10 Things That Your Beginner Coach Hasn’t Told You

Let’s say that you are the client of a coach which is excited about his/her new career. You don’t really know what to expect. You want to grow personally and give this young man/woman a chance to fulfill your psychological and emotional needs involved in this process. Congratulations! Here are 10 things that you haven’t considered and might be expecting you. Yet, nobody has told you about them!

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  1. I have started my training with a renowned coaching school, and I eventually ran out of money and completed my studies at a school in the middle of nowhere, where, besides the manicure-pedicure and confectionary-pastry shop specializations, they also had the coaching specialization. I didn’t honestly know whether I should choose coaching or project management, so I tossed a coin. Here I am!

  2. I actually wanted to become a psychologist but I didn’t have enough patience for that scientific nonsense that they were pouring down our throats and the training took too long! So, as a coach, I can play the role of the savior and nobody has ever asked me about my mental health when I was doing my training.

  3. I have just returned from an important coaching conference. There I heard others, who thought they were smarter, saying the same corny things that I say. Who knows? I might even come to believe them. If they are successful, that means that they may be on the right track!

  4. I am now offering free coaching to you because I am young and inexperienced, I am barely in training, while the other older and more experienced coaches are criticizing and humiliating me.

  5. If I were to ask money from you, I wouldn’t dare to ask for more than 30 Euros per hour, because I am afraid that you don’t have this money and I might lose you as a client even so. However, don’t expect me to work too enthusiastically for you for this small change. Normally, for the services I offer, I would have been paid 100 Euros per hour abroad.

  6. Welcome to me! I am not allowed to give you solutions but if I have been trained as a coach by a third-rate slicker, I will tell you what I have learned from him – about the law of attraction, the cosmic harmonies of the Universe, etc. – and I will tell you to believe in yourself even if your parents haven’t, that you are the greatest, and if you don’t succeed, I won’t come to ask money from you.

  7. I have no idea about the field in which you are working and I don’t even care. Actually, I don’t need or want to know about it. If you have so many issues in this field, I don’t even feel encouraged to enter it!

  8. While listening to you talking about your problem, I realize that I have the same problem. However, I won’t tell you that, because you might stop being my client. If you find a solution and after implementing it without breaking your neck, then I’ll consider trying it as well.

  9. I know that you keep talking here and are crashing and burning in order to express yourself, but I don’t know how to stop you. At the end of the session, you would feel frustrated that you haven’t found too many answers or solutions, and I would feel frustrated that I couldn’t support you. However, my frustration is more important than your frustration, because, unlike you, I am stuck with it.

  10. Now, at the end of the session, please tell me if, after asking you so many questions, there’s any good one among them. Maybe I will use it on me.

This article is a pamphlet by Marcus Victor Grant.

Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2018-present. Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “10 lucruri pe care coach-ul începător nu ți le-a spus“ previously published by Marcus Victor Grant in Romanian at the 8th of October 2018 on Discerne. Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved. 

The materials on this blog are subject to this disclaimer.


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