How It Feels to Live with Mercury Poisoning

From a terrible health problem to worse

This article is a follow-up about my health state from the one written three months ago, How It Feels to Live With a Chronic Tooth Infection.

A few months ago, I became aware that I’m having some teeth issues that involved 2 infections at the root tips of two different teeth, which have in past been “worked” by Romanian dentists. While I have been in agony, a lot of people demeanor the importance of having proper extractions by stating “an extraction is just a simple operation, any dentist can do it, there’s nothing to worry about”.

At the end of July 2022, after having various discussions with dentists, surgeons, oral health specialists, and medics from Italy, Romania, France, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and Ethiopia, I have decided to take the risk and go to one oral surgeon from my area that had zero negative reviews and seemed to recognize his limitations, which I took as a sign of professionalism.

During the extraction of one of the teeth, as a result of serious medical negligence and incompetence, I have been poisoned with a significant quantity of mercury. As a consequence, my health state degraded even further, to the point that I am currently completely unable to properly work, concentrate, or even rest. I will explain how this happened, what is one mistake many dentist clients make and what am I experiencing currently.


Cultural context

In order to understand better what and why it happened, I need to mention that:

I live in Cuneo, Piedmont, in an area where there are not a lot of quality medics. Most of those who are competent, even though they have originated from this area, have moved to other areas of Italy or even to other countries. Therefore, to be the best among idiots and incompetents is not an appropriate recommendation for a medic.

In my discussions with different medics and oral health specialists, I have neglected to make sure that I ask all questions to at least 2 different medics. It seems that one of the most important questions that I forgot to double-check before any extraction is: “according to the x-rays and analysis that were done in my mouth are there any AMALGAM FILLINGS?”. I initially asked this question during the spring of 2022 to dr. 1. After taking a close look at multiple X-rays, CBCTs, and a 3d mapping of my mouth, she concluded with certainty: “no, there are no metal fillings”. Besides utter criminal incompetence (diagnosis-wise, not intervention-wise) for which she is legally liable, what could have explained such a verdict? Apparently, she thought that since no filling was dark colored or obviously metallic and all were white, that means that all the fillings were ceramic. That seems to be a common error that a lot of (unprepared) dentists make.

So what if there is a filling/crown of amalgam painted in white? In case you didn’t know, ALL amalgam fillings are made with mercury, a toxic heavy metal with strong negative effects on human organs. It doesn’t matter if on the surface they look white or silver or black. Such fillings are common in Romania and other poor countries from the former communist countries. The oral health specialists from the North of Italy do not have experience or training in recognizing such materials since in Italy this isn’t a common practice. How did such a filling end up in my mouth and how come I wasn’t aware of the negative consequences?

In late 2009-early 2010, I broke one tooth while eating something inadequately cooked. The dentist who took out the nerve and did the root canal treatment not only did a poor job in consolidating that work on both root canals but also planted a huge capsule of metal/amalgam filling. Before installing that in 2010, I was never informed that would contain mercury and that mercury would pose a health risk in the future.

In the spring of 2022, dr. 1 has been highly recommended as one of the best oral surgeons in the area by another medic I trust. Unfortunately for me, I totally trusted her when based on the diagnosis that she did, I thought that I had no mercury fillings. This information was especially important because if I would have known that I had a mercury filling precisely in one of the teeth that had to be extracted, I wouldn’t have gone to extraction without some precautions. Apparently, the hallucination that dr. 1 had was that the filling from tooth 3.6. could not have been noticed as an amalgam filling. This is NOT an honest mistake. It is a grave, serious mistake that proves she doesn’t know what she is doing and her place is in jail, not in a medical office. I am also confident this can be proved in a criminal court.

So at the end of July 2022, I scheduled myself at the office of dr. 2, also working in Cuneo. Even though dr. 2 consulted the X-rays and did a CBCT before the extraction, he also did not initially notice that was a huge amalgam filling full of mercury, with the thickness of my little finger, until he started trying to drill in it with 3 different drilling devices. After noticing it was not breaking, he concluded that it was a metal filling (although it was white on the outside) and proceeded with the extraction.

It is true that the mercury fillings leak in time and pose the threat of constant SLOW poisoning of the organism in time, but extracting an amalgam filling without proper precautions logically leads to the following chain of consequences that describe FAST poisoning:

the drilling devices produce heating → the mercury gets vaporized into the air → the mercury fumes get inhaled by the medic and the patient → the mercury fumes get into the lungs → from the lungs the mercury passes into the blood → in a few days, the mercury passes from the blood and gets deposited into these categories of organs: 1. brain 2. kidneys 3. liver 4. bones. That’s why testing for mercury done in blood and urine if it’s not done immediately after the exposure, is useless since most of the mercury leaves the blood pretty quickly and gets deposited into these organs.

Therefore, the quantity of mercury that slowly gets drained or vaporized over the years from an amalgam filling into the mouth is very small compared to the huge quantity that gets absorbed during an extraction where the mercury is vaporized.


What does mercury do in anybody’s brain?

The irreversible destruction of the brain tissue doesn’t happen all at once. The symptoms appear in time and they start aggravating a few days after the poisoning exposure, as the mercury from the blood gets into the brain. Mercury is one of those substances that the human body cannot neutralize, eliminate or mitigate on its own without special treatment (heavy metals chelation protocols). If heavy metals such as mercury or aluminum get into the brain and are not chelated, then some of the diseases that come as a natural consequence might be Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, or multiple sclerosis. The higher the quantity/exposure, the more damaging the effects.

Theoretically, the metabolism of the body tries to eliminate the poison through the natural detoxing mechanism that takes place during sleep. But if that can’t be done, then some of the natural consequences are:

  • you cannot rest even if you sleep as much as you should;

  • insomnia (waking up many times and having trouble falling back asleep);

  • intensive sweat around the head area;

  • difficulty falling asleep;

  • waking up even more tired than when you went to bead.

In addition to that, [I wanted to write something here but if forgot what that was]

Here is a full list of symptoms that started aggravating a few days after the extraction/exposure to mercury and how I have been experiencing them. It would seem like a huge coincidence these are both things that start occurring almost immediately after mercury exposure and they are listed as common side effects of mercury poisoning.

  1. Limb numbness. One of the effects that I had to become used to is losing all sensation in one of my limbs (like one arm or one leg) when waking up in the morning. Imagine that you would wake up not feeling one of your arms. You try to grab it and move it using your other arm and you can’t feel anything for several minutes. One might argue that could be a B3 deficiency… except when I’m supplementing with B3! During the day, I often (almost every day) lose sensations in one of the legs and I am unable to move it if I’m not using my hands.

  2. Decreased coordination & visual-spatial awareness which sometimes leads to dizziness. I wake up at night without remembering the layout of my room (I haven’t made any furniture changes this year) and on which part of the bed I have to get down from in order to get to the bathroom. I wrongly estimate distances. My brain orders a fork and my hand pick up a spoon and I realize that only half a minute after that. I have to move slower because I am afraid of losing my balance.

  3. Vision changes. Sometimes, what I see with my eyes rapidly flashes right-left. When this started to happen, I used to get scared. This is not something I’d like to happen when I am on my bike in the street traffic. Now, that it happens more often, I started to get used to it and I don’t get freaked out anymore. In addition, my eyes either sting, burn or I have some sort of pain with them every day.

  4. Mental confusion, and memory holes. I start a conversation with someone. I start an idea. I forget what I was talking about and what was the point of what I was saying. This week, two people said to me I have previously asked them the same question and I didn’t remember me asking or them answering. I mislabel things and then I can’t find them, for example, I wanted to label something as “secondary” and I’ve written “security” instead. I forget to put tasks on my to-do lists. I do tasks and then I forget about doing them. For example, I wanted to copy some files on an SD card. On the second day, I found out the files were already copied so it is obvious I had copied them but I strangely don’t remember doing the operation of copying them. Maybe this would be something common for scattered brains or absent-minded people, but this wasn’t happening to me a month ago even if I had chronic teeth infection. I am having trouble remembering keyphrases, passwords, and some people’s names, which is irritating me and makes me waste a lot of time trying to remember or find alternative routes to what I need. I have a general feeling that a spider web is tangling and crippling my mind. A few years ago people when I was living in Romania, people were traveling from all around the country to learn memory techniques from me.

  5. Excessive fatigue. I can’t properly rest at night even though during the nights it’s not as hot and I ventilate my room day and night. The curious thing is that actually the last two weeks the nights have been colder but I had more insomnia and perspiration (especially on the head). During the day, it takes me a lot more time to do some tasks that require mental focus or attention to detail and I feel tired afterward. For example, a few months ago, I was able to do between 70-100 tasks every day. Now I can barely take care of 10-20 tasks a day. Activities that were simple are now tiring and difficult. For example, this article took me at least twice as long to write as it would have been before.

  6. I seem to be less and less in contact with my emotions. Even if I do exercises that are supposed to put me in contact with my emotions, I seem to not be able to feel anything. Years ago I started a community and some webinars to train the participants’ emotional intelligence.

  7. Irritability is more common, especially since I have to get used to some activities taking more time, such as taking the food and what I need from the kitchen without breaking anything. Then, the task of putting everything in its place is tiresome. I misplace objects. I leave out of the fridge stuff that should be put in the fridge and it spoils. I put other things in the fridge that don’t belong there, such as the salt. All these, again, may seem like small mistakes everyone makes once in a while. But for me, since the mercury exposure, this is a tiresome recurrence.

  8. It gets increasingly difficult for me to express myself. I am finding it hard to find the words for what I am trying to express, both in writing and in speaking. Considering that verbal-linguistic intelligence is one of my highest scoring intelligence types, this is difficult to take.

  9. Excessive nausea and drive to vomit, no matter what or how I eat.

  10. Headaches. This is something new for me. Before getting exposed to mercury, I occasionally had a headache once a few years. Now it happens almost every day. It’s not only a headache but also a lot of intracranial pressure that I feel. Taking vibration massages and acupressure doesn’t really help relieve that, which is unusual.

  11. Decreased cognitive function. A few years ago, I did an IQ test and it said I was having an IQ between 135-154. Now I have to rewind any recording that mentions something about numbers because I have a hard time processing language. I am finding it difficult to listen to or follow more than half an hour from a course. I sometimes have to ask the person I’m talking with to say again what they just said because my processing capacity got left behind. A few years ago people when I was living in Romania, people were traveling from all around the country to learn how to focus better from me.

  12. I sometimes have a strange urge to relax by doing activities that are not urgent nor important but require me to follow certain patterns. For example, I started sorting some nails and screws from some tool boxes on dimensions and put them into their categories; I started retouching some scans that I did a few years ago. The common thread seems to be to do a certain routine or follow a very simple pattern. While I am doing this, I seem to not be able to pay attention to something else. Not so long ago, such activities seemed like boring routine tasks that I would easily do in the background of my mind and I needed to do something else at the same time. This is a common occurrence among people that have been diagnosed with Asperger’s or autism syndrome, which has been proved in criminal court and scientific studies to be linked with mercury poisoning.

  13. Intermittence of symptoms. All of these symptoms don’t all happen at once and they don’t happen all the time. Thus, I might have a normal conversation with a friend on the phone and they couldn’t tell there would be something wrong with me. And then I might have a conversation with another person after an hour and forget what I was saying, miss what they are telling me, or even forget why we got together in the first place.

  14. Increased reliance on written notes. Ever seen the film “Memento (2000)”? I start to feel like its main character. If I don’t write something down, I’ll forget it. This means that I generate a lot more written notes that I later have to process because I cannot rely on my memory anymore. I am also less productive in meetings because of this. A few years ago, I held a profitable training on SMART goal management where I taught for a whole day the participants to be more productive.



Understanding my current situation

These are, of course, only the symptoms I have experienced so far. One of the issues that irritate me is the fact that most people don’t understand what mercury poisoning is and keep on asking me if I’m feeling better. I will explain why that is an utterly wrong question which makes me feel even more alone and distant.I also took another X-ray that shows the situation 3 weeks after the extractions. Here it is:

It seems that doctor R. also forgot something in my bone near my sinus. .

Mercury poisoning doesn’t get better. Without proper treatment, it only gets worse. It doesn’t get better with rest, because, as I explained previously, I can’t really properly rest. So the more mercury eats into my brain, the more exhausted and sick I am.

Under these circumstances:

  • I am unable to continue working in any of the professional initiatives I have started;

  • I am unable to take on any new tasks or clients in regards to marketing, copywriting or any activity that requires high attention to detail, processing of language, making correlations, or learning new things;

  • I am unable to keep on paying any of my current debts and I would appreciate a break in this;

  • I need to focus on following treatment for mercury chelation, which is time and money intensive after I make an initial determination of the mercury levels in my body, which I intend to share as an update to this article;

  • After I get the results of the mineralogram (hair sample analysis done in a lab) measuring the quantity of mercury in my body, I intend to find an attorney to represent me and file criminal charges against dr. 1 and dr. 2., potentially seeking the revoking of their medical license practice rights.


Since the date I wrote this article, I experienced an accentuation in the following symptoms:

  • Mental confusion, and memory holes
  • Excessive fatigue. I get tired after doing tasks that seemed so simple before.
  • less contact with my emotions (except for anger). I caught myself several times looking blank at the people I was talking to without showing any emotion
  • Irritability that leads to (I forgot the word) that state when you feel uneasy about any new change if some small thing doesn’t work
  • headaches with arcs of pain through my sinuses
  • visual pattern following even if inefficient (for example I kept performing one task in one software even if for several files it would be obvious that another program would work better)
  • difficulty in processing notes. for example, yesterday I tried to take a look at the notes I have written during the past week to create my to-do list for this week. I noticed that the writing has become even more illegible and it doesn’t happen often that I don’t understand my own writing. Besides that, I was so tired after just trying to process 10 pages of notes that I left the others for today
  • decreased cognitive function – Finding one section of Upwork where I can modify some parameters seemed so overwhelming that I gave up (such a thing never happened before the extraction). I was also finding it difficult to do some simple calculus with a calculator.

I have also noticed these symptoms (that I haven’t previously mentioned in the article), but I don’t know if they may be related to heavy metals poisoning:

  • going to the bathroom to pee much more often even if I consume the same amount or less water
  • verbal ticks (out of the blue, I say one or a few words that make no sense)
  • pain and burning sensation in my eyes and eyelids, although no change in color perception (yet)
  • sudden attacks of suffocation when I can’t inhale air in my chest for about 10 seconds (not a panic attack), it happens when I’m also having a vomiting sensation after eating or when I’m talking for more than 30 minutes to someone. It happens separately from any heartbeat irregularities.
  • I increased the use of my correlative intelligence skills. I notice more patterns and connections than before but I need to write them down immediately because if not, I forget them.
  • I have a lot of tension in my face muscles especially when I’m doing something that requires a lot of focus or attention to detail or trying to learn something new. I need to do vibration massage several times a week.
  • I started forgetting where some things are visually/spatially in my house or files on my computer (I have a pretty well-organized house and a computer folder structure) examples: “how did this object come to be here? I don’t remember changing its place”, “what do I need to do next with this lemon?”, “Why did I come to the kitchen?”, “What was the title of that file I’m looking for?” “where did I put it?” – this happens every day, several times a day
  • I seem to forget more often words in the current language and I need to use a description with other words of what I want to say. This may lead the person who listens to me to become impatient while listening to me.

I also took these 2 autism online tests by answering only based on the past 4 weeks’ behavior since the mercury exposure and they both suggest an involution towards Asperger’s syndrome which would seem to be consistent with a heavy metal intoxication.

I have previously done one of these tests and it showed that I didn’t previously have neither autism nor Asperger’s syndrome


How can you support me

  1. Please don’t ask me how I feel or if I feel better. This irritates me (see explanation above).

  2. I am currently seeking some medical expertise and investigations that I will share in the following weeks. These will document an objective interpretation of the symptoms I have described. Feel free to check this post out in September for updates. 

If you need any further information, please call 00393512394155.

PS: Share this post with those who you think might need it! A lot of people allow dentists to drill in their amalgam fillings in order to replace them without taking proper precautions.

Marcus Victor Grant

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