Genocide Nowadays

December 9 is the World Genocide Commemoration Day. Let us remember the “civilized” ways it is proper to conduct genocide in these times. I recommend doing that by exploring several documentaries which still hold true today.      Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement (2007) Alex Jones, which I consider the greatest documentarist alive (better than… Read More Genocide Nowadays

20 Years of Deceit Since ✈ ▌ ▌ /”Nine-Eleven” – 20 Embedded Videos

Today it is the tragic commemoration of the terrifying events that shaped our world. 20 years ago, the media’s attention and hundreds of millions of people were hijacked into believing the almost 3000 people who died in the attacks on World Trade Center were the biggest tragedy in the whole picture. Who would have counted… Read More 20 Years of Deceit Since ✈ ▌ ▌ /”Nine-Eleven” – 20 Embedded Videos