9 Serious Reasons to Be Employed

In my previous article, I wrote about a few of the collective myths and hallucinations that some people are spreading around about the importance of jobs. Here are a few severe and natural reasons adults decide to get employed.

1. Usually, somebody who works in an organization, whether a small firm or a corporation, a non-governmental organization or a state institution, has (at least theoretically) several resources available (material, human, technological) to achieve performance by working synergically with other people towards joint objectives. Suppose these positions are chosen according to the candidates’ talents, inclinations, and skills. In that case, there are good chances that these develop in the long run in their professional and personal lives.

2. Work satisfaction can be greater when a larger community of people benefits from the results, probably in the volunteering projects dedicated to vulnerable target groups or in the multinational corporations implementing training or communication programs internationally.

3. A job can also provide a strong affiliation, a working environment with people willing to work as a team (which is hardly achieved by working on your own), a stimulating atmosphere, and a confirmation of the professionalism and status which have been earned with hard and preferably intelligent work.

4. A specialist job in an exact niche could put those wanting to become experts in the right place to have a significant impact. Thus, in corporations combining several components, there is enough room for those wishing to become hyper-specialists and those with transdisciplinary skills.

5. The work and the possibility of performing it under certain conditions can be a reward. For instance, let’s take the video game testers or those making commercials; however, these examples are not carved in stone. Anybody can be in love with their work if they do it passionately, and a well-chosen job can be the right place for it. If you think that by doing what you like, you won’t work for a single day in your life, then it doesn’t really matter where you work or how much you make as long as you can do your job!

6. Learning from experience and models can be essential in anybody’s professional development, even if they want to open a similar business or advance their career! Thus, in this situation, managers and colleagues must be willing to share their experience, vision, and habits by employing mentoring, training, and job shadowing. That feedback is sent in a manner that stimulates learning.

7. For some, the challenge may come from taking and fulfilling the responsibility degree that comes with work. However, challenging work is praised more, which is why it must be fulfilled at standards stimulating the individuals and constantly challenging them to better themselves to be even more useful to others.

8. The specialized training provided by some organizations can be a good enough reason to obtain recruits and trustworthy employees willing to get knowledge through the training sessions and programs being run in corporations and sometimes NGOs.

9. A company or job can have unique features that meet certain personality traits. For instance, the shy ones can work in the back office, those displaying extrovert characteristics can work in sales or the public relations service, and those who like to travel can become tour guides, etc.

Thus, in my view, such reasons are relevant motivations why somebody who chooses an employee position in somebody else’s company wants that job or a similar one in the long run. The reasons mentioned in the first category, i.e., the myths, pertain to the stories meant to scare young people and told by older people, parents, some teachers, and those who have succeeded in this system for one of the fundamental reasons but hallucinate about having a different motivation.

Marcus Victor Grant

Text copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2018-present. Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “9 motive serioase pentru a fi angajat “published initially by Marcus Victor Grant in Romanian on the 17th of April 2019 on Discerne. Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved

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