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Over time, I have seen many documentaries on various aspects of marketing, which is natural since I am a marketer and a film enthusiast. Of these, I would like to bring to your attention 4 documentaries that I found worthy of being remembered. I will start with the one that had its premiere about 10 years ago at the cinema.

1. Metrobranding. A Love Story Between Men and Objects (2010)

Metrobranding relates to branding a place or a geographical area. This is one of the most interesting Romanian economic documentaries I have seen. It tells the story of a series of excellent products Romania used to produce during communism. Romania was exporting tennis shoes, bicycles, mattresses,  lightbulbs, motorcycles, and other products, which are way better compared to the present-day product. This is how consumerism destroyed great products that would have made Romania competitive worldwide. As Romanian, I felt deep sorrow watching this documentary. However, it is a must-see to understand communism, consumerism, and Romanian history and culture.

The documentary offers a very natural and creative approach, solidly investigated, which makes you understand both the economic and historic perspectives. You may watch it and take notes about making a good documentary on a complex issue, even with a low budget.

My rating: 6 / 10.


The idea is not new. Although the products manufactured in communism were not so diverse in serving the needs of the consumers, many of them were more resistant, which is something you might understand by seeing the documentary.

2. The Lightbulb Conspiracy. The Untold Story of Planned Obsolescence.


Full movie


3. The Merchants of Cool

This great PBS documentary focuses on how marketers hunt for what is considered “cool” by youngsters to sell them products, services, and experiences that will impact them and determine them to become ambassadors of one brand. The advertisers have an eye for this kind of thing and go to the target by spending millions of dollars on finding out the first what would be the next hype: what would satisfy them to become fidelity customers and to recommend the company’s products further to their friends. These kinds of research are very profitable. So, if you want to know the younger generations, the marketers see where you must search for that information! They know it in detail!

My rating: is 9/10 (perfect)

4. Darkstars

If you want to understand how Hollywood productions manipulate the spectators’ minds, this is one exciting feature. Not really a documentary but rather a voice-over narrating and explaining different film scenes.

The approach is very well documented. Once you understand the structure, you will be impressed by how fast you can recognize what is “hidden”. And, in case you didn’t know, you will find out some interesting things about how Hollywood presented to the public as a script for a TV episode, what will happen a few months later, on September 11th, 2001.

If you have 45 minutes to see beyond the obvious, this presentation might change how you watch films…


Marcus Victor Grant

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