What Trainers Haven’t Told You So Far, part I. The Value of What You Learn.


I start today with a series of articles organized in a table-like manner, starting from my own experiences:

  • As a participant in instruction/training sessions held by others;
  • As a consultant in training-related issues;
  • As a trainer

I have divided these ”manifestations of sincerity” into 5 main categories, which I will present during this series:

  1. The value of what you learn
  2. The learning experience itself
  3. The applicability of what you learn
  4. Time management and the image which has convinced you
  5. Communication with the non-formal education provider.

Have fun reading it and sharing it!

What trainers, supervisors, instructors, and facilitators haven’t told you so far, but most of them are likely to think

What I haven’t told you so far

I. Related to the value of what you learn

All that I’m telling you could be found in a book that is 10 times cheaper than my course, but you don’t know that, and I‘m glad you don’t. I have noticed that you haven’t objected to my preferring to talk rather than do practical work. There were more exercises in that book, but you don’t know.

In the seminars I am teaching, I offer you specific instruments that you can’t find in any book or that you could find in many books separately. However, the most important thing is that all are applicable, and we practice many of them during my seminar. So, you may read the theoretical part in your own time – I recommend this to you. You come to my seminars so that we can make use of practical things.

I could have worked abroad for five times more money, but I’m afraid I wouldn’t rise to their standards. So, it is easier for me to look conceited to you because, considering how little you pay me (about how much I deserve), you cannot expect quality, too!

Since 2005, I have been working in a consultancy in Romania. Since 2015, I have been working in consultancy for clients from 12 different countries on 3 continents: USA, Sweden, Austria, Germany, Romania, Belgium, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Kazachstan, Italy, and the Republic of Moldova. This has come naturally, i.e., at the clients’ request, and not further to my promotional activities. Currently, my fee is 70 Euros/per consultancy session via Skype. 

I don’t actually need you; I only need your money. If you want to, you may not come because I will keep your money anyway. I’m taking this money from you because there are very slim chances for me to always see you again.

If I’m asking for too little money, I must try harder to bring more ungrateful participants to my seminars. However, if I’m asking for a lot of money, I can find a few losers to cover my expenses and obtain a profit.

Compared to other seminars available on the market, the costs of those I deliver are at the low-to-average level, but their value exceeds the average level. I do this because the price must reflect a balance between a minimum value that would cover my expenses and satisfy me and a value that could be too high for those who want to enjoy and implement what I’m offering.

I must pay other assistants/ collaborators to do the work I’m too lazy to do, and they don’t do it too well anyway, but you won’t dare tell me that. In exchange, I don’t have enough money to be satisfied, so don’t expect me to deliver high-quality stuff.

I work on my own. I am 90% in charge of everything: support, materials, marketing, sales, organization, purchases, invoicing, and transportation. I sometimes have somebody who marginally helps me with one of the activities. I don’t feel the need to say “we” if it’s just me.

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Marcus Victor Grant worked as a personal and professional development trainer between 2005-2018

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2016-present Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “Ce nu ți-au spus până acum trainerii, partea I. Valoarea a ceea ce înveți.Obiceiurile productive ale unui liber-profesionist“  published initially in Romanian at the 25th of June 2016 on Discerne. Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved. English version updated in 2020.

The materials on this blog are subject to this disclaimer.

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