To Have and to Hold

Motto: “The place where you always take from and never put back will soon be empty.” Romanian Proverb The “holes” theory I have a theory. Every man has certain “holes” or “hollows” or “empty spaces” their the soul, some basic necessities that must be filled with love. For example, there is a hole that must… Read More To Have and to Hold

If You Want to Earn Money from a Business, Start With Your Own Pocket!

  Motto: “If you imagine that you can afford to lose a little money, then you will come to lose a lot.” Chinese Proverb Today I invite you to read this article on principles of economic thinking in financial education – a crucial aspect for entrepreneurs and freelancers. An essential thing everyone has to become… Read More If You Want to Earn Money from a Business, Start With Your Own Pocket!

Maslow’s Extended Pyramid

Named after research psychologist Abraham Maslow, this model has been one of the great successes in establishing specific consumer categories; subsequently, VALS I and VALS II consumer classification systems have been developed based on findings and segmentations. The model assumes that each individual has a series of levels of fundamental needs, gradually placed in ascending order starting… Read More Maslow’s Extended Pyramid

Customer Satisfaction in Modern Society

“An investigation of the cross-national determinants of customer satisfaction”, by Forrest V. Morgeson III, Sunil Mithas, Timothy L. Keiningham, and Lerman Aksoy. Published by Academy of Marketing Science, Oct. 2010. Retrieved from Springer Link, Nov. 2010   Original Abstract of the Thesis Many multinational corporations have implemented cross-national satisfaction measurement programs for tracking and benchmarking… Read More Customer Satisfaction in Modern Society

Stress and Productivity

I got curious concerning the correlations job (dis)satisfaction (emotion) has with stress (emotion) and with job performance (objective criteria). The opposite of stress is PWB (psychological well-being) which correlates pretty much with job satisfaction, a processor of PWB. Most job & life dissatisfaction questionnaires have dimensions built for each area of life. The most challenging… Read More Stress and Productivity