Efficient Learning, More Than Speed Reading!

As a student, I increased my reading speed from 238 words/minute to more than 10000 words/minute. Prof. Budei is only one of those from whom I have learned efficient learning, including during the period when I was increasing my reading speed. Such an increase in my reading speed is the result of a plurality of factors, among which:

  • Doing the exercises learned during the courses EVERY day, preferably in the morning, when the brain is better rested,

  • Using the speed reading device, then the speed-reading program devised by a friend and collaborator of mine, based on the speed-reading device. Using that software (not available anymore), I estimated that somebody could have trained their reading speed to reach 15,000 words/minute.

Some may say “oh, but it’s so simple”. Yes, it is simple. And it works. Practically, the speed-reading device was the size and shape of a CD case and had a slot in the middle. On the opposite side of the device, one could slide a strip that contained simple words to entire phrases. These appeared in a fraction of a second, the time during which the slot on the part facing the user (driven by a spring mechanism) overlapped with the back slot. In the software, the same utilities have been taken over, with the comment that, besides changing the difficulty level (practically, in the program, those on the strips of the original speed-reading device have been loaded), one could also set the occurrence duration and the duration between the text occurrences).

  • I have attended Vlad Ciocan’s courses available on citirerapida.ro, I have also continued every day with the exercises in lesson no. 6 (which are an excellent addition to what I used to do with Prof. Budei),

  • I have used techniques described in Andy Szekely’s articles and e-book, which was also on the speed-learning CD available on the market between 2005-2006,

  • I have completed my training by practicing my eyesight and speed learning through the Vision Training course delivered by Leo Angart, on which I have reduced my shortsightedness and got rid of my glasses (how? I will soon publish some articles about that, too). Practically, although taken in the fall of 2006, when my reading speed had already decreased significantly due to the techniques and means made available to the students, this course has practically provided a complimentary basis for efficient reading. Romanians have no idea which opportunity they missed when they didn’t take advantage of Vision Training, which was held once a year in Romania for several years. They spend hundreds of RON on glasses every few years when instead they could spend a few hundred RON once to COMPLETELY get rid of their eyesight problems. The trainer has helped people heal their shortsightedness or farsightedness of even -9! Again, the Romanians’ limited thinking speaks for itself.

Find out more about speed reading and the achievements that you could also attain!

Read more articles on efficient reading following this list in Romanian.

Thank you!

Happy efficient learning!


Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2011-present. Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article Învăţarea eficientă, mai multi decât citire accelerată!published initially in Romanian on 24.11.2011 on Discerne. Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved.

The materials published on this blog are covered and subject to this disclaimer.

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