On the Creative Vision

Nothing can, and no one has the right to limit the human spirit and its inner strength, which each person strengthens on the bricks of their gifts. God lends a hand to every person, no matter the path they are on. A person needs to see in themselves everything they can and believe that they want to do and try not only to do what they like but to like what they do because if they do something without cherishing its substance, they depart from the power of seeing the beauty of the world. They will see it in the light of a limitation they have chosen for themselves.

Many tend to accept what is imposed on them, deluding that they are their own choices. Unfortunately, this encourages those who prefer to believe that choice is an illusion between those who have the power and those who do not.

In one case, those who have the power dream without doing anything convinced of their implicit success, while in the other case, those who do not have the power dream without doing anything confident of their implicit failure.

In fact, where does your fear of making your dreams come actually stem from? From the lack of faith, courage, willpower, work, dedication, perseverance, vision, and understanding. In no case from the lack of qualification, compliance with the imposed norms, knowledge, or money.

I allow the wickedness to paraphrase, in this context, with bitter irony, the words of Martin Luther King, jr: “I had a dream”.

What is common in the examples of both American and Romanian society? The gift, the grace, the talent, the inclination, whatever it is called, is inherent to every human being. Many are called. Everyone, really. Some of them are chosen [ro, blog] in the sense that they act following what they can do. Relative to “many“, these are “few“.

The Gnostic would say that death is the only real way out of reality, which is why he imaginatively creates worlds in which escape is glorious.

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The Christian, however, remembers that the world is not a prison. Still, he has a space on the road for salvation with others, so he is concerned with cultivating his humility and using his knowledge as a gift, like a lamp, illuminating the path of others.

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Do not choose what does not represent you, do not accept a vision imposed on you; build it!

Do not limit yourself to your vision; look at the world through the eyes of others, and you will see things in their diversity and beauty!

You can perceive something as beautiful while someone else sees it as ugly. This is because beauty is revealed, like ugliness, only to a heart capable of perceiving it. So a man can genuinely sense the ugly as long as he can compare it with the beautiful and realize that it has no way of affecting it if his heart is full of light.

Happiness is not an abstract concept; it is NOW; just imagine all the things you want and ask yourself if God loved you more if you had them than he loves you now. Remember to also inspire others to cherish the present moment; it is the one that matters; after this moment, it will be in the past. With each passing moment, you can do more and more good things. What have you done in the last seconds? Or minutes? Or days? Every moment you haven’t lived is a missed chance to be happy. Maybe God will forgive you for this, but will you be able to forgive yourself? Just think of the alternative: to wake up every day and remember that you are living an existence you do not want only because you did not dare to build what you dreamed of. In 100 years, your dreams will have died with you if you didn’t know how to shape them.

An artist creates what he sees in his mind and what he feels in his soul, the mind is only an instrument for communicating ideas, but thoughts come from the heart. What takes shape by way of creation is just an expression of the artist’s work, but how beautiful is his work when he believes in what he does! How beautiful is his career when he is living in that moment! What he lives then belongs to him; what he has built in his soul cannot be scattered by the wind; it will be his own forever; no one and nothing can take what he felt.

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The same is true of any other work in which man invests ACTION. Action leads to motivation, while motivation leads to action. Happiness is the state experienced by someone who has chosen to be faithful to their conscience, heart, and inner being (and not to the programmed one).

Everything lies in the power of seeing the world through the eyes of a child. In their dreams lies the power to build happiness.

Vision. Inspire. Think globally.

Thank you!

Happy choices!

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2004-present Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “Despre viziunea creatoare, “previously published by Marcus Victor Grant in Romanian on the 3rd of April 2015 on Discerne. Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved. Initially written in 2004. Updated in 2022. 

The materials on this blog are subject to this disclaimer.

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