Free Psychometric Assessment

Want to get to know yourself better?

Do you want an extremely precise and deep mirror of your personality, as you probably haven’t received before?

Do you want to know your strengths and weaknesses in a thorough “x-ray”, as you have rarely or never received before?

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, then there is no reason not to benefit from this free evaluation!

What do you have to do?

  • to receive by e-mail 4 necessary questionnaires to be completed in electronic format (three as an attachment and one with a link) to be completed in English. There are a few hundred questions about your preferences, thoughts, and reactions. Working time: 2-3 hours;
  • send ALL these raw results to [at] gmail [dot] com ;
  • to receive the results scored for these tests at the address from which you sent;
  • to receive personalized one on one interpretation of these tests (lasts about 4 hours and is done virtually, via skype or zoom);
  • after the evaluation, if you want, you can receive an offer for what you want to change from what you don’t like and how you can amplify the already existing strengths.


If you do this, then your benefits are:

  • you will receive a complete, complex and profound interpretation of your personality;
  • you will deepen your most important subconscious values, how they are ranked and how they fall into different levels;
  • you will understand how your preferences, inclinations and skills relate to representative standards of English-speaking populations;
  • you will understand how much of your potential you use at each level of values ​​and what prevents you from moving to the next level;
  • you will know what the main causes of your blockages are, how they manifest and how they affect you and those around you;
  • you will receive a personalized, free interpretation of your results;
  • you will get to know yourself better so that you can update your goals in personal and professional development;
  • you will better understand how others perceive you, why and how different or close this is to who you are and who you intend to become.


What you want to avoid by doing this:

  • you will stop “blinding” in the closet with resources, you will be able to “turn on the light”;
  • you will set aside semi-scientific, unprofessional or decades-old tools and benefit from three questionnaires that have already been tested by tens of thousands of participants;
  • you will eliminate any doubts about what you have achieved in your personal development and what you have not;
  • you will cease to be ignorant of the root of your challenges and how it manifests itself again and again in other forms.


What this assessment will NOT do for you:

  • it won’t give you all the answers to any questions you may have about yourself;
  • it will not provide you with the means to use this information;
  • it will not give you advice or suggestions on what and how to do;
  • it will not give you career advice.

For concrete steps on how you can use these results for yourself, we can have a discussion about how you want to change quickly and efficiently for your future.


What you will actually receive are:

  • scores and hierarchies resulting from completing all the 4 questionnaires
  • correlating all these tests in an excel that provides an overview;
  • interpretation in a detailed meeting.

This evaluation service is completely free and confidential. The information you share is used to understand their correlations and meanings. The results files that you receive receive confidential names and are stored on the consultant’s computer in an encrypted virtual partition that only he has access to.


Who handles the application, scoring and interpretation of these questionnaires?

Marcus Victor Grant :

  • NLP practitioner and personal development consultant since 2005;
  • master in managerial communication and human resources;
  • master’s degree in counseling and career guidance;
  • trainer for hundreds of students since 2005;
  • experience in the application, construction and interpretation of psychometric instruments since 2006;
  • author of “NLP Modeling, a Fast Track to Excellence” and hundreds of articles with over 1 million views;
  • founder of Schema Dynamics Programming. 

What do you need to do to receive this service now ?

  • Write an e-mail to [at] gmail [dot] com with the title “I want SDP evaluation”
  • Fill in the questionnaires received by answering the questions based on the instructions and send the raw results back to the same address to receive the interpretation

Write now! Increase your self-knowledge!

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