Best Articles Of Marcus Victor Grant Published in 2020

A habit I got in blogging is sharing a list of articles sorted on different criteria. As it is the end of the year, I am sharing what I consider the best articles I have published this year, either in Romanian or English.

Some of the articles are available in both languages, so you will find links to read them in this post. The article titles are listed from 1 (the best) to 10 out of 50+ that I have written of those published this year either on Discerne in Romanian or on Analytic Vision in English. The top excludes a series of more than 2 articles and articles written by others and published by me.

  1. Defence Mechanisms (12.5.2020) translation of the article Mecanisme de apărare
  2. In Search of Lost Listening (01.11.2020) translation of the article În căutarea ascultării pierdute
  3. The Winner’s List (17.12.2020) translation of the article Lista învingătorului
  4. 7 Myths about Jobs (22.1.2020) translation of the article 7 mituri cu privire la slujbe
  5. The Psychological Leadership Games and the Pathology of Mistrust (31.03.2020) translation of the article Jocurile psihologice cu șefia și patologia neîncrederii
  6. Oglinzi imaginate ale absolutului (7 iulie 2020) translation of the article Imagined Mirrors of the Absolute
  7. How to Enjoy Life While Planning (6.1.2020) translation of the article Cum să te bucuri de viață în timp ce planifici
  8. Ilegitim (2016) de Adrian Sitaru. Recenzie de Marcus Victor Grant (12 octombrie 2020) (available only in Romanian)
  9. Dificil” ar trebui să fie o plimbare în parc. Aceasta este o misiune imposibilă. (29 februarie 2020) (available only in Romanian)
  10. Zece mituri despre independența financiară și adevărul care te va elibera, partea 1partea 2 translation of the article Ten myths about financial independence and the truth that will set you free., part I and part II.

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