What Trainers Haven’t Told You So Far, Part II. The Learning Experience


I continue today a series of articles organized in a table-like manner, starting from my own experiences:

  • As a participant in instruction/training sessions held by others;
  • As a consultant in training-related issues;
  • As a trainer

I have divided these” manifestations of sincerity” into 5 main categories, which I am presenting during this series:

  1. The value of what you learn
  2. The learning experience itself
  3. The applicability of what you learn
  4. Time management and the image which has convinced you
  5. Communication with the non-formal education provider.

Have fun reading it and sharing it!

What trainers, supervisors, instructors, and facilitators haven’t told you so far, but most of them are likely to think.

What I haven’t told you so far

II. Related to the learning experience itself

The best thing for you would be to sign this statement, according to which you won’t share with others what you have learned in my courses unless within a license where I get some money as well. You know, it took me a while to prepare these techniques and materials, and it wouldn’t be right for others to have them for free… I understand that maybe you want to share them with your daughter. However, I am generous: you can pay me for her…

I am not going to offer you all that I know because I am afraid that you will become my competition, and I don’t want to improve myself because it works anyway.

I am sure that until you manage to master the things that I have taught you, I will learn others that would be valuable. Actually, it would be great if you knew how to do these things that I presented to you so that you could teach them to others. This way, you will learn faster and better and be more satisfied. If you want to, we can work together, I can organize some courses for you, and we could earn money together. Moreover, I encourage you to show others what you have learned in this seminar because explaining/proving to others as soon as you have learned something is one of the best ways of assimilating the new content!

Do you remember what we worked on yesterday? Neither do I, so there is no point in recapping. I was thinking about what to buy with the money I got from you while I was speaking automatically.

At the end of each module/seminar, we must make a short recap because practice and summarization make perfect. When it is the case, and there is enough time for it, besides the series of exercises we do together at seminars and examples from my activity and my clients’ activity, I also offer demonstrations.

You will not implement what I am teaching you here anyway, so there is no point in asking you how you did after the seminar.

I won’t give you any homework because I don’t want you to feel embarrassed when I ask for them, and you haven’t done it, and I’m not in the mood to check it out anyway.

I must call you at least once after the seminar so that you can tell me what you have learned. My contribution to your development is essential not only for public acknowledgment but because I want to know how much and how it works for you.

We can discuss the theoretical content all you want. It doesn’t matter if we don’t get the chance to prove all my strategies in my schedule. For me, it is more accessible, and you don’t know how much I can offer you anyway.

For me, exercises and strategy come first. Then, depending on the questions, I can go into theory. The priority is for you to understand each exercise’s mechanism and importance. For further details, we can talk after the seminar, during breaks, on the phone, or in separate individual meetings.

The seminar is held at a hotel, but don’t ask me how much the room costs me. In exchange, I take money from you so that you would feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter that the development takes place outside your comfort zone. If you knew that, you wouldn’t come to me.

The area in which we have the seminars is decent and adequate so that we can perform our activity. I sometimes organize them at hotels. However, don’t expect to sit on a chair for too long. We have work to do, and you will move around the room for quite a while. Ideally, you would work on an exercise with each participant in turns. The development occurs when you come out of your comfort zone a little. So, you must attend the seminar well-rested to enjoy optimal effects because I will not let you doze off.

You don’t need to write down everything I say. I have already printed handouts for you. So, if you don’t write it down, it will be easier for you to forget. Moreover, you will not have a look at the handouts that I give you, ready-made anyway. This way, maybe later you will come to me for consultancy, so I can tell you this again, also on your own dime. And you can bet that the consultancy hour will cost you more than the training hour.

The participants receive materials in electronic format as soon as they make the payment before the seminar. They also receive written materials at the seminar. Additionally, those interested can purchase materials recommended or promoted by me. I encourage participants to write down as much as possible of what I say because taking notes facilitates learning, and you can structure your process during learning and after you have a look at the materials.

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Marcus Victor Grant worked as a personal and professional development trainer between 2005-2018

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2016-present Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “Ce nu ți-au spus până acum trainerii, partea II. Experiența de învățare“  published initially in Romanian at the 29th of June 2016 on Discerne. Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved. 

The materials on this blog are subject to this disclaimer.

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