Imagined Mirrors of the Absolute

The 3rd of July is the international “Compliment Your Mirror” Day. Motto: “What is it about me that attracts people?” I am sure, without a doubt, that any person has asked this question at least once in their life. Well, I just had an insight based on a dream. Honestly, I don’t believe in paying… Read More Imagined Mirrors of the Absolute

The Psychological Contract in Working Relationships

An unclear contract underlies victimization. Before being a social and even a sociological position, victimization is a psychological position that must be understood. In the dramatic triangle of the transactional analysis, the victim feels helpless, powerless (whether he/she really is or imagines that), waiting for a savior, and (possibly) screams from the top of their… Read More The Psychological Contract in Working Relationships

Real, Sustainable Change Is Difficult

Real, sustainable change is difficult. Do you dare develop personally outside your comfort zone? Well, it’s also hard for me; it’s hard for everyone, and that’s why it matters. Everyone who wins by imposing a superiority complex cannot win forever. Competitive thinking about others (“how to show that I’m smarter, stronger, greater than others”) always… Read More Real, Sustainable Change Is Difficult