10 Things That an Experienced Coach Hasn’t Told You

Let’s say that you are the client of a renowned coach who enjoys confidence and acknowledgment and has a very cool web page. You don’t really know what to expect. You want to grow personally and give a chance to this professional to fulfill your psychological and emotional needs involved in the process. Congratulations! Here are 10 things that you haven’t thought about, which you may be expecting but nobody has told you about!

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  1. Don’t look at my big belly because, when I was your age, I would sprint my way in my neighborhood!

  2. I don’t actually live off coaching. I don’t even make 20% of my income from coaching. Actually, in my good months, I rather earn from consultancy or training or my part-time corporate job. In my bad months, I get quite some money from my mom, dad or partner.

  3. I prefer to provide coaching via Skype so that you won’t see that I’m actually wearing underpants or I’m cutting my nails in the meantime. As a matter of fact, we’d better have these sessions via telephone because this way I can hang some laundry, dust cleaning around the house…

  4. If you felt that I was a little spaced out while I was talking to you, it was because I was actually making my shopping list in my mind or I noticed a beetle behind you.

  5. Your problems are so boring! While I am listening to you talk, I have already found about 7 solutions in my mind! I hope that you will find at least one because I am not allowed to give you mine!

  6. If your problem has a solution, it means that it is not a genuine problem but a matter that your mind has stumbled upon and has kept itself busy with. If your problem doesn’t have a solution, then it is worth searching for one… during several sessions, of course. Until we find one, you will surely come to me with another problem.

  7. I actually like working with objectives but problems are fine as well because you’d better pay me rather than a psychotherapist.

  8. It actually helps me if you come to 30 of my sessions in a row. These 5 that you bought as a promotion are only the beginning. I know that you practically need psychotherapy and want to talk about childhood traumas, but I’m not really interested. It’s a good thing that you pay me. It is a serious investment in your personal development.

  9. Do you really want homework? You’re not going to do it anyway! I have problems with discipline – not to mention you! You’d better drop it, you are a mess!

  10. The only way I am not going mad when I hear all this nonsense that my clients are telling me is that I am eventually having fun at their expense.

This article is a pamphlet by Marcus Victor Grant

Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2018-present. Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “10 lucruri pe care coach-ul veteran nu ți le-a spus“ previously published by Marcus Victor Grant in Romanian at the 17th of October 2018 on Discerne. Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved. 

The materials on this blog are subject to this disclaimer.

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