Transcending Patterns of Communication

We should, at least, have a few moments of doubt faced with each person; maybe that human being holds a tragedy, or maybe (s)he lives a miracle, inconsistent with the frameworks of your pattern. Who can tell? (S)he who does not know how to dissipate his or her communication always acts out automatically: you left-click,… Read More Transcending Patterns of Communication

The Art of Listening Others. Version 2.1.

Suppose certain simple truths do not circulate and do not nourish digital people’s lives. In that case, it is because nobody listens to these simple truths, although they are tweeted, posted, googled, embedded, linked, mashed-up, youtubed, chain lettered and I must admit, in some very, very special, more rare cases… pop-up-ed (rarely pop-under-ed). Nobody respects… Read More The Art of Listening Others. Version 2.1.

Across-Messages Communication

True communication dissipation indicates a full tank of thought, a provisional suspending of present certitudes, but also keeps attention, lucidity, and presence. However, contrary to true communication dissipation, digital fun buttons [en, blog] create and impose attention external to oneself. That is, like once upon a time within the previous century, the case for web 1.0… Read More Across-Messages Communication

“Soul” File is Write-Protected. Are You Sure You Want to Delete It?

The avatar civilization [en, blog] may characterize the whole style of our digital era by what is now perceived through instant multi-messaging: a paradoxically stone-like state, which allows us, even more, conditions us (as the freedom to which we have become captive on our way to embrace it [en, video]) to be in one particular… Read More “Soul” File is Write-Protected. Are You Sure You Want to Delete It?

Actually Living Communication. Between Investing and Spending.

It seems this happiness – which is also an admirable (self-)knowledge instrument – has been long forgotten. And it has been forgotten, mainly because the digital people, a.k.a. “aware people”, don’t know how to treasure their fellow man, and not so much the fellow man, but the fellow man nearest to them. They don’t respect… Read More Actually Living Communication. Between Investing and Spending.


Today I’ve decided to write about something a little bit more abstract and significantly impacts each of our lives. So my notion of respect might be rather particular. I think each person, as a human being, deserves respect as a default right. Of course, rights can sometimes be suspended, but never a priori. I do… Read More Respect