My 20 Styles of Writing

I love to write. Actually, I’m addicted to it. I know how to write. Almost half of the money I ever made in my career was by writing something for a specific audience. That includes writing & publishing books, blogging, copywriting, writing projects, promotional articles, and working for periodicals. I consider it one of my native talents, which I practiced before high school. By that, I’m not referring to composing homework for school. I started writing because I loved it. At first, my work sucked. Many, many years. But then, I think it was in grade school towards high school my writings began to have certain qualities. My first job came when I was 15. Guess what!? My job was to write. My second job was at 17. I was editor-in-chief of the school annual. My first client as a paid consultant, when I was 20, asked for a copywriting task. More about the whole history here.

So, from this perspective, of having a certain degree of talent, experience, and recognition, I have reached a global conclusion that I can write in many, many styles. Here are just 20 of them, the most used, and with examples:


1. Scientifical/Analytic. Research abstract style, with references. High level for experts & specialists.


The Psychometric Measurement of the Self-Esteem [en] / Măsurarea psihometrică a stimei de sine [RO]

The HR Evaluation through Graphological Analysis and Psychometrically through Metaprograms

Electoral Brand Study [ro] the study, the conclusions, the presentation

Recognition: participated in multiple University conferences. Awarded 1st place at a management-marketing competition in 2005.

Background: 3 years of experience in research (check resume here), specialized master’s degree working with psychometrics, 6 months internship in a professional research group that was building evaluation tools in an organizational context. I also published some articles in a popular psychology magazine, the Romanian version of Psychology Today, when it was the top in its niche.


2. Hyperlink/Analytic.

Description: a General review of a particular subject, well-documented opinions, argued through many links which invite the reader to find out more. This kind of article provides nodes of research. It provides good use to get a general review on a particular subject.


The Romanian Market of Compensations and Benefits

Securitatea, între iluzie şi control [RO]

Cronica unui campionat anunţat [ro, part I, part II],

Recognition: Won the Romanian National Blogging Championship for 2012 with the article “Cronica unui campionat anunţat” [ro, part I, part II], a SWOT analysis for a business model.

Background: High analytic skills, a specialist in efficient learning, University education in marketing, communication, and PR.


3. Administrative/Technical in commercial/judicial aspects

Description: Articles about procedures that tell you how to get things done efficiently and effectively when dealing with companies/authorities.


Etica in designul si structurarea posturilor [RO]/The Ethics in Job Design & Structure[en]

TVA [ro]

Obligativitatea fişei postului [ro]

Recognition: 10k+ blog post views only for this kind of article

Background: 13+ years of experience in small enterprise administration


4. Explanatory (for popularization)

Description: Writing down-to-earth personal development articles for usual people to explain some concepts.


Beneficiile iertării [RO] / Benefits of Forgiveness [en]

La ce ne ajută să cunoaştem şi să înţelegem metaprogramele [RO] / What Do Knowing and Understanding Metaprograms Help Us With? [en] [link valid de la 19.8.2021]

Lista învingătorului [RO] / The Winner’s List [en]

Recognition: Won in 2007 the award for best personal development article [ro] at the only contest of this kind in Romania in that year, for the Romanian article “The Winner’s list“.

Background: some courses in psychology, 2 master degrees in HR, Bachelor’s degree in communication and PR, NLP Practitioner


5. Embedded (text+ pictures + video + links)

Description: Combining multiple types of resources to create an emotional experience for the reader. Also, very appropriate for commercial posts, when I advertise something.


Risipa de timp transformată în artă – analiza filmului ”Felicia, inainte de toate” [RO]/ Time Dissipating Made into an Art [en]

Ce sărbătorim de Sf. Nicolae [ro]

Contribuie în Şcoala pentru o Românie Verde pentru a susţine să planteze 1 milion de copaci în România! [ro]

Recognition: Won 2nd place for a series of articles about the future of formal education at a Blogal Initiative contest in June 2013.  One of them used an embedded style.

Background: 12+ years of blogging, 4+ years of copywriting


6. Critical review over books & films

Description: Reviews that appreciate my various opinions about the film from an argued position.


The NewsRoom

Experimental” Tryout

Recenzia cărţii „Pentru un ideal comun”, de Călin Georgescu, [ro, part I, part II]

Recenzia cărţii „Psihologia poporului român” de Daniel David [ro]

Periplu artistic francez [ro]

Poziţia observatorului în cinematograful original de autor. Analiză pe patru filme: Un etaj mai jos, Sicario, Bucureşti Non-Stop şi Moartea domnului Lăzărescu, un making of. [ro]

Recognition: Official blogger at the international documentary film festival ASTRA Sibiu, 2015; I got invitations to watch premieres for free and receive free books from publishing houses to review them. When I was in school, I was Olympics in Romanian and participated in English scholar contests.

Background: Work experience as a film & book reviewer for multiple publications, some courses in film directing, screenwriting, and acting; worked for 3 movies.


7. Lists of tips & tricks/pieces of advice

Description: Tops, lists of articles, lists of recommendations, tips, tricks, tactics, and advice are presented punctually to accompany the reader in doing something practical in a particular area. A “how-to” guide is presented as a recipe. Generally, this kind of post is straightforward to read, very attractive, and very socially bookmarked.


Comportamentul pe Twitter (Dacă eşti la început) [RO] / Twitter Behavior (If You Just Started) [en]

How to Promote: Great Video Examples, Selected by Marcus Victor Grant

Ce să faci şi ce să nu faci în legătură cu FRICA şi TEAMA [RO] / DOs and DON’Ts about Fear and Apprehension [en]

10 obiceiuri sănătoase despre care toată lumea ştie că sunt bune și rar le face [RO] / 10 Activities That Everybody Knows Are Healthy, But Few Make a Habit of Them [en]

Recognition: Won in 2007 the award for best personal development article at the only contest of this kind in Romania in that year, for the Romanian article “The Winner’s List“. You may read here the English version: The Winner’s List

Background: Many years of study & practice in Marketing, Public Relations, Blogging


8. Motivational

Description: Articles that inspire the readers to take action to follow their dreams beyond being lists of tips & tricks.


Which Are Your Values for Success?

Cum să-ţi păstrezi echipa motivată [ro]

Recognition: I’ve been invited or accepted to write for numerous blogs & websites. I was invited to publish in Psychology Today/Psihologia Azi, the best magazine in the premium section of the Romanian market.

Background: I read many motivational books, went to a lot of public speaking, which promoted an optimistic perspective, and participated in lots of training for personal development.


9. Emotionally manipulative

Description: A post that conveys an idea in a very strong, maybe moralizing fashion, using emotional arguments and developing a train of thought that is expressed subjectively but also with many arguments.


A manipula sau a nu manipula, aceasta este întrebarea [RO] / To Manipulate Or Not to Manipulate, That Is the Question

Recognition: this kind of article typically gets shared and viewed by lots of people – not as much as lists & tips, and tricks posts, but still, because of the catchy title they must have, they attract attention. They are very niched, and the reactions can be very strong – like or dislike.

Background: I studied and applied enough persuasion to write a book about it, which was really appreciated by Romanian specialists


10. Sarcastic

Description: Articles that present with humor systems of beliefs I consider wrong/not functional. I state in these articles a position in which I apparently say one thing and mean the other.

Examples: Fend Your Back from Non-Sense: Get Value!

Cum să înveţi în România, în ciuda educaţiei formale, partea I partea II [RO]

Apartamentul horror [ro]

Recognition:19% CTR (click-through rate) for the first article in this sublist.

Background: Sarcasm is based on the ability to communicate using inferential language instead of literal language. It’s pretty challenging to be sarcastic in different languages, as sarcasm doesn’t get easily translated. I have studied NLP Practitioner and have been especially interested in constructing and analyzing metaphors. Also, my early experience in Journalism, blogging since 2007, and 5 university years in Communication and Public Relations significantly contributed to this.


11. Metaphors

Description: Little inspirational stories, most often written by unknown authors, found over the internet, convey a particular moral. I can also create metaphors, but usually, I prefer to use others’ metaphors. I also use metaphors, anecdotes, and jokes to illustrate specific ideas.

Examples (only in Romanian):

Şcoala pentru căţei [RO]/ The Puppy School [en]

Cum să faci compot de mere sau cum puterea magică a aşteptărilor poate transforma realitatea – o reţetă originală [ro]

Recognition: I was invited to publish a guest post about building metaphors on a blog. It got published, but it’s not online anymore.

Background: NLP practitioner.


12. Commercials

Description: Short-written scripts for promotional use, with dialogue and narrative

Examples :

De la artă la faptă [ro]

Mecanisme de apărare [RO]/ Defence Mechanisms

Recognition: Awarded “most original psychology work” in 2005 for a promo script that would advertise a campaign against domestic violence, which also participated in other conferences and was later published in “Psihologia Azi”, which was then the best magazine in the premium section on the Romanian market (second in this sublist).

Background: Studied film & commercial screenwriting. I have been part of various theater companies for 5 years. 4+ years of copywriting experience


13. Direct, persuasive copy text

Description: Promotional texts written to promote and sell a particular product/service.


Căile persuasiunii în negociere (2012), carte de Marcus Victor Grant [RO]

Recognition: clients and promotional contest organizers. I also wrote copywriting for various clients, which is not online anymore. You may read here some testimonials from such customers.

Background: Copywriting experience since 2005. Bachelor’s graduate in Communication and Public Relations, majoring in Branding.


14. Personal narrative

Description: The use of a personal life experience as a central point to draw general conclusions on the cause or the effects of a particular system.


The Impact of Negative Feedback

20+ Years of Publishing: A Story with Very Little Storytelling But Lots of Lessons

Recognition: Won an award for the series of articles published on my Romanian blog about my high school period. The campaign was a promotional advertisement for Profi Rom Food and Vodafone România. In addition, I successively wrote and published a book developed from two of those awarded campaigns. The book got 5 stars out of 5 at

Background: Film & commercial screenwriting courses.


15. Imaginative/Idealistic situation

Description: The envisionment of something which is not absolute but is attainable after some time – also a very powerful approach to use in advertising, which potential customers might find easy to relate to.

Examples: My Dream House

Toată lumea vrea iPhone? Şi eu, şi eu! [ro]

Recognition: An award for most original work in psychology in 2005 at The National Conference of Psychology and Educational Sciences.

Background: I have had a generous imagination since I was little, but I also took 2 years of creativity training and participated in innovation contests.


16. Social media event blogvertising & live blogging/tweeting

Description: I participate in a live, offline-based event about the social media &internet business in Romania, and I write about what is happening there as it is happening. This differs from the event review done after I participated in the event.

Examples: Live Blogging at Webstock 2010

Live Blogging Netcamp 2012

Live blogging despre gala decernării premiilor Gopo [ro]

Recognition: Been invited to events as a blogger, for covering and blogvertising the event (examples: Webstock, Netcamp, ASTRA film festival).

Background: Experience in blogging since 2007.


17. Event review

Description: The article was written after the end of the event I participated in.

Examples: The Agencies’ Night

Bune practici în HR – despre autocunoaştere în HR, cu Mihaela Gînju şi Gabriela Tokacs – 18 martie 2015 [ro]

Recognition: thanks and congratulations from different other participants; a television transmitted live from one of the events I organized and promoted.

Background: Experience in blogging since 2007 and 5 university years in Communication and Public Relations significantly contributed to this


18. Friendly/funny style (without sarcasm)

Description: Article is written in a likable, occasionally funny style that invites the reader to relax and enjoy.


The Expendables 2 (2012) [ro]

Recognition: According to the VIA CS (Values in Action Character Strengths) test took 2021, my sense of humor is 3rd most relevant quality I hold.

Background: a sense of humor.


19. Interviews

Description: I select professionally successful people and ask them various questions about their profession and experience.

Examples (only in Romanian):

Web developer, economist şi cântăreaţă: interviu cu Bianca Roxana Ionel [ro]

Interviu cu Paul Ardeleanu, specialist in public speaking [ro]

Recognition: I was considered for the key position as a professional interviewer for an unsuccessful entrepreneurial project.

Background: experience in journalism and 5 university years in Communication and Public Relations.


20. Your style

Description: Whatever your favorite writing style may be, I can write in that fashion, or even better, to your clients’ language, to transmit  (almost) any promotional message you might have.

Example: This article is an excellent example of presenting various styles, although it certainly has the following characteristics: it is a lengthy, structured, and promotional list of how I can use my talents to write about you, your company, your ideas, your services, and your product when you will become my client. You can pick one of these styles, leave it to me, or ask for a different thing altogether.

Recognition: The people who see and appreciate this blog post will contact me by writing an e-mail to Mr. grants. office [at] Gmail [dot] com

Background: Over the years that have passed, I have endorsed, advertised, and/or sold the following types of products/services (in alphabetical order of sub-categories):

Physical products

Services & activities not requiring a computer

Computer-based services & activities

Healthy habits & various causes


Books (printed, e-books, audiobooks) and magazines


Contests and championships

Doing various physical exercises


Cleaning products

Consulting, advising & counseling


Domestic Violence reduction

Institutional campaigns



Design & designers

Ecological campaigns


Drawings, paintings, and painters


Personal branding

Helping gifted children


Electronic devices


Psychometric tools & research

Human rights & political petitions


Graphological analysis

Software & Programming

Quitting smoking





Non-formal training, workshops, courses, and classes


Personal branding

Websites & blogs

Personal development systems (NLP, Transactional Analysis, DeBono Thinking)

Artificial Intelligence software

Photography & photographers

Psychometric tools & research

Management performance

Marcus Victor Grant,


Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2021-present, all rights reserved. 

The materials on this blog are subject to this disclaimer.

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