It’s Unaffordable to Stay So Sick That You Can’t Make a Living

I. The mind is stronger than the body… unless you’ve been poisoned or intoxicated.

How would you feel if, precisely when you were about to springboard to your success, you got excluded from everything? Knowing that this could have happened to you or a loved one, would you read the story with all the details?

Several months ago, writing an ask like you are reading today would have been a piece of cake for Marcus from Italy. He has been working as a freelancer in marketing in general and copywriting in particular ever since 2005.

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Since 2005, he has worked one-on-one for hundreds of clients from over a dozen countries on three continents, contributed to thousands of students’ education, and got more than 1.5 million views on the articles he wrote and/or published. He had won numerous awards for his content, including 1st prize in a National Blogging Contest . In 2014, one of the collective blogs he founded got nominated for best online content publishing alongside Cosmopolitan (Webstock Awards). As a side activity from his main work, between 2021-2022, Marcus developed and ran a program that brought books to more than 1000 students from 20+ poor schools in Romania. In the summer of 2022, he established an international consortium to turn this program into a social entrepreneurship business.

Unfortunately, all this work has been suddenly crushed. Now, Marcus has to rely more and more on written notes on small pieces of paper to live from day to day. He must rely on his friends and collaborators to write such an article. Ever seen the film “Memento (2000)”? Marcus literally started to feel like its main character. If he does not write something down, he will forget about it. Marcus will likely forget about it, even writing down and setting a timer. This means he generates many more written notes that he must later process because he can no longer rely on his memory. As a result, Marcus is significantly less productive. Ironically, a few years ago, when he was still living in Romania, Marcus held a profitable training course on SMART goal management , where he taught participants to be more productive. He held other live seminars for participants from all over the country to teach them how to read faster, memorize better and focus more effectively. Imagine how difficult it is to lose these skills that not long ago were both a source of service to others and a source of income for Marcus. He lost 24 points on his IQ. Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D., P.E.has done an extensive meta-analysis of tens of research articles published in medical journals and cases of heavy metal toxicity. He found that heavy metal toxicity has been proven to produce a decline of tens of points in IQ (1). How did this happen? Read on to understand better.

Below are Marcus’s story, vision, and research resources about heavy metals exposure from dental treatment. His goal is to raise $7,400 to support his recovery (specifics below). Marcus believes this effort of sharing his story has the potential to spread awareness among several medical industries, including dentistry, supporting patients and stomatologists/dentists to avoid heavy metals poisoning. Medical expenses can be extremely difficult to cope with. As a patient, it’s just impossible to consider the possibility of needing to pay thousands of dollars for medical bills and treatments. The human spirit is resilient, but even it needs an occasional boost of support to help push through these challenging situations. Getting crowdfunding help may very well be the deciding factor in whether Marcus has enough money to continue living, caring for himself, and contributing to those who he has been supporting. It’s unaffordable to stay so sick that you can’t make a living


II. How did this happen to Marcus Victor Grant, also previously known as “Ștefan Alexandrescu”?

Marcus Victor Grant is a Romanian national living in Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy. He has had an Italian ID since 2012, an Italian tax number, and he even competed in the local elections for a local counselor position. He was the only Romanian appearing on the civic list Cuneo per la Costituzione in early 2022. He has been successfully working in English, Italian, and Romanian for the past 18 years for clients in the USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, Spain, Greece, Italy, Finland, The Czech Republic, Romania, Moldavia, and Kazachstan. He is a successfully published author of five books, of which two got 5 stars out of 5 on different platforms.

This story starts in 2009-2010 in Romania when Marcus was a student pursuing two master’s degrees. Accidentally, Marcus ate something poorly cooked and broke tooth 3.6. He was treated by a dentist who did an improper root canal treatment (as later judged by consequences and other dentists). That dentist also implanted a large metal capsule in the tooth 3.6 without informing Marcus as a patient that all metal/amalgam fillings contain usually mercury and may also contain antimony and other heavy metals. Marcus had to choose between a cheap and an expensive treatment in a period when the world was in a substantial financial and economic crisis. He decided on the seemingly affordable version without being aware of the consequences. Therefore, unknowingly, Marcus had a massive filling with an unknown amount of mercury, antimony, and God knows what in his mouth for years. This kind of filing (commonly used decades ago in poor East-European countries and presently in the USA) has a high mercury concentration. ALL amalgam fillings are made with mercury, a toxic heavy metal (the next more toxic heavy metal is plutonium), with substantial adverse effects on human organs, behavior, and day-to-day activities.

Fast-forward to early 2022 in the North of Italy, Marcus went for a regular dental check at a local dentist. He found out that there was a growing granuloma on the root tip of the tooth that had poor root canal treatment and the metal filling. A chronic tooth infection soon started to create pain. The first try at solving the problem was antibiotics, as recommended by several medics in the spring of 2022:

Marcus went to Doctor 1 at a dental clinic recommended as the best in Piedmont, the area he lives. Doctor 1 looked at Marcus’s imaging from three sources and firmly declared there was no amalgam in Marcus’s mouth.

After three antibiotics rounds and an increasing struggle with the infection, Marcus had May 2022 a new panoramic X-ray that showed he now had inflammations with two teeth instead of one.

After a fourth antibiotic failure, it was pretty apparent teeth 2.5 and 3.6 had to be extracted and the granulomas surgically cleaned at their root tips, which was an operation a regular dentist could do… or so it seemed.

In late July 2022, Marcus reached a point of physical exhaustion, was barely able to work and speak, a situation any doctor would most likely attribute to the teeth infections, and decided he would go to a local dentist – Doctor 2 – to perform the extractions. The purpose of performing the extractions was to eliminate the granulomas at the root tips of the teeth. At this moment, Marcus believed he had nothing to fear if he didn’t have amalgam fillings. At this time, Marcus was unaware of the previously mentioned metal capsule, so he trusted the dentists. However, one major problem is that most of the oral health specialists from the North of Italy do not have the proper experience or training in recognizing amalgam materials since this is not a widespread practice in West Europe. That may be a common error that most Western Europeans (unprepared, unaware) stomatologists make, even though it is their job to know better for their sake and for the health of their patients. It is essential to understand that although one dental filing might be painted in white or covered by a composite white layer (which is actually illegal in some countries) and can still be made from toxic heavy metals containing mercury, cobalt, chromium, tin, silver, antimony and/or nickel. None of these toxic metals have any positive effects on the patients’ health. A great majority of patients have been shown to have immune reactions to such metals in certain circumstances. Furthermore, none of these metals are easily removed from the human body once they become vaporized, inhaled, and lead through the blood to the brain, liver, and other organs.

How did such a filling end up in Marcus’s mouth, and how come he was unaware of its vast risks? Sadly he was never informed about it. Marcus did know that mercury fillings (a.k.a.. “silver fillings”, “amalgam fillings”, “metal fillings”) are bad for you, but he didn’t know precisely how and he had no idea there are different ways of finding that out. He considered that since it’s very likely he didn’t have any, he didn’t have any reason to care much about it, right? Wrong! Unfortunately, utterly wrong. This was when the nightmare started.

One of the most dangerous ways in which the heavy metals from amalgam fillings make people sick is when they are inadvertently vaporized in the air by high-power drilling devices at high speeds (up to 350.000 – 400.0000 rotations per minute). Unfortunately, this is precisely what Doctor 2 did to Marcus in July of 2022. The drilling devices at high speed produce heating, so the mercury and other toxic metals get vaporized into the air. Thus, the toxic fumes get inhaled by the medic and the patient. Straight after, the metal fumes get into the lungs and, from there, into the blood. In a few days, the mercury and other dangerous metals pass from the blood and get deposited most likely into: 1. brain, 2. kidneys, 3. liver, 4. bones. Here is one quick scientific demonstration of what can be noticed when we measure only the mercury levels from such an improper amalgam filling extraction.

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This information would have saved Marcus from mercury poisoning if either doctor 1 or doctor 2 had become aware of the amalgam filling and its dangers through an inappropriate extraction. Even though Doctor 2 consulted the X-rays and did a CBCT before the extraction, he also did not initially notice that there was a huge amalgam filling, with the thickness of his little finger. Doctor 2 only noticed it when he tried drilling with 2-3 different high-speed drilling devices. After seeing it was not breaking, he concluded in surprise that it was a metal filling (although it seemed white on the surface) and proceeded with the extraction.

It took several days for Marcus to start experiencing about half of the statistically clinically relevant symptoms for patients exposed to heavy metal intoxication from dental materials. Towards the end of this description, you may read a detailed list of his experience with some of the mentioned symptoms.

It has been scientifically argued that the mercury fillings may leak in time (especially if on top of a root canal work poorly done) and pose the threat of constant SLOW poisoning of the organism in time that goes through the intestinal tract, but extracting an amalgam filling without proper precautions logically leads to the following chain of consequences that describe FAST poisoning through inhalation of vapors. As a result, amalgam fillings have been ruled out of practice in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. In addition, the Supreme Court of Justice from Norway decided on millions of euros in damages granted to victims who have proven they have been exposed to mercury vapors. A similar decision has been passed in Lithuania .

Marcus has obtained a written report from a radiologist working in France, which clinically supports the filling in tooth 3.6 was not only metal but amalgam. The conclusion was based on a scientific examination of the CBCT that both doctor 1 and doctor 2 had in their hands.

Two other dentists (one from Romania and one from Egypt) concurred that tooth 3.6 obviously had an amalgam filling. This was most likely not an honest mistake, in their opinion, even if the dentists did not have enough experience to recognize such a filling. In addition, preliminary medical analysis shows in his case a toxic level of antimony, which is another dangerous metal present in (cheap) dental fillings.

To add insult to injury, when extracting tooth 2.5, Doctor 2 forgot to also clean the granuloma that was on the tip of the root of tooth 2.5. So he extracted the tooth but left behind the main reason for removing the tooth, which was the inflammation/granuloma. Please see the following panoramic X-ray taken in August 2022, 3 weeks after the extractions.

So it appears that while Doctor 2 did extract the problematic teeth, from one of them he generated severe heavy metal intoxication, and on account of another, he left behind a granuloma.

Keep reading to understand why Marcus needs $7,400 to support his recovery (specifics below). In addition, Marcus believes this effort might spread awareness among the dental industry, supporting patients and stomatologists/dentists to avoid heavy metals poisoning.


III. The mission

Following this unfortunate event, Marcus intends to spread awareness around heavy metals poisoning as a result of dental amalgams. His dream is that with each podcast, webinar, and summit in which he gets interviewed talking about his experience, more and more patients, dental, and other medical practitioners become aware of the dangers and tools available to properly diagnose and deal with heavy metals toxicity from dental fillings. Considering millions of people have been misdiagnosed with neurological disturbances (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease, multiple sclerosis, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, chronic fatigue, dementia, ADHD) without adequately checking for heavy metals toxicity (due to dental fillings or other sources), your donation today contributes to lighting a beacon of hope for those in pain and suffering starting with practical help offered directly to Marcus. He dedicates his commitment to the willingness to struggle to still use the cognitive skills he has left. As long as he can still express himself, he believes this effort will spread awareness among the dental industry, supporting patients and stomatologists/dentists to avoid heavy metals poisoning.

As a result of the heavy metals poisoning/intoxication that resulted from inappropriate dental work, Marcus has started to suffer from the symptoms listed towards the end of this presentation. As a consequence of all of this, Marcus cannot work at all anymore and cannot earn to maintain his living. On top of this, heavy metal chelation and medical analysis are neither cheap nor fast. The medical analysis relies on having detox protocols adequately done, and the appropriateness of detox protocols depends on the results of the medical investigations. Both require expertise in toxicology, neurology, radiology, and other fields of medicine. Done inappropriately, heavy metals detox can actually do more harm than good. For example, if too many heavy metals are pulled out from the brain at once, and the body may not manage to excrete it all in due time, the heavy metals might get deposited in other tissues, creating more and new damage.

Marcus got in touch with a toxicologist and a neurologist who are counseling him to make the best decisions for his health. Still, for the moment, he cannot put the proper medical recommendations or protocol into practice because he doesn’t have enough money to buy the substances necessary for a proper detox protocol or do all the required medical analyses (fMRI, CT scan, urine+blood analysis)… He also doesn’t have money to pay the daily expenses. The time and the toxic substances present in his body are running fastly against him.

Without immediate financial support, Marcus’ state risks rapidly deteriorating as heavy metals are known to cause neurological damage. The later he receives the money he needs, the more he will need and the fewer chances of supporting him.

Considering the teeth infections and the subsequent heavy metal intoxication, in the past months, Marcus has stopped being able to cover his living expenses with the support of his family and friends. As a result, he is in urgent need of financial support for:

Medical analysis to provide a more precise diagnosis of the metals involved and the quantities and if there is any other health problem present which would further complicate the situation. This is important for estimating how long the chelation must be done and fine-tuning the treatment (and deciding on what to focus first). The minimum required sum for all testing and interpretations from specialists is 1150 USD. One set of medical analyses is necessary at the beginning of the chelation protocol and another one after the end of the chelation protocol.

Purchase of heavy metals chelation substances. These vary based on the protocol and may be fine-tuned after the medical analysis. The monthly detoxing cost is at least 700-800 USDs.

Living expenses (approximately 1000 USDs a month – which covers modest living in Northern Italy) for the period Marcus cannot work or earn money and needs to focus on following the detox protocol and monitoring his physical state.

That is:

  • 1st set of medical analysis (October, as soon as enough money is available) 1150 USD
  • detox October 700 USD
  • living expenses October 1000 USD
  • detox November 700 USD
  • living expenses November 1000 USD
  • detox December 700 USD
  • 2nd set of medical analysis (January 2022) 1150 USD (only if there is an improvement considering the symptoms after three months of detox and if the doctors advise it)


The more this problem gets postponed, the more expensive it will get to solve, the longer it might take, and the sicker Marcus will become. In the meantime, the thousands of students that Marcus could have helped through the program he started in 2021-2022 will not be supported, and Marcus risks becoming a burden to society instead of a supplier.

Thus, $7400 is a minimum amount that would allow Marcus to start detoxing as soon as possible, do the required medical analysis, and cover expenses for three calendar months. More money would allow him to extend the chelation therapy for longer if needed. Based on the volume of the amalgam filling reported in tooth 3.6, detox might take up to one year. More precise information will be obtained through the medical analysis.


IV. A journey into the illness experience of Marcus

Below are some of Marcus’s symptoms and research resources about heavy metals exposure from dental treatment. He is raising $7,400 to support his recovery (specifics below). Marcus believes this effort will spread awareness among the dental industry, supporting patients and stomatologists/dentists to avoid heavy metals poisoning. He intends to use the majority of funds he raises to remove the causes that have generated the following symptoms that have been recurrent during the past months since the extractions. These manifest both physically and mentally, suggesting neurological damage(s).

In raising awareness about this issue, it is vital to understand the symptoms, what causes them and how they impact the patient’s life. Therefore, as you read, we invite you to step into Marcus’ shoes.

1. What would you do if you noticed you started forgetting: tasks you have to do, tasks you’ve done, who you have to meet or why, and where are some of the fundamental objects you need to do live daily. What if, in your meetings with people, both personally and professionally, you would forget your ideas and even the name of the person you are talking to? Not so long ago, Marcus was regularly doing demonstrations of memorizing on the spot tens of items in an organized list in a few minutes, and with training had reached more than 10.000 words per minute. Now he can barely remember what he wants to pick up from the kitchen. This happens every day to him. Difficulty with short-time memory or brain fog occurs also happens to 58% of patients who have been inadvertently exposed to heavy metals from dental materials (2)

2. What if you increasingly became enraged by minor little problems and experienced constant irritability, jumpiness, jitteriness, and nervousness? In 2012, Marcus wrote and published a communication book teaching diplomacy, assertiveness, and persuasion that got 5 stars out of 5 on GoodReads . It even got translated and published in Italian in 2021. Unfortunately, Marcus had a nervous breakdown just when he had to add graphics and links to the text written by collaborators. He lately finds it difficult to communicate with other people to express his thoughts and emotions. In 2016, the MindMi evaluation showed a score of 82 out of 100 on the scale “mental calmness”, which corresponds to a “high” level.

What happens if you constantly forget words, names, ideas, tasks, and thoughts? What happens if you can’t feel or even express your feelings? What if you found yourself feeling bland, almost entirely unable to recognize, feel or express most of the human emotions (alexithymia), so much so that other people started to label you autistic? Anger, depression, and nausea are the most prevalent sensations that Marcus has been experiencing during the months that have passed since the described incident. Marcus was a vivacious presenter a few years ago, as seen in this video . In 2020, he joined an initiative to build a community to support partici pants in enhancing their skills of recognizing and communicating emotions. Measured in 2010, Marcus’s Emotional Intelligence Quotient overall was 128.1, which is very high. According to this article in Digital Naturopath , tension in facial muscles and other muscles is frequent in people who experience heavy metal toxicity. This doesn’t help with feeling positive emotions, either. According to Theresa Vernon’s article “Metals and the Mind ” (3), heavy metal intoxication may lead to emotional imbalance, reduced emotional expressiveness, and make the victim more withdrawn and introverted. 72% of the patients inadvertently exposed to heavy metals from dental materials experience constant or persistent periods of depression. 37.3 % even share a continuous death wish or suicidal intent.

Of the patients inadvertently exposed to heavy metals from dental materials, 73.3% also experienced such unexplained irritability, 55.5 % experienced sudden, unexplained, or unprovoked anger, and 38.1 % experienced hard-to-explain constant nervousness.

3. How would you feel if more and more you were stumbling and hurting yourself walking in your own house, having trouble with balance? What if you woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t remember which part of the bed to get up from? What if your vision shifted out of the blue, and you couldn’t do anything about it? What if your eyes burned or hurt every other day? Marcus started to lose visual-spatial and hand-eye coordination and experienced similar other symptoms soon after the powerful exposure to vaporized heavy metals from dental materials. A large prospective study in the Faroe Islands noted evidence of dose-related impairments in memory, attention, language, and visual-spatial perception in heavy metal-exposed subjects (4)

4. What if, once every other day, you had terrible migraines that seemed to move through different places in your head? Marcus used to have a headache once every few years. Now he has one once every other day. Unfortunately, so do 20% of patients inadvertently exposed to heavy metals from dental materials.

5. What if, in the middle of a discussion, you felt you were suffocating and had the awful sensation you’d choke on your tongue? This is not a panic attack; it’s not accompanied by heart trouble, but it’s often accompanied by nausea (which may happen at any moment). Marcus used to teach breathing exercises to his clients to support them with state management, public speaking, and focus. Now he can sometimes barely get in the oxygen his brain needs to function. Shortness of breath might be putting it mildly, but 43.1% of people inadvertently exposed to heavy metals from dental materials also experience such symptoms.

6. What if once or several times a week you’d wake up in the morning not feeling one of your hands? What if, after staying at the table for a few hours, you’d become aware you start losing awareness of one of your legs? Imagine that one of your limbs would be just a foreign object that you have to use one of your hands to carry, numb, for minutes until you slowly regain senses in that limb? This started happening once a few times a week to Marcus, even if he has been supplementing with B3, and now it happens almost once every other day. Numbness in the extremities is also a recurrent symptom for 67.3 % of patients inadvertently exposed to heavy metals from dental materials.

7. What if when you are trying to rest or to think or to understand something, you’d have (besides fatigue or insomnia) sudden palpitations, tachycardia, or pains in the chest? Marcus gets such symptoms once every few days, which also happens to 32.4-35.6% of patients inadvertently exposed to heavy metals from dental materials.

8. What if you would catch yourself saying weird words (some of which don’t even exist) that make no sense out of the blue? What if that would happen almost daily? Marcus recently took these 2 autism online tests: Mind Help (result ) and Psych Central (result ) by answering only based on the past months’ behavior since the vaporized heavy metals exposure, and they both suggest an involution towards Asperger’s syndrome, which indicates be consistent with a heavy metal intoxication. Marcus has done one of these tests before, showing that he previously had neither autism nor Asperger’s syndrome. The occurrence of tics in Asperger’s syndrome and autistic disorder is well-known, as J. M. Ringman and J. Jankovic’s research was published in the Journal of Child Neurology. Guess what! Ana Sandoiu has read different studies on the correlation between high exposure to toxic heavy metals and the occurrence of autism, and she presented a summary of those findings in this article published in Medical News Today. According to another article from HTMA experts , high heavy metal toxicity is also correlated to autism spectrum disorders. Physical clumsiness and atypical use of language are frequently reported with Asperger’s syndrome, which may be cataloged as mild autism. This also explains why lately, Marcus has more and more often a strange urge to relax by doing activities that are not urgent nor important but require him to follow specific patterns. For example, he started sorting some nails and screws from some toolboxes on dimensions and sorting them out by categories; he started retouching some scans that he did a few years ago. The common thread seems to follow a particular routine or straightforward pattern because anything else is mentally overwhelming. While doing this, Marcus seems unable to pay attention to something else. Not so long ago, such activities appeared to be tedious routine tasks that Marcus would easily do in the background of his mind, and if he needed to do something else at the same time could do it easily and quickly. The fatigue that comes from processing information is reducing his capability to shift back and forth in thinking without costing lots of mental energy. This is a common occurrence among people diagnosed with Asperger’s or autism syndrome, which has been proved in criminal court and scientific studies to be linked with heavy metals poisoning (5). The burden of evidence is overwhelming. Dr. Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph.D., PE, After reviewing specialty medical literature and research statistics, states that “99.6% acquired their autism from some environmental cause and most likely can be improved by treatment”. (6) Autism and PDD overlap 75% with mercury intoxication cases; that is, from 75% of autistic subjects tested for heavy metals, 75% were poisoned with mercury (7). Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a collection of symptoms that may occur not only in children but also in adults who have been exposed to heavy metals poisoning. This is not to say that all ASD is caused by heavy metal poisoning (nobody claims that). Still, there is enough clinical and statistical evidence to at least investigate with appropriate medical analysis.

9. What if you would find yourself stuck in making even simple decisions and have inner conflicts that paralyze your ability to move on through tasks towards basic goals? What if, on top of that, you’d be confronted with fewer resources: less time, less brain power, less mental skills, less hand-eye coordination, less money? This doesn’t only happen to Marcus. It also happens to 54.2% of people inadvertently exposed to heavy metals from dental materials. It may not come as a surprise that several decades ago, autism was considered “childhood schizophrenia,” and the National Institute of Mental Health from the USA, according to a 2019 review , considers schizophrenia to be an autism spectrum disorder. As this article argues, brain imagining may provide important insight into the neurological disorders that connect the two. The textbook of Clinical Neurology by Goetz (2nd edition) says in the section on mercury poisoning: “Psychotic episodes with delirium, hallucinations, and motor hyperactivity have been reported. The textbook of Primary Care Medicine (Noble, 3rd edition) lists heavy metal poisoning as a possible cause of acute psychosis in table 11.2 from p. 107. So if somebody claims that Marcus might have schizophrenia, psychotic delusions, or multiple personalities, they would most likely scientifically agree that a thorough check for heavy metals poisoning is required to investigate a physiological cause of such symptoms.

This presentation doesn’t go into all of the 20+ symptoms that Marcus has been experiencing in the months past since the incident. Still, it seems indicative that 17 of the 29 most common statistical occurrences among people exposed to heavy metals are among them.


V. Disclaimer

This material has not been written by doctors and is not intended as medical advice to readers, nor does it give a definitive diagnostic for this particular medical situation. If enough money gets raised, then further analysis may clarify the situation and the needed path. The information given here has NOT been evaluated by the FDA, EPA, or other national or international agencies. Following the data from this particular case, no results are promised or implied. This material has been written by non-medics who would like to support Marcus. Please use your own judgment and do your own research into any of the affirmations that are made or implied here. Marcus is closely following the indications of the medics who consider that his symptoms are relevant for his case, based on which they made specific recommendations for treatment and analysis. You should consult your doctor(s) for any health problems you might suspect to have


VI. References

(1) Andrew Hall Cutler in the book “Hair test interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities” (2004), pp. 13, 64, ,98, 100, 216

(2) Where mentioned, the percentages of patients experiencing various symptoms are according to Dr. Hal Huggins’s research published in his book, “It’s All In Your Head” (pp. 53-54).

(3) Theresa Vernon’s article “Metals and the Mind ” published on April 15, 2009, on the Weston A. Price’s foundation website

(4) Kjellström T, Kennedy P, Wallis S, et al. Physical and mental development of children with prenatal exposure to mercury from fish. Stage 2, interviews and psychological tests at age 6. (Report 3642) Stockholm, National Swedish Environmental Protection Board; 1989 apud Singh Shankhla, M; Sharma, K; Kumar, R. – Heavy Metal Causing Toxicity in Human Health

(5) also see meta-analysis, summaries, and studies here – pp. 140 – 143, here , here , and here )

(6) Andrew Hall Cutler in the book “Hair test interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities” (2004) p. 38

(7) Andrew Hall Cutler in the book “Hair test interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities” (2004), p. 60

Material written by Loredana Văcăreanu, Andrei Dragomir, Diane Schuirman-Hagedorn and Marcus Victor Grant.

If you want, you may donate money for Marcus’ recovery through PayPal (e-mail address stefan.alexandrescu [at] yahoo [dot] com), Revolut (00393512394155), or to one of these bank accounts in euro or RON.

Currencies through Paypal: USD, GBP, and euro .

Currencies for Revolut: USD, GBP, euro, RON, and SEK through Revolut. Please mark the donation “for healing protocols” in order to clearly label them.

RON account IBAN RO76BREL0002000530390100, opened at Libra Internet Bank (Romania), SWIFT BRELROBUXXX on the legal name Alexandrescu Ștefan

EURO account IBAN IT15F0503410200000000761985 opened at BPM (Banca Popolare di Milano from Italy), SWIFT:BAPPIT21400 on the legal name Alexandrescu Ștefan

If you need any further information, please call 00393512394155.

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