Imagined Mirrors of the Absolute

The 3rd of July is the international “Compliment Your Mirror” Day. Motto: “What is it about me that attracts people?” I am sure, without a doubt, that any person has asked this question at least once in their life. Well, I just had an insight based on a dream. Honestly, I don’t believe in paying… Read More Imagined Mirrors of the Absolute

Real, Sustainable Change Is Difficult

Real, sustainable change is difficult. Do you dare develop personally outside your comfort zone? Well, it’s also hard for me; it’s hard for everyone, and that’s why it matters. Everyone who wins by imposing a superiority complex cannot win forever. Competitive thinking about others (“how to show that I’m smarter, stronger, greater than others”) always… Read More Real, Sustainable Change Is Difficult

Saint Stephen the Great or Why Europe Has Such a Diverse Map

Yesterday, July 2nd, Saint Stephen the Great [en, wiki] was commemorated in Romania. There is a large amount of information, mainly in Romanian, about Stephen the Great (we call him Ștefan cel Mare), but I am sure you all know how to use the “translate” function of Google Chrome. It is rare in the history… Read More Saint Stephen the Great or Why Europe Has Such a Diverse Map

Across-Messages Communication

True communication dissipation indicates a full tank of thought, a provisional suspending of present certitudes, but also keeps attention, lucidity, and presence. However, contrary to true communication dissipation, digital fun buttons [en, blog] create and impose attention external to oneself. That is, like once upon a time within the previous century, the case for web 1.0… Read More Across-Messages Communication


Today I’ve decided to write about something a little bit more abstract and significantly impacts each of our lives. So my notion of respect might be rather particular. I think each person, as a human being, deserves respect as a default right. Of course, rights can sometimes be suspended, but never a priori. I do… Read More Respect