How I Started My Speed Reading Adventure

I learned about the speed-reading courses in the summer of 2003 from a few English class colleagues who had participated and increased their reading speed. So, out of curiosity, in the fall of 2003, I intended to attend the courses on speed-reading and memorizing techniques delivered by Professor Radu Budei, Engineer and Inventor. Still, I had joined too late to participate. However, I stayed for the creativity courses with Mr. Budei (which I also attended in 2004 and 2005).

In the spring of 2004, I started the efficient learning courses delivered by Prof. Budei, which he held at the National College of Iaşi for pupils and students. I found it absolutely wonderful that, for that batch, he accepted most of the students for free, including me, and the paying ones only paid a somewhat symbolic amount, not even for motivation, which was hilariously small compared to what was going on there. Out of the 10 modules that should have been studied during the first stage, only 7 were then covered because most of the students lost their interest and didn’t know how to appreciate the incommensurable value of the things that Prof. Budei was conveying to us, not only regarding the development of our capacity to learn but also regarding life. He is one of the wisest persons I have met so far, and I have completed tens of wise, important, and unique people. Among them, Prof. Budei remains a landmark, a true mentor. I wanted to participate in everything he organized.

I remember that many of my dearest friends I had then praised him and joined his courses, and he had tens of references from his former learners: pupils, students, businessmen, and companies. But, of course, most of the participants were high schoolers and college students in the batch I joined. The vast majority were between 17 and 25 years old. Interested, open-minded, perseverant, ambitious.

Everybody who participated in the course said they were delighted with what they learned there. But unfortunately, very few implemented the techniques they learned because that required involvement, the perseverance to work every day, and the effort spent in the responsible step of acquiring a long-time skill.

I was tested for my reading speed and assimilation coefficient during the first course. I used to read approx. 238 words/per minute and remembered about 40 of them, which meant about 16%. My progress was noted during the second course, using the techniques described in the course and working with the speed-reading device patented by Prof. Budei. After about a month, I passed the barrier of 1000 words per minute, increasing my assimilation coefficient by 30-70%. It stayed that way, and then, after regular evaluations performed by Prof. Budei or me, I achieved: approx. 3000 words/minute in July 2004, approx. 5500 words per minute in September, approx. 8000 words/minute in November, and in March 2005, I practically found that I had exceeded the threshold of photographic reading, i.e., over 10,000 minutes per minute. As far as I know, no other Romanian has reached this threshold. Furthermore, several journalists have verified me, who wrote about me in 2004, 2005, 2008, and 2013.

In the fall of 2004, I used to go to bookstores and read books without the need to buy them. I remember that in 2004, on the afternoon of St. Stephen’s Day, I read 12 books in a few hours at Casa Cărţii Library in Iaşi. Then, I liked that at Diverta bookstore in Bucharest, they used to have a reading table as far back as 2005, and I could spend a whole day there without anybody asking me a thing. I read specialized marketing, public relations, psychology, and personal and professional development books. Every approximately 3 months, I would wander to see which new books they had. Thus, I could choose even more attentively the books I bought.

In the fall of 2004, I remember that I was at the library, and it was almost closing time, and the librarian pointed out that there were 10 minutes left of the working hours. Intent on the book, I replied to her, without taking my eyes off the pages, “I only have one book to finish!”. The librarian became alarmed, thinking that I hadn’t probably understood. Witnessing the scene, a university professor became amused and “translated” to the librarian: “He only has a little bit left, let him!” assuring her that I wouldn’t remain there past the closing time, and told me smiling, “You know, Marcus, you shouldn’t answer like that, because people around you may not realize that you read so fast!”.

Then, in the summer of 2005, I paused my speed-reading exercises, and my speed gradually decreased. Now, because the foundation of speed reading is training one’s eyesight and ocular muscles, I only have a rate of 1000-2000 words per minute with occasional practice. Still, I considered that, for the time being, it was no longer my No. 1 priority to accumulate information (although I do this anyway) but to implement what I already learned and share some of my knowledge using what I write and my services.

Many people consider that I am bragging because the mind of most cannot conceive this – either the speed of 10,000 words per minute or that of 2000 words per minute. But the truth is that I was not the only one who capitalized on the effects of these courses; other persons from all over Romania did. And those who got down to business and did the exercises noticed it worked.

In 2006, I attended a college course, and while the professor explained something, I read another book. At some point, a colleague of mine became very outraged and pointed out to me, in front of everybody, that it was disrespectful to our teacher for me to browse the book while the professor was speaking. The professor said, ” No, no! He doesn’t browse it! He is now reading it!”. My colleague didn’t believe me and put me to the test on the spot to check what I had read. The professor was very amused.


Romanians should be glad that such an extraordinary person like Prof. Budei, who had patented over 250 inventions, set up two invention clubs, one of which honored Romania at the Geneva International Invention Salon in 2003 when our compatriots practically swept the podium off medals, which had been granted for their performance proved in putting their ideas to work.

As for the speed I had back in 2004, I was interviewed and tested in 2004. These accomplishments have been published in an article, The speed-reading champion, in the section “My life is a novel,” published in the Romanian newspaper Jurnalul Naţional.

Find out more about speed reading and the performances you can also achieve!

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Thank you!

Happy efficient learning!

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2008-present Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “Cum am început aventura citirii rapideinitially written in 2008 and published in Romanian on Discerne. Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved

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