A Hidden Advantage with Unrelenting Standards

“After all, I still do not understand why it is such a big problem to have <<unrealistic standards>>. I think it is a quality to be a perfectionist!” “Yes, that is because you think that the imaginary or intentional advantages are better than the disadvantages and real consequences of your behaviors” “Such as?” “Such as… Read More A Hidden Advantage with Unrelenting Standards

Meta Time

I invite you to read an article (the first one in a new series) which will show you how time management influences one’s personality: The Timeline.  This is a fundamental meta-feature which dominates somebody’s personality, although it can be different in different contexts. The article “In Time” is its continuation: the detailing of the first main… Read More Meta Time

What is Schema Dynamics Programming

  The terminology “Schema” comes from schema therapy and refers to the maladaptive schemas taxonomy developed by Jeffrey Young, Ph.D. and his collaborators since the ’80s. It is the problem-oriented component of the field, using psychometric questionnaires developed and tested by scientists to evaluate which are the schemas and modes which pathologically influence the emotions,… Read More What is Schema Dynamics Programming