Contribute Now to Sustain the CraftLift program

CraftLift is a program created by joining the efforts of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and leaders in support of Romanian pupils who are looking forward to making a meaningful contribution by supporting a better future for adolescents who have already proven their dedication to performance.

I, Marcus Victor Grant, am the founder of this program I have been running since 2021. Why? Because whatever we reward grows. If we only reward poverty, then we foster poverty. But if we reward performance, we encourage more excellence in a world that needs development to survive.

The first cause this program supports and where most of the collected sponsorships go is rewarding Romanian high schoolers who get top grades with relevant and valuable books that prepare them for real-life in society. These books are top-level and highly valued. The books cover topics such as communication, entrepreneurship, financial education, and success, selected by directors, educational counselors, librarians, professors, and other specialists.

To this end, a series of technological, economic, and craft high schools from Romania have been selected on the grounds of management or specialty involvement from their representatives, who care about rewarding students and preparing them for their careers and lives. These schools do not have funds for the book fund, but they have dedicated people who get involved every year in actively supporting high schoolers’ motivation and career development.

Tens of sponsors from the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Finland, Albania, Macedonia, and Romania have already contributed in the past 12 months to support hundreds of pupils from 20+ Romanian schools.

The sponsorships work the following way: every sponsor chooses a sum of money number of pupils to support, and they send the funds through a way of their choice (possibilities: card payment, bank wire transfer, PayPal, Revolut). Donations can be made in euros, USD, GBP, or RON. The sponsor may also choose the book and the school (from the list). Then when there are enough sponsorships for at least one student in every class from one school, a package of books is sent (usually at least 20). The sponsor then receives written notification of confirmation in which the school representative acknowledges receiving the sponsored books, based on the accompanying document of the books package.

If there is enough time, several positions inside each school are rewarded. Usually, there are at least 3 positions (students) being rewarded in each class from every school year in every high school, based on the decreasing order of the best grades. There are two possible moments when students get rewarded: during the school year ending festivities in June/July or during school year opening festivities (early September). Unfortunately, it is too late to sponsor the children to receive books by the summer festivities, so the next deadline is August 20th, 2022, for the books that will be offered in the fall.

Currently, at the time I am writing this article, the situation is the following:

Most sponsors who contributed during the previous school year either did not contribute or contributed less. As a result, most schools that have been at least partially sponsored during the 2020-2021 schoolyear are at risk of not receiving anything for the fall opening to reward the students who performed in the 2021-2022 school year. Most of these schools are having schoolyear-ending festivities during the summer and need books to reward pupils during June. Only one school has announced festivities during the fall of 2022 for the 2021-2022 school year.

I present the following table to understand that without your contribution, the students from these schools will receive just a colored piece of paper as acknowledgment for their best efforts in learning in harsh conditions and proving their intelligence with hard work. Last year, these schools distributed 275 book copies to their students. Yet, without your help, this year, they will receive zero books for the fall.

Romanian school name

Book copies received in 2021

# students to reward September 2022

  1. Dragomir Hurmuzescu București



  1. Constantin Brâncoveanu Dej, Cluj



  1. Petru Poni Iași



  1. Mihai Busuioc Pașcani



  1. Dimitrie Leonida Iași



  1. Petru Rareș Târgu Frumos



  1. Petru Rareș Bacău



  1. Elie Radu București



  1. Virgil Madgearu, Roșiorii de Vede



  1. Emanuil Ungureanu Timișoara






So, if you intend to make a financial contribution, please send an e-mail to [at] Gmail [dot] com and specify the currency, the amount, and how you want to make your payment. You may also get in touch with me at 00393512394155 or 0040729034883.

If you have or work for a company in the UK that would like to receive a tax deduction based on the amount given, then you may make your contribution through a local NGO.

Besides those made by companies from the UK through the UK NGO, all payments are made to an individual bank account as sponsorships for the CraftLift program and must be appropriately labeled during the money transfer. Please leave an e-mail address to get confirmation of the book received from the school representatives.

You may read a more detailed presentation of the program on this automatic English translation of a Romanian post.

Testimonials from high school directors:

”Moreover, I appreciate the involvement and attention paid to the action started to sponsor our school, thus developing our students’ interest in knowledge. For us, this action is a blessing, all the more so as students will be rewarded at the festivity, and motivated to develop both professionally and personally, but especially to “taste” success in school.”

Georgiana Dana Rus, highschool director at “Mihai Viteazul”, Zalău, Romania

”We appreciate the fact that you did not give up, but believed in our chance and yours. Certainly, our students will be very happy. Thank you very much for your involvement, for your perseverance and for choosing us! We wish you much success in everything you do from now on!”

Elena Panțiru, high school director at” Mihai Busuioc”, Pașcani, Romania

PS: Share this post with those you think might want to contribute!

Marcus Victor Grant

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