How to Make Money from Sales

Do you have a lot of friends and connections on social networks?

Do you work in an environment with many people interested in growing?

Do you want to gain by using your selling skills?

Well, I have a proposal for you!

Since 2011, I have been delivering seminars on the personal and professional development of my clients, and I am constantly searching for participants! I invite you to discover a few of the themes covered by my specialties. I suggest that you support me in promoting sales and organizing these seminars in Bucharest and not only!

What do I offer you?

20% of the sales for the seminar delivered to the paying clients who are discovered/recommended by you

30% of the sales if you are in charge of both selling, and organizing the seminar in another Romanian city outside Bucharest (it implies finding and equipping the seminar room, facilitating my accommodation, communicating the administrative details among the participants and me, etc.).

If you are interested in collaboration regarding the above, please contact me on tel. no. 004 0729 034 883, or via e-mail at
Marcus.Victor.Grant [at] gmail [dot] com

Marcus Victor Grant

Communication strategy and human resources consultant