What is Schema Dynamics Programming

  The terminology “Schema” comes from schema therapy and refers to the maladaptive schemas taxonomy developed by Jeffrey Young, Ph.D. and his collaborators since the ’80s. It is the problem-oriented component of the field, using psychometric questionnaires developed and tested by scientists to evaluate which are the schemas and modes which pathologically influence the emotions,… Read More What is Schema Dynamics Programming

DOs and DON’Ts about Fear and Apprehension

FEAR (about known things: frică) / APPREHENSION (about unknown things: teamă) DO: Source for a protective environment; The existence of a secure base is important. The basic need during fear is protection. Reason, search for information, escape contamination.     DO NOT: Discount/ignore this emotion; Sabotage yourself by searching for a group which will confirm your… Read More DOs and DON’Ts about Fear and Apprehension