In Time

I invite you to read an article (the first of a new series) that will show you how time management influences the personality: The Timeline. This is a fundamental meta-feature that dominates one’s personality although in different contexts it can vary. “In Time” is its continuation: the detaliation of the first main perception. In Time… Read More In Time

What is Schema Dynamics Programming

  The terminology “Schema” comes from schema therapy and refers to the maladaptive schemas taxonomy developed by Jeffrey Young, Ph.D. and his collaborators since the ’80s. It is the problem-oriented component of the field, using psychometric questionnaires developed and tested by scientists to evaluate which are the schemas and modes which pathologically influence the emotions,… Read More What is Schema Dynamics Programming

Schema Dynamics Programming with Stefan Alexandrescu

Psychologists have worked for more than 100 years in order to find explanations for how the human mind and personality work, to heal the problems hidden deep inside of us. Personal development fields such as neuro-linguistic programming and transactional analysis have come up with effective and efficient solutions for a breakthrough to success. Clinical psychology… Read More Schema Dynamics Programming with Stefan Alexandrescu

About My Excessive Formalism & the So-Called “Lack of Empathy”

I am processing the results from half a year ago’s 2012 360 degrees evaluation for personal branding & development. I have decided to approach the issue of the most visible and criticized weakness that I have: the formalism I use to screen people. First of all, I want to mention an important aspect. My mother… Read More About My Excessive Formalism & the So-Called “Lack of Empathy”