Contribute Now to Sustain the CraftLift program

CraftLift is a program created by joining the efforts of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and leaders in support of Romanian pupils who are looking forward to making a meaningful contribution by supporting a better future for adolescents who have already proven their dedication to performance. I, Marcus Victor Grant, am the founder of this program I have… Read More Contribute Now to Sustain the CraftLift program

Real, Sustainable Change Is Difficult

Real, sustainable change is difficult. Do you dare develop personally outside your comfort zone? Well, it’s also hard for me; it’s hard for everyone, and that’s why it matters. Everyone who wins by imposing a superiority complex cannot win forever. Competitive thinking about others (“how to show that I’m smarter, stronger, greater than others”) always… Read More Real, Sustainable Change Is Difficult

The Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

When you have a team of people working in task-oriented activities, such as specific projects requiring phases and deadlines, it’s essential to use a few necessary tools. Intrinsic motivation is the one that makes people act on their own initiative. It makes them happy and proud to be working on a particular project or for… Read More The Difference Between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation

Maslow’s Extended Pyramid

Named after research psychologist Abraham Maslow, this model has been one of the great successes in establishing specific consumer categories; subsequently, VALS I and VALS II consumer classification systems have been developed based on findings and segmentations. The model assumes that each individual has a series of levels of fundamental needs, gradually placed in ascending order starting… Read More Maslow’s Extended Pyramid

How to Earn Money EASILY. Read Here!

“Everybody needs money. That’s why it’s called money.” Danny DeVito’s line, written by David Mamet, in the movie script “Heist” (2001) Contrary to certain expectations, this article is not about a fast method of making money effortlessly. On this topic, I invite you to read my article” “Wanna Make Big Money?“. However, the promise in… Read More How to Earn Money EASILY. Read Here!