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Stuart McBratney’s “Pop-Up” film reviewed by Ștefan Alexandrescu

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 23/09/2017


coproduction Australia-Romania, 2015

written and directed by Stuart McBratney

produced by Rebecca Abramovic

Seen at the Elvira Popescu / Institut Francais Cinema at the International Festival of Psychoanalysis and Film of December 2015. Vision date: Friday, December 11th, 2015.

The topic

“The film, a comedy with dramatic overtones, presents three stories that intertwine that of an unemployed father, a Romanian immigrant woman and a theater director seeking revenge on a critic.

The preview in Romania took place in the presence of the Australian director Stuart McBratney and the actress Laura Vasiliu. Andrea Sabbadini, the director of European Psychoanalytic Film Festival will comment this movie with the Director of Psychoanalysis International Film Festival, the film critic Irina Margareta Nistor. “(From the festival website: -up/)

Critical review

Seeing this independent movie, an Australia-Romania coproduction, creates some leapingly reactions. Either you marvel at the brilliance of a line, of a scene or the exposure of a psychological mechanism, or find yourself asking what are you doing in the cinema and why does the time hang so heavy.

This inequality comes from director’s oscillation itself, who, albeit creative, hasn’t got very clear in mind what he wanted to convey and, especially, what he managed to express. I was the fortunate spectator of a projection of which the author managed to clarify widely his intentions. But probably the vast majority of the viewers will not have this privilege – as happens with the vast majority of art movies.

Based on the principle “shoot at a pigeon and kill a cow”, the strength of the film doesn’t lie on the narrative technique (the crossing of some stories that incidentally converge to a narrative event that links the characters), because here things are really forced, appearing highly unlikely and cheap. The strength is the construction of the characters, due to which, the actors (very talented, as a matter of fact) really have what to play and the psychological mechanisms which the author stresses, really have the chance to emerge.

Of course, the sublimation of the emotions doesn’t represent a very interesting or obvious topic outside the psychologists’ area, but, somehow, to his credit, Stuart creatively manages to make it cinematographic. Therefore, we have an unqualified worker who defies his elevator phobia, a Romanian woman who faces her fear of rejection and a producer who struggles in order to get recognition. What the characters do on the screen with the emotions and the situations in which they find themselves is certainly exciting and also funny, here and there.

However, the direction in which each of these characters goes is not dramaturgical, is not dramatic and is not even credible. The starting point contains an unused potential. The author’s creativity works for the movie to a certain point. That point is when the structure should intervene. Pop-Up is a comedy that wants to be a drama or a drama that wants to be a comedy and manages to be neither one nor the other, so it remains a mediocrity.

Pop Up_02

Of course, it’s not wrong to make a movie about characters. As such, Pop-Up would stay in a place of honor in a psychological portraits gallery. But its tragedy is that it doesn’t aim to be a character movie, but a narrative one. And, as such, it fails.

The definition of drama is “how characters manage to triumph despite the toughest conditions.” The definition of comedy is “how do the characters fail despite the best conditions.” So the characters fail their initial intentions (Mick does not keep the job he chooses, Neil fails with his theater play, Rada fails in finding a boyfriend) in a quite comical manner.

However, they manage to triumph, despite the conditions rather limited and desperate, not as a result of their merits but as a result of a Deus Ex Machina event type: things simply arrange themselves on the good track. How cute! It ends like a fairy tale:

  • without characters taking responsibility for what happened in their life;
  • without negative consequences;
  • without making a much conscious effort.

In a similar way, Stuart McBratney’s film manages to make a zero-sum game, incidentally. It’s not a bad movie. But is not a good one either. And it doesn’s not say anything about reality but about how Stuart McBratney’s mind works. From whom I hope to see better.

Pop Up_01

My score: 5/10

Stefan Alexandrescu

Occasionally, film critic

Translation of the article ”Recenzia filmului românesc „Pop-Up” (2015)” by Ștefan Alexandrescu, initially published on Discerne at 21st of January 2016.  Copyright © Ştefan Alexandrescu 2016 for the Romanian original version. Translation by Alexandra Ioana Mateiciuc. Copyright © Alexandra Ioana Mateiciuc, 2016 for the English version of this article.



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Golden Globes Ceremony 2017 Live Blogging

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 09/01/2017

I am watching live online the ceremony at .

I am going to update this article every few minutes as the event progresses.

Jimmy Fallon is the presenter of the show and it’s set for a grand opening number.

At 4 PM Western Coast Time / 7 PM Eastern Coast Time / 3 AM Romanian time the ceremony begins.

Jimmy Fallon has a La-la Land moment entry via Moonlight. He crosses by Tina Fey ignoring her. “Manchester by the Sea” is the only thing that was more depresssing than 2016 itself, says Fallon.

Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone presents the nominations for Best Supporting Actor, any Motion Picture
Mahershala Ali, Moonlight
Jeff Bridges, Hell Or High Water
Simon Helberg, Florence Foster Jenkins
Dev Patel, Lion
Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Nocturnal Animals

Aaaron thanks Tom Ford for the script and insists on the connection with his wife and his father.

The next award is Best Actor Television Series, Drama
Rami Malek, Mr. Robot
Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul
Matthew Rhys, The Americans
Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan
Billy Bob Thornton, Goliath

David E. Kelley’s new TV series has received the first important Golden Globe award of the night. It’s Billy Bob Thornton’s second Golden Globe in 16 nominations of his entire career.

Hugh Grant presents the film “Florence Foster Jenkins”.

Drew Barrymoore and Timothy Olyphant present the award for Best Actress Television Series, Musical or Comedy
Rachel Bloom, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Veep
Sarah Jessica Parker, Divorce
Issa Rae, Insecure
Gina Rodriguez, Jane The Virgin

Tracee Elliss Ross, Black-ish

She dedicates this to the community of black women and thanks for the opportunity of being part of conveying such an important message. She thanks her husband.

Best Television Series, Musical or Comedy
Mozart in the Jungle

Donald Glover, creator and star of the show, thanks for the interest for the subject and the black community of Atlanta.

Lorenzo Soria, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press hold a speech. We have to take into considerations the injustices and the joys of the life.

Vince Vaughn presents the film Hacksaw Ridge.

Best Actress, Limited Series or Motion Picture made for TV, award presented by Nicole Kidman and Rheese Whitherspoon
Riley Keough, The Girlfriend Experience
Sarah Paulson, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
Charlotte Rampling, London Spy
Kerry Washington, Confirmation
Felicity Huffman, American Crime

Up is the award for Best TV Limited Series or Motion Picture made for TV
American Crime
The Dresser
The Night Manager
The Night Of
The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story wins the Golden Globe for best mini-series and Best Actress, Limited Series or Motion Picture made for TV, Sarah Paulson


Annette Bening presents 20th Century Women

Naomi Campbell presents the Best Supporting Actor, Limited Series or Motion Picture for TV
Sterling K. Brown, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story
Hugh Laurie, The Night Manager
John Lithgow, The Crown
Christian Slater, Mr. Robot
John Travolta, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Sophia Vargara presents the daughters of Sylvester Stallone.

Sting presents award for Best Orginal Score, Motion Picture
Nicholas Britell, Moonlight
Justin Hurwitz, La La Land
Jóhann Jóhannsson, Arrival
Dustin O’Halloran, Hauschka, Lion
Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Benjamin Wallfisch, Hidden Figures

Sting presents award for Best Original Song, Motion Picture
‘Can’t Stop The Feeling!’, Trolls
‘City Of Stars, Justin Hurwitz, Benj Pasek, Justin Paul’, La La Land
‘Faith’, Sing
‘Gold, Gold
‘How Far I’ll Go’, Moana

John Legend presents La La Land.

Michael Keaton presents the award for Best Supporting Actress, any Motion Picture
Viola Davis, Fences
Naomie Harris, Moonlight
Nicole Kidman, Lion
Octavia Spencer, Hidden Figures
Michelle Williams, Manchester By The Sea

Everybody appluds her speech standing. She was nominated 5 times. She was very emotioned.

Cuba Gooding, Jr presents Best Supporting Actress, Limited Series or Motion Picture for TV
Olivia Colman, The Night Manager
Lena Headey, Game Of Thrones
Chrissy Metz, This Is Us
Mandy Moore, This Is Us
Thandie Newton, Westworld

The limited TV series “The Night Manager” based on John Le Carre wins 3 Golden Globes for best actors: Tom Hiddleston and Hugh Laurie and for best supporting actress: Olivia Colman

Dev Patel and Sunny Pawar present Lion.

Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer present award for best actor, Musical or Comedy

Colin Farrell, The Lobster
Ryan Gosling, La La Land
Hugh Grant, Florence Foster Jenkins
Jonah Hill, War Dogs
Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool

First award for Ryan Gosling out of 5 nominations. “This isn’t the first time I was confounded with Ryan Reynolds”. He says the award belongs to also Emma Stone and Damian Chazelle. He thanks to his brother, Juan Carlos Mendez.

Felicity Jones and Diego Luna present award for  Best Screenplay, Motion Picture
Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Tom Ford, Nocturnal Animals
Barry Jenkins, Moonlight
Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester By The Sea
Taylor Sheridan, Hell Or High Water

Kirsten Wiig and Steve Carrell present award for Best Motion Picture, Animated

They have the best comical moment of the evening. They “recall” the first animated feature seen at cinema. His parents got divorced after it and never seen father again and she saw the movie Bambi after her 3 dogs died.

Kubo And The Two Strings
My Life As A Zucchini

The creators say this is actually an animated movie for the adults.

In memoriam moment Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

Casey Affleck presents Manchester by Sea.

Best Motion Picture, Foreign Language
Divines – Frances
Elle – France
Neruda – Chile
The Salesman – Iran, France
Toni Erdmann – Germany

Paul Verhoeven is amazed and especially thanks Isabelle Huppert.

Anna Kendrick and Justin Theroux present award for Best Actor, Limited Series or Motion Picture made for TV
Riz Ahmed, The Night Of go over by?
Bryan Cranston, All The Way
Tom Hiddleston, The Night Manager
John Turturro, The Night Of
Courtney B. Vance, The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story

Jake Gyllenhall presents a Ryan Reynolds movie: Deadpool

Laura Dern presents the Golden Globe for Best Actress Television Series, Drama
Caitriona Balfe, Outlander
Claire Foy, The Crown
Keri Russell, The Americans
Winona Ryder, Stranger Things
Evan Rachel Wood, Westworld

First award, first nomination, shock. It’s difficult to play a real character.

Best Television Series, Drama
Game Of Thrones
Stranger Things
This Is Us
The Crown

Ocdtavia Spencer presents the Golden Globe (Cecil B. DeMille award) for the whole career Meryl Streep. “You make me proud to be an artist”. The most celebrated actress of our times. 30 Golden Globe nominations, 18 Academy Awards nominations. 8 Golden Globes. 3 Oscars. It is a priviledge being an actor. It is important to celebrate the empathy that allows us to do this. She emphasizes the importance of telling powerful stories in a world full of violence. Since 1952, the Cecil B. DeMille award has been given to 14 women.

Chris Pine congratulates Meryl Streep for the best speech of the night and presents Hell or High Water.

Sienna Miller, Zoey Saldana and Ben Affleck present the award for Best Director, Motion Picture
Damien Chazelle, La La Land
Tom Ford, Nocturnal Animals
Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge
Barry Jenkins, Moonlight
Kenneth Lonergan, Manchester By The Sea

Mandy Moore presents the award for Best Actor Television Series, Musical or Comedy
Anthony Anderson, Black-ish
Gael G. Bernal, Mozart in the Jungle
Donald Glover, Atlanta
Nick Nolte, Graves
Jeffrey Tambor, Transparent

Matt Damon presents the award of Best Actress Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
Annette Bening, 20th Century Women
Lily Collins, Rules Don’t Apply
Hailee Steinfeld, The Edge of Seventeen
Emma Stone, La La Land
Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins

Emma Stone thanks to her long time girl-friends. Thanks to Damian and Ryan. This is a film for dreamers. Any creative person opens a door and the movie is a triumph of inspiration for those who deserve to go on.

Brad Pitt, producer of Moonlight, presents his production.

Jessica Chastain presents the Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy
20th Century Women
Florence Foster Jenkins
La La Land
Sing Street

La La Land wins 7 awards out of 7 nominations and sweeps its way to film history. THIS IS THE HIGHEST GOLDEN GLOBE WINNER IN ALL FILM HISTORY (73 YEARS OF AWARD).


Brie Larson presents the award for Best Actor Motion Picture, Drama
Casey Affleck, Manchester By The Sea
Joel Edgerton, Loving
Andrew Garfield, Hacksaw Ridge
Viggo Mortensen, Captain Fantastic
Denzel Washington, Fences

Leonardo DiCaprio presents the award for  Best Actress Motion Picture, Drama
Amy Adams, Arrival
Jessica Chastain, Miss Sloan
Isabelle Huppert, Elle
Ruth Negga, Loving
Natalie Portman, Jackie

Isabelle Huppert says the film doesn’t create borders.

In honor of Rocky, 40 years ago, Carl Whithers and Sylvester Stallone appear on the scene and present the award for best feature Drama
Hacksaw Ridge
Hell Or High Water
Manchester By The Sea

Everyone applauds standing.

The participants from the crew in the hall get on the scene.


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Live Blogging for the Golden Globes 2015

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 12/01/2015

I am watching the USA Golden Globes on live streaming from this address:

If that breaks from time to time, check this also:

Check the winners’ list here.

Check the presenters’ list here.

The NBC hosts have already started to hunt all the news of the glamour and especially the dresses on the Red Carpet.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey host the show and they are the expected with great curiosity by the NBC hosts.

Michelle Monaghan, first time nominee in TV is very happy to celebrate today one year since her show (True detective) started. If it wins, it’s gonna be a double celebration.

Dave Karger comments this year there are more intimate stories films, compared to the survival theme from last year. J.K. Simmons (Whiplash) and Patricia Arquette (Boyhood) are expected to win the supporting roles categories. George Clooney receiving the Cecil B. The Mille award for the whole career is expected to have a great speech speech addressed to the nominees.

Robert Duvall speaks about the role from The Judge. An intense experience, very concentrated. The got the indie feeling on the set.

David Duchovny is presenting best actor in a TV drama. David has a novel coming out soon.

Naomi Watts is presenting Birdman and Liev Schrieber starred in thwo comedies (Birdman and St. Vincent). He is nominated in the TV section. They are together.

4 of the 5 comedy series nominated tonight are nominated for the 1st time.

Reese Whitherspoon is next to the real character she’s playing in Wild: Sheryl. She got nominated for acting.

Maggie and Jake Gylenhaal are both nominated this year.

Edward Norton, nominated for Birdman, won in 1997 for his debut film, Primal Fear.

Bill Murray is a double nominee this year at the

Helen Mirren is wearing the free speech symbol.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler aree hosting the Golden Globes for the 3rd and last time.

Mark Ruffalo is a double nominee but he doesn’t expect to win any. He thinks it’s not fair to ask for which show he prefers to win.

Kevin Hart can’t believe he’s presenting an award tonight. He’s very enthusiastic.

Michael Keaton has the 2ns Golden Globe nomination. He’s pround of the movie “Birdman”.

Amy Adams, nominated for her role in “Big Eyes” talks about how she changed her perspective while playing the character. She is friend with other nominees.

The shooting for JK Simmons’s film Whiplash lasted for 18 days.

Patricia Arquette has the 4th GG nomination. She seems kinda fatigued.

Steve Carrell (7th GG nomination, 1 win in past) is known best as a comedy actor. It’s great to be nominated for drama.

David Oyelowo approached his role as Marthin Luther King in Selma as a man first of all. The actor’s job is to make the character 3D.

“Patricia Arquette is a woman who proves there are still roles for women over 40 as long as they get hired before that” Amy Poehler

“Birthdays are what people celebrate when they accept they’ve aged” Tina Fey

Tina makes a very friendly joke on George Clooney’s wife.

“Selma is the movie about the righs for colour people and now everything’s fine ald alright” Tina Fey

Whoever raises the hand gets to present with Jennifer Anniston. Benedict Cumberbatch gets on the scene. They present the first award.Best supporting actor in a film. Winner: JK Simmons – Whiplash. Thanks the director, the lead actor, Jason Writeman, Helen Estherbrook, Sony Classics, Steven Hirsch (agent), wife.

Dakota Johnson and Amy Dorman present the award for


Joanne Froggatt – Downton Abbey- season 4, 1st nomination and award.

Jeremy Renner presents



“These days you can get in trouble for saying anything, so I’m gonna say just: Thank you”

Billy Bob Thornton

Naomi Watts presents the film: Birdman

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are really making fun of North Korea. :))

Colin Firth presents “The Imitation Game”


Gina is very emotioned. She cries. “Today’s a great day. I can. And I did”



The show’s producer, Jill Solloway accepts the award on bahalf of the team. The show, which approaches the theme of the trangender persons, has been co-produced with Amazon. She thanks Jeff  Bezos.

Melissa McCarthy presents the film “St. Vincent”. An unlikely friendship and mentorship about seeing the good in others.

Sienna Miller and Vince Vaughn present award for best music Johann Johannsson – The Theory Of Everything

Best Original Song – Motion Picture: Selma – Glory.

Seth Meyers and Katie Holmes present


Lots of people applaud standing for Matt Bomer – The Normal Heart winner. It’s a movie about gay propaganda.

Clive Owen presents “The Theory of Everything”

Ricky Gervais presents


She thanks the man who would never silence her voice. The thanks the many female models she has in the audience. She flet not prepared for winning the award for this role.

Kevin Hart and Salma Hayek present  the BEST ANIMATED FEATURE FILM How To Train Your Dragon 2. Accepting the award Dean DeBlois

Kate Hudson presents Into the Woods.

Jared Leto presents


Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader present the awards for BEST SCREENPLAY Alejandro González Iñárritu, Nicolás Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris and Armando Bo – Birdman

Jack Black presents Boyhood. He says the film was filmed in 12 weeks over 12 years.

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin present the BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A TELEVISION SERIES – COMEDY OR MUSICAL Jeffrey Tambor – Transparent 1st win and nomination. Everybody applauds standing. “This is big. This is begger than me. Thanks for putting us on the map”. He dedicates the award to the transgender community.

Lupita Nyong’o and Colin Farrell present BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM Leviathan Andrey Zvyagintsev  – director and Alexander Rodnyansky  – producer

Adrien Brody and Kate Beckinsale present BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A MINI-SERIES OR MOTION PICTURE MADE FOR TELEVISION Maggie Gyllenhaal – The Honorable Woman

She says the comments on the fact there are many roles lately for “strong women” in TV. These are actually roles for actual women: women who are sometimes strong, sometimes not. Sometimes honorable, sometimes not.

Paul Rudd and Adam Levine present BEST TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA The Affair. The whole crew present gets up on the scene. This was an unexpected award. Sarah Treem holds a long thank you speech.

Catherine Zeta-Jones presents Pride.

David Duchovny presents the BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA Kevin Spacey – House Of Cards. 1st win and 8th nomination. Kevin Spacey: “This is just the beginning of my revenge […] This is the 8th time I’ve been nominated. I cant fucking believe I won”. He wanted to be better.

Julianna Margulies and Don Cheadle present George Clooney who accept the Cecil B DeMille award for entire career. George has been always true to himself. True artist, has been nominated at the Golden Globe more than anyone else. Everybody applauds standing. “Thank you for supporting small films”. For nominees: “You get to do what you always get to do and get appreciated for that.” “It’s a wonderful thing to find someone to love”.

Owen Wilson presents The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Harrison Ford presents the directing award: Richard Linklater – Boyhood. A personal film that made the connection. We’re all flawed in this world. Thanks families across the world.

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt (married) present BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A TELEVISION SERIES – DRAMA Ruth Wilson – The Affair

Amy Adams presents the award for BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE – COMEDY OR MUSICAL  Michael Keaton – Birdman. Almost everybody applauds standing. Thanks the Hollywood Foreign Press they have a category for comedy. He tells the story of his family – how his mother took care of all his 6 brothers. His father worked 2 jobs constantly. “Cry and give them quotes”

Oprah Winfrey presents Selma.

Chaning Tatum presents Foxcatcher.

Robert Downey Jr. presents BEST MOTION PICTURE – COMEDY OR MUSICAL The Grand Budapest Hotel. Wes Anderson accepts the award trying to pronnounce the many names of some of the people from the Hollywood Foreign Press who decided in his favor.

Matthew McConaughey presents BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS IN A MOTION PICTURE – DRAMA Julianne Moore, Still Alice

Gwyneth Paltrow presents BEST PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR IN A MOTION PICTURE – DRAMA Eddie Redmayne – The Theory Of Everything. Had to cut his honeymoon short with Hannah in order to participate at the gala.

Meryl Streep says we’re gonna miss Amy and Tina. She presents

BEST MOTION PICTURE – DRAMA Boyhood. Jonathan Sehring producer takes the speech.

Memorable speeches: George Clooney, Michael Keaton

Directed by

Louis j. Horwitz.

Written by

Barry Adelman

Dedicated tot the memory of Bob Bardo

Top winners in cinema section:

1. Boyhood- best drama, actor, director

2. Birdman – screenplay, actor

3. The Theory of Everything – actor, music





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Live Blogging about the Oscars Ceremony 2014

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 03/03/2014

Like I did on the 13th of January 2014 with the article “Live Blogging for the the Golden Globes 2014“, I will write this post on my blog in real time, as I watch the free live streaming of the 86th ceremony of the Academy Awards from Los Angeles, California, USA, using these two links:

Suzy Besinger costume desgner for Blue Jasmine talks about how the bag was fundamental for Cate Blanchett’s character. The bag is almost a character. That bag is a protection shield. The character of Jasmine clinges on the accesories that Suzy designed and they spent a lot of time with attention to that.

Matthew McConaughey came with his wife and his mother. This is about the experience of being here, nominated, for the very first time. He cannot know if he might be here again, so he intends to make the more of it and have fun.

Producers Craig Zaiden and Neil Meron have organized a contest in which the 6 winners would come on the Oscars stage to help as volonteers with the organizers. The winners were chosen by film essays they wrote.

Lara and Jess from ABC present the show on TV.

Ellen DeGeneres is the host of the big ceremony.

She says that she was presenter 7 years ago. She says that back then, Martin Scorsese, Leo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett were nominated. She mentions some of the first time nominees. Theme for this years’ ceremony is “Heroes in Hollywood”. Movies are used as inspiration. If people don’t have love and family and friendship and if people donb’t get those, they get into showbusiness, she says.

It’s an exceptional year for movies. Her has been nominated, and by that, she means Meryl Streep – 18 nominees. Ellen Degeneres says it’s gonna be The Hunger Games.

She mentions that Jennifer Lawrence tripped on the red carpet. Because she is in danger of tripping, maybe if she wins, they should bring the Oscar to her, not her come to the stage.

June Squibb is the oldest actress ever nominated – 88 years old.

Jonah Hill nominated again -nice surprise.

The best joke of the entire evening, in my opinion: “Possibility nr. 1 12 Years a slave wins best picture. Possibility 2. You’re all rasists”.

Anne Hathaway presents Oscar for best supportung actor. Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club (2013). He is so proud to have been nominated among such great actors. He tells a story about a girl, a highschool dropout with the second child. She inspired her children to be special. “Thank you for teaching me to dream, mom”. He dedicates to all the dreamers like Venezuela and Ukraine. He tanks his brother and tot he entire team. This is for 35 millions people who died of AIDS. He makes a statement pro-homosexuals.

Ellen DeGeneres. presents Jim Carrey who presents a video collage . He mentions his friend Bruce Dern. He does an imitation of him. He presents a colage of animated films thorughoput the history

Carrie Washington introduces the songfrom Despicable Me 2 (2013): Pharrell Williams( “Happy”)

Samuel L. Jackson and Naomi Watts presents the Oscars for costume design The Great Gatsby (2013): Catherine Martin

It’s her 3rd Oscar. He got her first 2 for costume design and art direction of “Moulin Rouge”. A very Australian presentation.

Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling Dallas Buyers Club (2013): Adruitha Lee, Robin Mathews

Their first Oscar., They are happy to have had the possibility to say this story about how AIDS was in the ’80s

American Hustle, Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street get presented by Harrison Ford. All these have in common blood.

Channing Tatum has been part of the process of selecting the 6 college students, “Team Oscar” who made each a 60 seconds short and were deemed the best among tens of thousands of participants of USA.

At the ceremony are present the real Captain Phillips and the real Philomena.

Kim Novak from Vertigo and Matthew McConaughey present awards for animation. Total freedom, anything goes, pure creativity – specific for animation.

Best Short Film, Animated Mr Hublot (2013): Laurent Witz, Alexandre Espigares

Their 1st Oscar, their 1st film. This Oscar hat goes to France for tonight.

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year Frozen (2013). Chris Buck is at his first Oscar and second nomination. The 3 winners make a brief speech.

Sally Field – everyday quite act of heroism push back and their stories get told and illuminate and inspires us to be human. She presents a collage of feature films based on real stories of heroes.

Emma Watson and Joseph Gordon Lewitt present Oscar for visual effects: Gravity (2013): Timothy Webber, Chris Lawrence, David Shirk, Neil Corbould

VFX is all about the team, says Corbould, who also won for Gladiator. He makes a very polite speech on behalf of all. He thanks the families of all VFX artist families.

Zac Efron introduces another song: Her (2013): Karen O(“The Moon Song”)

Best Short Film, Live Action film under 40 mins Helium (2014): Anders Walter KIm Magnusson

1st Oscar for Anders Walter. 2nd win and 5th nomination for KIm Magnusson. They thank their families.

Best Documentary, Short Subject The Lady In Number 6 Music Saved My Life (2013): Malcolm Clarke, Carl Freed

2nd win for Malcolm Clarke. The character of the film was 110 years and died a week ago. She taught the team joy and forgiveness. “Watch the film, it will make you live a happier life”

Ellen says she wants to order pizza. Who else wants some?

Bradley Cooper presents documentary. The quality is breathtaking. These people tell true stories of heroes stories for a living

Twenty Feet from Stardom (2013): Morgan Neville

Their 1st Oscar.

His mentor said to him years ago that he’ll never win an Oscar. The star coordonating “20 feet from stardom” in reality sings and everybody applauses standing.

Kevin Spacey “I sing because I’m returned from  Washington to be back with my Hollywood friends”. Angela Lansbury (88 years), Steve Martin (comedian), Pierro Tossi (5 yOscars for costumes) have won the awards for lifetime contribution. The honorary Oscar was presented at Washington.

The Jean Hearsolt Humanitarian awards as a global advocate for causes goes to Angleina Jolie who thanks her mother.

Exclusive videos at

It seems that until now at least, Dallas Buyers Club leads the race to the Oscars with 2 awards, having also very big chances for the best actor Oscar. Great masterpiece.

Viola Davis presents foreign language film:

The Great Beauty (2013): Paolo Sorrentino(Italy)

11th Oscar for Italy in film history in this category since it has been instituted.

Tyler Perry presents the 4th film nominated for Oscar Nebraska. Nothing is black or white, but radiant shades of gray. Then he presents Her. Gravity is between haunting silence and bold action.

Brad Pitt (nominated at the Oscar this year as a producer for 12 Years a Slave”) introduces U2 who sing the song from

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (2013): Bono, Adam Clayton, The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr., Brian Burton(“Ordinary Love”). Everybody applauds standing.

Ellen DeGeneres tries to make a photo with as many actors as possible and sends it on Twitter.

Kristel Biell and Michael B Jordan present the Science and Technical Awards. 21 awards for 54 recepients. Gordon E. Sawyer award included.

Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron present sound Oscars. Best Achievement in Sound Mixing. Gravity (2013): Skip Lievsay, Niv Adiri, Christopher Benstead, Chris Munro thank to directo Alfonso for vision and patience

Best Achievement in Sound Editing Gravity (2013): Glenn Freemantle

1st Oscar, 2nd nomination after Slumdog Millionaire. Cuaron is brilliant and pushed him beyond limits. Sucha a great team, a big bond for this film. Thanks family and coworkers, generally.

Christoph Waltz presents Oscar for supporting actress. 3 of them are first time nominees. Lupita Nyong’o for 12 Years a Slave (2013). Everybody applauds standing.

So much joy in her life for so much suffery of the real character. She thanks the spirit of her character who has inspired her. She mentions the members of the main crew. The thanks The Yale School of Drama and each member of her family. No matters where you’re from, your dreams are valid.

Ellen serves pizza to some of the celebrities. She asks money from the public.

Ellen introduces Sheryl Bone Isaacs, the first coloured woman from the histoy of AMPAS (The Academy). They preserve the past, honour the present and shape the future. There have been 5 billion movie tickets sold in 2013. She presents the project of a museum which is planned to open 2017.

Amy Adams and Bill Murray present the Oscar for photography Gravity (2013): Emmanuel Lubezki

1st Oscar, 6th nomination, including previously with Cuaron for Children of Men. She names several people of  the crew and “my teachers, not all of them, but some”

In the music from her single “When I’m gone”, comes Anna Kendrick who presents Oscar for film editing: Gravity (2013): Alfonso Cuarón, Mark Sanger

1st Oscar for both of them. Mark Sanger thanks to professions. There is no greater accolade than to be recognized by thos who inspire you.

Whoopi Goldberg who presented 4 Oscar ceremonies and won 1 Oscar. She came with movie slippers, a tribute to The Wizard of Oz. LIza Minelli and Lorna Loft, decendants of Judy Garland are honored. Alicia Moore or Pink sings “Somewhere over the Rainbow” comemorating the film Wizard of Oz.

Looks like “Gravity” is gonna be the great winner of the night. The film received 5 Oscars already, for sound mixing, sound editing, film editing, cinematography and visual effects and has great chances for directing. It also did not lost yet at any of the 10 categories where it has been nominated.

Jennifer Garner and Benedict Cumberbatch present the Oscar for Best Achievement in Production Design The Great Gatsby (2013): Catherine Martin, Beverley Dunn

4th Oscar win for Catherine Martin out of 6 nominations. 1st Oscar for B. Dunn.

Rhys Ifans presents a collage of films stills about the heroes’ journeys. Features music from the trailer of Inception.

Julie Andrews presents in memoriam.

Bette Midler sings “the wind beneath my wings” from the film “Beaches”.

Ellen DeGeneres says they broke Twitter and her plan to get most retweets on her picture worked.

On the music from “As Good As It Gets”, Goldie Hawn presents the remaining 3 films nominated for best picture: Philomena, Captain Phillips  and 12 Years a Slave.

On the musical theme of Pulp Fiction, enters 2-time nominee John Travolta, who introduces another nomination in song category:Frozen (2013): Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez(“Let It Go”)

Everybody stands up applauding.

William Ross conducts the orchestra for the Oscars. He gets acknowledged.

Jamie Foxx and Jessica Biel present the award for Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score Gravity (2013): Steven Price

Cuaron inspired every note. “Sorry my parents for making so much noise while growing up”

best song Frozen (2013): Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez(“Let It Go”)

They have a very fun  moment thanking people whose names rhyme. This song is an inspiration to not let fear and humiliation stop you from being who you really are.

The big awards left: screenplays, leading actor & actress, directing and film.

Carey MUlligan, Leonardo DiCaprio and Amy Adams have each of them been in  two different films nominated for Oscar this year.

Robert DeNiro and Penelope Cruz present awards for screenplays

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published 12 Years a Slave (2013): John Ridley

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen Her (2013): Spike Jonze 4th nomination, 1st win. 42 seconds to thank. He thanks everyone who made a movie about relationships.

There have also been a lot of applauses when American Hustle script was on the screen.

Angelina Jolie and Sydney Poitier enter – the music of To Sir With Love. Poitier is celebrating his 50th anniversary for best actor. They present the Oscar for directing Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity (2013)

This has been a transformative experience, says Cuaron. If the great things would not take a lot, the whole thing would be the waste of time. For a lot of people, it has been a wising experience. He first thanks his son. This is the accomplishment of a lifetime project.

Under the music from Mary Poppins featured in Saving Mr Banks, Ellen DeGeneres promises to come back.

Ellen congratulates Matthew McConaughey on how he looks.

Daniel Day-Lewis presents the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine (2013)

Everybody applauds standing. She says “Sit down! You’re  too old to be standing”. She congratulates everyone who she has been nominated with. She thanks Woody and for the intelligent distribution who stayed for long time in cinemas. The female-centered movies deserve to stay in the the cinemas because they make money. She mentions a lot of particular people from the cast of Blue Jasmine.

Jennifer Lawrence presents Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club (2013) . He got most applauses. Everyone applauds standing.

Something to look up to, something to look forward to and somebody to chase, the hero. “When you’ve got God, you’ve got a friend and that is you”. His hero when he was 15 was himself in the future at 25. He turned that into a habit of competing with himself. Great speech. Memorable. When I’ll see it on YouTube, I’ll share it.

Will Smith presents the award for best picture 12 Years a Slave (2013)

Brad Pitt says everyone was brought together by S. McQueen, who says that without B. Pitt this movie wouldn’t have existed. Steve McQueen catches hardly his breath. Winners:
Brad Pitt
Dede Gardner
Jeremy Kleiner
Steve McQueen
Anthony Katagas

Everyone deserves not only to survive, but to live. This movie is dedicated to all those who have endured slavery and to 21 million people who still endure it on our planet.

Ceremony Directed by Hamish Hamilton.

Final Oscars count


1st place Gravity, 7 Oscars

2nd place 12 Years a Slave, 3 awards including best film

3rd place Dallas Buyers Club 3 Oscars

4th place The Great Gatsby, Frozen each 2 Oscars

Great movies who haven’t received any Oscars

American Hustle, 10 nominations,

The Wolf on Wall Street, 5 nominations

Nebraska, 6 nominations


PS Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Didn’t have time to correct all of them as I was typing.

Subjective comment: All in all, the ceremony wasn’t so spectacular compared to other years and most of the awards were predictable. Everybody was very hurried. I would have liked for the people awarded to have more time to send powerful messages and Ellen to have less time for her jokes.

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Live Blogging for the Golden Globes 2014

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 13/01/2014

I am watching the USA Golden Globes on live streaming from this address:

If that breaks from time to time, check this also:

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey host the show.

Jennifer Lawrence just won her Golden Globe as best supporting actress for her role in “American Hustle”. She said she discovered David O. Russell through “I Heart Huckabees”

Jacqueline Bisset won her first Golden Globe for “Dancing on the Edge”

Susan Ekins     Gregory Jacobs     Michael Polaire won the award for best TV film, Behind the Candelabra. I think this is just propaganda. I’ve seen the movie and it’s not so good really.

Elisabeth Moss – best supporting actress in a TV series, Top of the Lake. She is very emotioned.

Matt Damon presents the film “Captain Phillips” nominated for best drama.

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey introduce the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). Theo Kingma. He says it was a  year full of very good movies.

Wolf on Wall Street is getting presented.

Aaron Eckhart and Yvonne Strahovski presents the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama Bryan Cranston for “Breaking Bad” (2008). This is not the first time he is awarded for this TV series.

They also present the awards for the best TV series drama: Breaking Bad – Vince Gilligan TV show creator and producer. Vince was launched by his work at the X-files. He invites performer Aaron Paul to say something. Vince has thanked the audiences. In the beginning, there weren’t so many viewers.

In the commercial break, I’ve seen the trailer for Monuments Men, a potential future contendent next year. Initially the movie was planned to launch 2013, but the premiere was delayed.

Steve Coogan and Judi Dench the stars of Philomena present the drama nominee Philomena.

Kate Beckinsale present award for music Alex Ebert, All is Lost

and the best song: Bono, Adam Clayton, Larry Mullen jr – Ordinary Love from Mandela Long Walk to Freedom – Bono says he has been working for Nelson Mandela since the ’70s – a very personal award, – he pays a tribute to Nelson Mandela.

The best TV series or TV movie drama actor: Jon Voight for “Ray Donovan” (2013)

Her” is presented.

The award for best actress in a motion picture comedy is up next.

Robert Downey jr presents the award. Award goes to Amy Adams for American Hustle. She said this is her 15th year in acting. Thanks her daughter for teaching her to accept joy and renounce fear. Everybody congratulates her. Very enthusiastic hall.

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon present their daughter Sophie Bacon – miss Golden Globe and Randy Bacon – mr. Golden Globe . They all present a comic moment together. They also present the best actress in TV series drama award:  Robin Wright for “House of Cards” (2013). “Completely unexpected, I have no speech” she says. She thanks David Fincher for inspiring her to accept this part.

Jim Carrey presents American Hustle.

Christoph Waltz presents the award for best supporting actor in motion picture: Jared Leto for Dallas Buyers Club (2013). He says it was a very transformative role. He has gone to great length to do this part. He hasn’t been in a film in 6 years before Dallas Buyers Club. He thanks everybody for supporting him with love.

Emma Thompson, 2-times winner of Golden Globes presents the award for best screenplay: Her (2013): Spike Jonze thanks David O. Russell, very good friend. Half of the people in the hall applause him. He is very emotioned and thanks everybody.

Laura Dern presents Nebraska. She starred in Alexander Payne’s “Citizen Ruth”

Julie Bowen and Seth Myers presents Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy Andy Samberg for “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (2013). He does a great performance – parody of “thanks speech”.

Best Foreign Language Film La Grande Belleza – Nicolo Giuliano (producer)

Jimmy Fallon and Melissa McCarthy present  the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television Michael Douglas for Behind the Candelabra (2013) (TV). Steven Soderbergh asked him about playing Liberace even since he was filming “Traffic”. He acknowledges Matt Damon, one of the most talented actor he’s ever worked with and Steven Soderbergh. This is his third award at the Golden Globes, including the Cecil B DeMille award for entire career.

Emma Watson and Chris Pine present the award for animated film Frozen (2013): Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee

Colin Farrell presents Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy Amy Poehler for “Parks and Recreation” (2009) This is her first win for this role. She kisses Bono in joy. Everybody cheers her up. “I never won anything and I can’t believe I won”.

Tina Fey tells Amy Poehler: “I love you and there’s a very special place for you in hell”.

Emma Watson presents the work of Woody Allen. He changed the way we think. She starred in his latest film. Diane Keaton accepts the Cecil B. de Mille award for entire career on behalf of Woody Allen. 179 of the worlds’ most captivating actresses have played in Woody Allen’s films. They are the hallmark of Woody’s work – he has written all of them. He is a total author. “One of the nice things over writing – the thing will survive or not on its own merits.”. She delivers a wonderful speech for an old friend.

Ben Affleck presents Best Director – Motion Picture Alfonso Cuarón for Gravity (2013)

Chris Evans and Uma Thurman present Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy award “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (2013). Accepting the award: Dan Gore

The award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy is up next.

Jenneifer Lawrence presents it to Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf of Wall Street (2013). He says anyone who studies film must see the filmography of Bruce Dern. He thanks his mentor Martin Scorsese whose films influenced his entire generation. He stalked Martin Scorsese on making this film.

Reese Witherspoon presents the film 12 Years a Slave.

Niki Lauda and Chris Hemsworth present Rush.

Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy: American Hustle (2013)

Charles Roven accepts the award also on behalf of Megan Ellison, Jonathan Gordon, Richard Suckle . He shares the award with David O. Russell and thanks the first 5 actors of the film.

Leonardo DiCaprio continues his list of thanks and presents the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama Cate Blanchett for Blue Jasmine (2013). Everybody in the hall stands up to applaud her. She thanks to Dianne Wiest. It’s impossible to do such a quality performance without really very good people, she says. This was the most fabulous, generous crew of Woody Allen in quite some time. She thanks a lot of people.

Jessica Chastain presents the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club (2013) “Unexpected, but graciously accepted”. 86 times this movie was refused to be budgeted. This is an important triumph. He is glad this film came to him. He tanked his mother: “don’t go watching people on the screen, go do it yourself” and his wife who supported and inspired him. This movie was never about dying, but about living.

Before any award is given for best drama, I just want to say that among the films nominated in this category, I think the rightful winner should be Rush. But I don’t think it will win.

Johnny Depp presents the award for Best Motion Picture – Drama 12 Years a Slave (2013) Steve McQueen, director is accepting the award. The whole room applauds standing.

This edition of the Golden Globes TV show on NBC was directed by Louis J. Horwitz.

The nomination ballot it mailed to all eligible members of HFPA, who choose up to five nominees in each category. On the final ballot, the same members vote for one nominee in each category.. Information concerning the final results is known only to the accounting firm of Ernst & Young, LLP, prior to today’s opening of the sealed envelopes.

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Summer Soltice

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 21/06/2013

Between 20-22 June, there is the Summer Solstice, which happens on a day in time where in the Northern temperate Hemisphere the day is the longest (15 hours) and the night the shortest (9 hours).

Unusual for me, I invite you to listen to this song, which very likely will go through your mind like it did through mine the past days:

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My First Film at Cinema – a Special Moment, 16 Years Ago.

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 18/06/2013

June is a always a very special month for me, with all the celebrations and anniversaries  I have.

On June 1, 2012 – I lauched the most recent edition of my e-book, “Guide for Efficient Learning“.

On June 7 it’s my birthday.

On June 15, 2011, I started the Debug Your Mind blog. Read  about it here (En) and here (Ro)

On June 17, 2009, I published the first official post on this blog. Just  yesterday I wrote about how important this anniversary is for me.

Well, on June 18, 1997, I have seen the first film at cinema. Since then, film, in all its forms, has been a part of my life. I am a film fan, what they call in France “cinephile”. As I wrote here, my very first job was film reviewer and I am very proud about it. I have even taken film directing classes for 1 year and a half in Bucharest, but I never made any movie. I just used it to shape my film culture. Many know that last year I have worked as a film and book reviewer for a top Romanian site,

So June 18th is, in this year too, the 17th, a very special date, which I celebrate with great enthusiasm by… seeing a film at cinema! And what better option than the latest “Star Trek” movie, which is the only 2013 film which appears (for the moment, at least) in Top iMDB 250 best pictures ever. All my life I’ve been a trekkie. Now’s the time to celebrate it!

Now, mind you, this is a very special thing I share with you, so I prepared a little table: which movies I have sen each year, for the June 18th celebration. Of course, some of the films have lost some “weight” in the rating – I grew up, I gathered different & better film culture.


Click on the film title to view a trailer for it.

Year seen



Film Director

My rating then

My rating now

1997 William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet (1997) BAFTA for screenplay, direction, production design, music. Silver Berlin Bear & Alfred Bauer Award + 4 awards for Claire Danes Baz Luhrmann 10/10 8/10
1998 Judge Dredd (1995) Danny Cannon 6/10 3/10
1999 The Siege (1998) Nominated by Political Film Society in the categories „Human Rights” and „Democracy” Edward Zwick 8/10 6/10
2000 American Pie best casting for comedy Casting society of america, Young Hollywood Awards Best Ensemble Cast Paul and Chris Weitz 7/10 5/10
2001 Along Came a Spider 1 award for music Lee Tamahori 5/10 3/10
2002 La Stanza del Figlio Palme D’Or, FIPRESCI, Cannes 2001 European Film awards for actor, actress, director; David DiDonatello awards for actress, film, music Nanni Moretti 10/10 8/10
2003 Solaris (2003) nominated at Berlin Golden Bear in 2003 Steven Soderbergh 7/10 6/10
2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 12 awards (mostly for visual effects and music) Alfonso Cuaron 8/10 5/10
2005 Osama 3 awards at Cannes, 2003, best foreign language film, Golden Globes, nominated for PFS Award for human rights Siddiq Barmak 7/10 7/10
2006 Inside man Spike Lee got 3 awards for directing this thriller Spike Lee 6/10 6/10
2007 California Dreamin’ Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2007; 5 other awards for the film director Cristian Nemescu 6/10 5/10
2008 Funny Games [US] (2007) I wrote about it here Michael Haneke 8/10 7/10
2009 Il Nascondiglio/The Hideout Pupi Avati 6/10 5/10
2010 Toy Story 3 Oscar for animation and original song, nominated at Oscar for best picture, BAFTA & Golden Globe for animation, other 22 awards for best animation Lee Unkrich 10/10 6/10
2011 Hanna 2 awards for Saoirse Ronan, I wrote about it here Joe Wright 9/10 9/10
2012 We Bought a Zoo 1 award for music Cameron Crowe 6/10 6/10
2013 Star Trek: Into Darkness Voted on iMDB the best picture of this year so far J. J. Abrams  6/10  6/10

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4 Years Anniversary on my first WordPress blog

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 17/06/2013

There it is: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013. This is my fifth year in blogging on my own blog (if you also count, on which I published in 2007, it’s my 6th year). The added periods of my life when I regularly blogged (at least once a week) make the 7th part of my life.

4 years anniversary

If I were to consider only the last third period of this time on Analytic Vision, there have been visits from 118 countries, which is more than on any other blog I have written on, more than half of the states which exist on Earth today – the most, being, of course, from Romania and USA.

I have published on Analytic Vision 232 posts in 4 years, out of which I deleted 79.

I published last year the top of most read articles. What questions to ask your psychologist  is still the most read, totaling 2000+ visualizations. Of course, the most searched phrase from which Google users got to my blog was “questions to ask a psychologist”, while the most searched single word was “analyticvision”.

The most popular subject I have written about is Debug Your Mind, which has become a child-blog independent from this one, two years ago. I published 2 days ago this commemorative post on this event.

There have been  100+ comments published on this blog from various users, out of which I published some I considered most honoring here.

This blog is registered on Zelist here. Analytic Vision‘s position makes it better than 86,57 % than all the other blogs registered in Romania.

A year ago, on very exact date, I published here a list of things that I consider I have learned from blogging. Since then, I have also started to make some money with my Romanian blog, Discerne.  That explains why I now spend less time to write on this blog, but doesn’t excuse it.

The busiest day on my blog was 16 June 2010, when this blog managed to get 245 views, just around its first year anniversary.

Analytic Vision was referred by (in this order): search engines, Yahoo, (my Romanian blog), Facebook,, WordPress, press releases & announcement sites. There were also various blogs which referred less than 100 views each to my blog.

Analytic Vision has allowed me to explain to many people with one or two links important ideas that I have opinions on – a very strategic investment of time (in stead of explaining again and again to every single person).

You can read for yourself, Analytic Vision is a very appreciated, clean, concise and useful blog. I invite you to search for articles in the updated archive and to share my blog with others.

Thank you!

Stefan Alexandrescu,


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Sibiu International Theater Festival

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 28/05/2013

Sibiu is the second most important cultural city in Romania after Bucharest. Each year, it hosts the biggest theater festival from Romania. The first (unofiicial) edition of the festival was in 1993. This year, the festival celebrates its XXth edition and 19 years since it officially started in 1994 (check its history here). This festival is also the third biggest theater festival in the world and it gathers besides theater, also dance, music, circus, exhibitions and street performances.

France is an honor guest to this edition, which will be held between 9th-16th of June, 2013.

There are spectacles of theater, music, dance and circus from all over the world:

Australia (Circa)
Austria (The Little Old Ladies, Are There Alps in Vienna?, Horn-mad)
Belgium (European Cities on Stage, The March of the Stilts and the Royal Brass Band from Merchtem, Dangerous Mission 3: The Trambouline, Another Kind of Boys Band, Clear Tears, Murky Waters)
Canada (Klezmer music, Circa, The Return)
Czech Republic (Causa Fatalis, The Magnetic Ballerina’s Dance, The Loosers Shine, Too)
Denmark (Dark Fairytale)
Finland (Sad songs from the heart of Europe, The Frankenstein Clowns)
France (The farse of Panthelin, The Reunification of the Two Coreeas, The Bohemians, The Horse Riders, The Cupids, The Merry Brass Band, A Beautiful Little World, Everything is Fine, Homage to the Corsican Opera: Music and Song)
Georgia (As You Like It)
Germany (Salto Lamento, The Verdict and Other Stories, Continu, Hot Dog)
Guadalupe (Carraibean Rhythms)
Hungary (The Master and Margaret)
Israel (Khemin, Dark Fairytale)
Italy (The Father, The March of the Stilts and the Royal Brass Band from Merchtem, The Merry Orchestra La Racchia from Vejano, Carraibean Rhythms, Hot Dog)
Japan (The Bee, Lost within the Quiver ot the Cherry Trees’ Flowers, Yo Shi Tsune and the 1000 Cherry Trees, Shut up and Play!)
Lithuania (The Divine Comedy)
Mexic (Incendies)
Poland (Lear’s songs, A Play about Mother and Home Country, The Brass Band and the Gracious Polish Cheerleaders, The Sounds Table)
Romania (Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Faust, For the Win, Illusions, The Notes of a Madman, The Master and Margaret, A Japanese Story, The Seagull, Platonov, Scenes from the Life of Insects, A Streetcar Named Popescu, The Angels’ Harmonies, Journey in Verse, Play and Chant Rhythms, Old Transylvanian Music- Pipe organ concert, Loredana Groza, Robin & The BackStabbers, Symphonic Closing Concert, Smiley, Şuie Paparude, Vunk, About Dreams and other dellusions, Transylvanian Ornaments, The Tower Breathes, A Refrain )
Russia (Illusions, The Wedding, Three Sisters, Causa Fatalis)
Serbia (Music of Elizabethan Court and Theatre, Old Music from the East of Adriatica)
South Koreea (Self-Portrait, Tetsu Dance)
Spain (The LIttle Prince, In the Rhythm of the Drums, Old Gold, Flamenco Rhythm)
UK (The Meal, The Tragedian’s Trilogy, Ubu King, Reading Scottish Pipe Band, Strongman, Don’t Lose Your Soul )

So you can see, with artists from 24 countries participating (more than 10% of the states of the world), Sibiu pins Romania on the map of important worlwide cultural events.

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2012 in review

Posted by Ştefan Alexandrescu on 31/12/2012

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 6,400 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 11 years to get that many views.

Click aici pentru a vedea raportul complet.

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