10 Things in Life That You Can Control

1. What you do

Your actions are yours and yours only. You choose to do or not to do them and are responsible for their effects.


 2. What you say

Also, the words you say or write are chosen by you, consciously or unconsciously. Like your actions, they have an impact both on your life and on those that you come into contact with.


 3. What you think

It is tough to control your thoughts because most of them are subconscious and run through our minds quickly. However, you can remember what is more critical for you, in terms of values, convictions, and the things you believe in, and make you better each time you are about to break your principles. So thoughts can consciously be chosen. It’s up to you.


 4. Your work

Many condone this aspect, as it is easier for them to say: “Oh, I’m caught up in this job because I have no other degree, experience,” etc. Hm! This is an easy way of not admitting responsibility in choosing one’s job. It is your work, and you chose it. If you stay or go is also a choice.


 5. The people you associate yourself with

A nice T-shirt reads: “It is difficult to fly high like an eagle when you are surrounded by lions”. This saying is often right. Your friends can lift you up or drag you down. You decide what kind of friends you want to have.


6. Your physical health

A lot of our health depends on genetics and environmental factors. And a lot more of our health depends on our choices: diet, sleep, routine, control, etc.


 7. The environment where you live

Your house, the conditions in your home, the city you live in, and the conveniences are all things that you can control (although some of them to a smaller extent). Then, you decide if you tolerate them or move to another place.


 8. Your financial status

To have or not to have enough money is a ratio of what you earn and spend. 


9. Your time

You choose how to spend your time and how much you consecrate on several activities. You will never have more than the 24 hours that have been given to you every day.


 10. Your legacy

All your actions, words, and knowledge you shared with others in your existence become the gift you leave behind when you leave.

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 Marcus Victor Grant

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