The Best Articles on Analytic Vision Published in 2022

In the third decade of blogging in my life, I am glad to see an increase in the number and quality of articles published.  On the occasion of the calendar change of the year, I propose a retrospective of the best articles chosen by me, according to these criteria:

articles published for the first time in English on the Analytic Vision blog (even if they are translations)

  • evergreen;
  • arouses interest or provokes intellectual or behavioral reactions;
  • brings distinctions or ideas within the presented topic;
  • the adequacy of the style to the content;
  • international relevance in the virtual environment;
  • my subjective opinions when rereading the article for this evaluation.

At the top for 2022, entered: articles initially published between 2013-2017 in the financial journal Economia Online (updated for contemporary relevance, if applicable), translations of articles originally published on Discerne, and one previously published on Debug Your Mind.  I wish you an inspirational reading and a productive exploration!


Top 10 articles in English published on this blog in 2022

  1. Surely, Dear Collectivity, from a Freelancer Full of Verve translation of the article Cu siguranță, dragă colectivitate, de la un liber-profesionist cu vervă (Economia Online)/ Cu siguranță, dragă colectivitate, de la un liber-profesionist cu vervă (Discerne)

  2. What I Have Learnt from Brian Tracy’s Exercise, translation of the article Ce am învățat din exercițiul lui Brian Tracy (Economia Online) / Ce am învățat din exercițiul lui Brian Tracy (Discerne)

  3. Imagined Mirrors of the Absolute translated into Romanian and published on Discerne: Oglinzi imaginate ale absolutului and initially posted on Debug Your Mind: Imagined Mirrors of the Absolute

  4. The Invisible War Against Speed Reading, translation of the article Războiul invizibil împotriva citirii rapide, previously published on Discerne.

  5. What to Avoid When Looking for Sponsorship, translation of the article Ce să eviţi când cauţi sponsorizări previously published on Discerne.

  6. If You Want to Earn Money from a Business, Start With Your Own Pocket! , translation of the article Daca vrei sa castigi bani dintr-o afacere, incepe cu buzunarul tau! (Economia Online), and Aceşti bani care sunt timpul nostru (Discerne)
  7. What NOT to Do to Be Successful Right Off the Bat, translation of the article Ce să nu faci ca să ai succes din prima, previously published on Discerne.

  8. Face-to-Face Networking in the Web 3.0 Era, translation of the article Networkingul autentic în era web 3.0, previously published on Discerne.

  9. On the Creative Vision, translation of the article Despre viziunea creatoare, previously published on Discerne

  10. To Have and to Hold, translation of the article A avea și a păstra previously published on Economia Online.

Written and published by Marcus Victor Grant

The materials published on this blog are covered and subject to this disclaimer.

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