Training – the Worst and the Best Experience

The most horrific professional training experience that I took part in as an adult was a complete 5-day training, held by a monument of incompetence in the position of a trainer and assessor.

The trainer didn’t even know the content of the slides and didn’t at least dissimulate this, counting on the understanding of the participants that he had been found as a last-minute replacement. He should at least have read the content of the slides before showing up for the course instead of reading them without even knowing what exactly they referred to.

The trainer brought a bottle of wine on the day before the final evaluation that he took out during the training session and served everybody, even though there were people who could not drink because they were going to drive. If he really wanted to, he should have taken out the bottle of wine on the last day, after the training. His gesture could have slightly been interpreted as bribery and complicity with the students.

The trainer did not give actual answers to the questions but avoided the topic. At the same time, he stated that he was an expert in the fields from which he was systematically afraid to give examples, abusing the non-formal authority of his role.

The trainer should have prepared at home a notebook with examples from his own experience in implementing the concepts which had been taught in the training.


One of the best training sessions that I have ever participated in my life (although not the best) was the emotional intelligence training session, held by Roxana Diaconu, the CENTRAS Constanţa expert, in 2006.

The trainer structured the day in an excellent manner, succeeding in covering it during a timeframe that considered the lunch break and the desire of the people to go to the beach in a balanced manner. The content was very well integrated into the available timeframe and no time was lost. The trainer kept the pace without hurrying and succeeded in interacting with the participants and making an impact in their self-knowledge and development. I was sorry that the training only lasted for 3 days.

The trainer shared handouts with the students, that were generously compiled and whose worth exceeded by far the value of the training itself. It was practically a super-concentrated e-book which included the content of the course, in which its structure could be found. She could have had the book prepared in a more design-friendly format and sold it over the internet as a PDF file, but she preferred to give it to us for free. Impressive effort.

The trainer did practical exercises that the students could later replicate and implement on other occasions.

The trainer captured a few brilliant moments. If it hadn’t been for the generally and contractually agreed upon confidentiality, I think that it would have made history for the center. If recorded and posted online, it would have brought a ton of clients.

The trainer offered his availability for consultancy after the completion of the program. Subsequently, with other training sessions, the availability has also extended over Skype.

Which were:

1. The most horrific professional development training experience in your life?

2. The greatest professional development training experience in your life?

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Thank you!

Happy training!

 Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2009-present Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “Training-cea mai proastă și cea mai bună experiență“  published initially in Romanian at the 2nd of September 2011 on Discerne. Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved. Originally written in 2009.

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