What Does Trust Mean?

A person with a well-cared-for personal brand knows they can trust themselves and will ask for the same thing from others. The same goes for those who refer to persuasion as an art; trust that the items set at the beginning of the communication will be accomplished. A few important things should be noted here.… Read More What Does Trust Mean?

Do You Want Development? Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Research in the USA indicates that couples’ most frequently used expression before getting married is “I love you”. However, the most commonly used word after getting married is “Where is the remote?”. Has it ever happened to you that you find a specific thing absolutely normal and consider it your own? Well, it means that… Read More Do You Want Development? Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Maslow’s Extended Pyramid

Named after research psychologist Abraham Maslow, this model has been one of the great successes in establishing specific consumer categories; subsequently, VALS I and VALS II consumer classification systems have been developed based on findings and segmentations. The model assumes that each individual has a series of levels of fundamental needs, gradually placed in ascending order starting… Read More Maslow’s Extended Pyramid

The Psychometric Measurement of the Self-Esteem

Scientific abstract This dissertation paper is comprised of: (a) An analytical and critical approach to the following concepts specific to the psychology of the personality: Self-Esteem Level (SEL), Self-Esteem Stability (SES), Self-Confidence (SC), respect, Self-Respect (SR), ego, narcissism, Frame Of Reference (FOR), ego strength, pride, character, risk-taking, thinking scenario (TS), motivation direction – in the… Read More The Psychometric Measurement of the Self-Esteem