Video Recommendations for Understanding the Israel-Palestine conflict

On the 5th of June 1967, 55 years ago, the 6 days War started. It was just one of the many within the history of the modern conflict between Israel and Palestine. I have always considered this topic a very interesting and tense one. I would like to share with you on this occasion some of the materials I have found relevant on this topic.

What You REALLY Need to Know about Israel

Michel Collon, the French journalist, comments and exposes in a brief time important elements about Israel, making a synthesis of the uncomfortable truths in the current geopolitical situation. His activity in waking up the public attention is impressive. His ideas are worth listening to. You don’t have to watch the video, you may just listen to what he says in the background. If you find what he says interesting, tell others!

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Paradise Now

Nominated for the best foreign film at the Oscars in 2006 (and winner for the same category at the Golden Globes and National Board of Review 2006), three awards at the Berlin International Film Festival (2005), European Film Award for best screenplay (2005), winner at Independent Spirit Award, this is the story of two friends from childhood, which get involved into a Palestinian bombing operation on Israeli ground.

More of a psychological insight than a political movie, it really keeps focus on its main characters, making you think, and understand better some of the issues of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The movie has been financed by the EU and supported by the US, but it keeps a kind of objective perspective on the topic.

There are a lot of things that are not told, which are not shown, but the fine observer can discover them among others. The movie takes a look at the landscape and shows us how it does not work. Not a masterpiece, but certainly a movie worth seeing and being analyzed. A film that sets its own rhythm, and makes you feel the characters.

My rating: 7 / 10 (Great feature)


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Occupation 101



Israels gains in the six day war in english
Israels gains in the six day war in English by Zvikorn, CC-By 4.0

Marcus Victor Grant

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