Let’s exchange services!

This website exists also in order to mark my small contribution against the so-called pragmatic trend which says that serious business can only be conducted using cash!

Ever since I was young, I’ve been happy to receive the support of several persons who let me pay in a different way for certain services that I was provided with, or who have postponed me, understood me, etc. I have also noticed that things happen faster when one can work in a team in order to fulfill the interests of each of them and without exchanging money.

Consequently, in my turn, I am now announcing here that I am open to offer my services in exchange for those of other specialists, from the fields that I am interested in.

I invite you to discover here, here, and here what I can offer to you regarding my consultancy and training services. 

I especially want to collaborate with you according to a barter system, and I offer this opportunity to you if:

  • You are a designer, graphic designer or illustrator, and can produce promotional materials online and offline (business cards, posters, banners, etc.) or diagrams and illustrations for books;
  • You can translate from/into Romanian from/into: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish;
  • You are good at taking pictures at events or have illustrative photographs which I can use in my articles and books;
  • You know how to develop software or applications (I have certain ideas for more complex software for personal and professional management);
  • You manage databases for e-mail marketing;
  • You provide tax and judicial consultancy services, and can answer complex legislative and administrative questions;
  • You can proofread texts in Romanian and/or English;
  • You can record and/or edit the video materials of the seminars that I deliver;

These are the fields where I am especially interested in being provided with services that help me in my management, as well as personal and professional development.

If you offer services in a field that is not included here but you think that it would be useful to me, then I invite you to e-mail me.

The exchange of services occurs based on the following premises:

Each of us offers to the other one a free sample of the service he/she suggests. If we both like what we receive, then we set the price according to which the conversion of the services takes place, and we decide how much each receives and within which time frame. The collaboration takes place under the conditions and deadlines mutually agreed upon.

By means of this initiative, I wish together with my future collaborators to offer an example of seriousness also regarding barter as a viable means of productivity in business and professional projects.

These services are available provided that you are just as motivated as I am to make the required effort in order to achieve the assumed transformations in your personal and/or professional life, even you don’t pay in cash for the services that I am offering.

If you are interested in collaboration regarding the above, please contact me on telephone number 004 0729 034 883, or via e-mail at Marcus.Victor.Grant [at] gmail [dot] com

Marcus Victor Grant

Communication and human resources strategy consultant