entrepreneur is simultaneously being a manager and an executive.


Răzvan Crişan presents The story of http://shortsup.ro/ How to get 1000 + constant public at short films. Make the fundamental mistakes good enough to learn from them. As long as there’s something valuable, money will come. It’s an idea to make a stop-loss or a deadline for income.


Andrei Roşca

“I don’t understand why people come to entrepreneurship conferences and don’t just work at something.”

Most people have the false impression that being an employee means 9 to 5, are paid just for a strict amount of time or are prisoners.

To be an entrepreneur, you must give up the specialist status and outsource.

Experience is something that happens to you after you decide to start doing things.

Find the people that have more experience than you do.

“I didn’t really believe any time that you really need money to start a business; I started 4-5 with no money down.”


Marcus Victor Grant

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