Do You Want Development? Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Research in the USA indicates that couples’ most frequently used expression before getting married is “I love you”. However, the most commonly used word after getting married is “Where is the remote?”. Has it ever happened to you that you find a specific thing absolutely normal and consider it your own?

Well, it means that you were in your comfort zone, where nothing that would help you grow could happen to you. However, I have bad news for you… if you read this article and intend to develop yourself personally or professionally, you must make a radical change…

You must get out of your comfort zone!


What does comfort bring to you, after all?
Once upon a time, an old man (or an old woman, if you prefer), said to their grandchildren while lying on their deathbeds: “There have always been two children in my life who used to tell me different things. One told me to choose the safe way, bringing about the comfort that many of us want. The other child urged me to take a chance, to do something new that could change my life and raise it to a much more profound and valuable experience. Each time, I carefully weighed the variants and chose the safe one. Thus, I met a wonderful woman, i.e., your grandmother/grandfather, and I had a life full of beautiful memories. HOWEVER… I never dared to pay attention to that little boy/girl inside that wanted to accomplish something unexpected, something that would exceed the safety zone that I had gotten used to….”
And the old man/woman gave their last breath….
The truth is that in each and every one of us, there is a little boy/girl that urges us to exceed our limits, but it seems more comfortable to us to do what currently consumes fewer resources… But remember… do you prefer to eat an elephant in the morning or in the evening, if you know that you still have to eat it anyway?
I have heard that hell is not for the people God cannot forgive but for those who cannot forgive themselves. Hell is somewhere, at a particular time, where and when it is too late to do anything. I don’t know how accurate this idea is considered to be, but it seemed interesting to me.
One of the movies that excellently describes this compromise and its effects on the lives of the people that choose an inconvenient existence is
The Age of Innocence (1993), directed by Martin Scorsese. The drama of the characters is shrouded in the glamour and compromises that dry their souls out, in an existence that is consumed more and more artificially, burning with regrets and awareness of the choices with which they had been made. I recommend you to watch this movie paying attention to the characters and details that excellently depict the idea “could’ve, should’ve, would’ve”.

What do you do? Do you take the subway or let yourself be run over by it?
At a certain point, a little girl was in a subway station. She had just missed the subway by a whisker and started to cry in a corner. A man approached her, asking why she was crying. The little girl answered that she just had to be on the subway.
“The one that had just left?”
“No, the one that left 5 minutes ago”
“Well, another subway passed since you have been sitting here crying. And if you continue to do so, you will miss the next one, too”
People sometimes stumble over the truth, but they often dust themselves off and continue their trip!!!
I was with a friend on the subway, it was late at night, and I didn’t think it would still come. Then, at a particular time, my friend started to complain: “The subway is not going to come again; there’s no point; we are waiting here in vain”. Inspired, I replied to him: “I bet that you wouldn’t think like that if you were tied to the rail. I think you would scream like crazy for somebody to come and untie you before the subway comes!”. And my friend realized how comfortable it was to think negatively as long as he hadn’t chosen to actively get involved in what he believed.

At a specific time, a trainer asked during a course: “How many of you would be willing to attack a person?”. No hand was raised. “How many of you would be willing to attack somebody if your life depended on it?”. All hands were raised.
If, for the comfort of a moment in which you have the certainty that you can save your life, you have the power to act towards and in the spirit of what you want, why wouldn’t you want to use that power to make your life more beautiful?
People with a high level of self-esteem feel challenged by new experiences and tend to exceed their limits. Each time there is the possibility to meet improved standards, they use it to express their value by comparing themselves.
What are you waiting for? Are you making up excuses for yourself?
I have some news for you: there are two types of people:
1.    Those who make up excuses. People making up excuses do not achieve results.
2.    Those who achieve results. People who achieve results do not make up excuses.
Which category do you belong to?
It is easy to find excuses. However, if you cannot manage in this respect, I invite you to read the list “To be more creative, I am waiting…

Which is your hole?

At a specific time, there was a man who, every day, on his way to work, left his house, closed the door behind him, and went to the gate; on his way to the gate, there was a hole, our guy didn’t see the hole and fell into it. One day, our guy went towards his house gate on his way to work. On the way in front of him, there was a hole, the guy didn’t see it and fell into it. The next day, our guy went towards the gate; on his way to work, there was a hole… One day, our guy walked towards the gate to work. There was a hole; our guy saw the hole, stopped, exclaimed: “Oh, look! A hole!” and avoided it. The next day, he took another way to work…

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Marcus Victor Grant

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