Contact me

Contact Ştefan Alexandrescu (updated December 2017)

Phone: (Vodafone) 0040 729 034 883

E-mail: Stefan.Alexandrescu [at] yahoo [dot] com

I don’t use Yahoo Messenger anymore

Social Media


LinkedIn: (4000+ contacts)

Twitter: (permission required)

YouTube: (40+ videos)

Scribd: (approx 100 documents published)

Please DO contact me:

  • to give me your critical input on me and/or the blog

  • if you think we may develop a project together

  • if you are interested in my consulting services

  • if you want me to answer some questions you have an interview

As a client, please contact me for:

  • Schema Dynamis Programming
  • Promotional strategy and copywriting

  • Documentation research and synthesis on a certain topic

  • HR Evaluation

  • Career Consulting

  • Efficient Learning

  • Personal and Professional Development

  • Training

  • Coaching

  • Hiring if you need to have a clear profile and externalize some of the evaluation and selection


Please contact me as a client IF you:

  • Are decided about what you are doing.

  • Have time for a few meetings (I don’t believe in one-session consulting).

  • Have money or a system of percentual recompensation proven to work.

  • Believe I can do the things I said I can do. I’m not into free demonstrations.

  • Can be patient enough, considering I may not answer to your e-mail and/or phone the day you send it.


I am opened (but not actively searching) for:

  • Projects partnership which involves work, experience and/or recommendations by my end

  • Hiring

  • Friends and pals

  • Discussions on your photography (if you have interesting stuff – I prefer conceptual works)

  • Events invitations



Please do NOT contact me:

  • If you want me to write your graduation work.

  • If you want to sell me something I haven’t specifically mentioned I am looking for. If I want something, I’ll get the information I need from searching

  • For link exchange.

  • If you don’t like to learn from critic and/or have an emotional response to stress and/or challenges dealing issues.

  • If you wake up later than 10 o’clock more than 3 days a week for other reasons than night shift.

  • If you want me to join your spiritual training/ congregation/ meditations/ discussion/ conferences etc.

  • For professional urgent issues on Sunday.

  • If you intend to talk to me more than 10 minutes over the phone without paying me.


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