How to Find Cheap Rent in Bucharest

 Many people imagine that the price of the real estate market is the one communicated by the agencies and that they cannot find anything below those rates. This is false. Imobiliare-net features an advanced search form that will help you find a convenient rent price in Bucharest.

Please find below the links to the form for 1-room apartments and the 2- and 3-room flats.

Beware! During the fall season, the number of convenient offers that can be found using these searches is very low, as it is known that this is a time during which rent prices go up.

1. 1-room apartments
Search for 1-room apartments up to 100 Euroyou will be shown one single webpage of results and a few excellent offers. I will give only one example added yesterday: a 1-room apartment in the Unirii area, 240 Ron. WARNING! Only approx. Half of the offers are accurate; the rest of them are added by agencies for them to “fish” clients. Anyway, if you inquire about all of them, you will definitely find something cheap.

2. 2-room apartments – rent prices between 150 and 250 Euro
3.  3-room apartmentssearch for rent prices between 250 and 300 Euro
4. 4-room apartmentssearch for rent prices between 250 and 350 Euro

Real estate agents will generally impose rent prices 2-3 times more expensive than what you can find on Imobiliare-net. Using the procedure that I recommend to you, I have succeeded in finding, in 2011, for instance, a 3-room apartment for 200 Euro in Vitan. You can find a 2- or 3-room apartment according to the value you want to insert. I strongly recommend that you invest 1-1.5 hours in this search, and you will find something very convenient and maybe even directly from the landlord without involving a real estate agency.

Even if you are unsatisfied with the results, you now carefully monitor the website, and you can find very good offers in central and quasi-central areas, too!

To find mates to move in with and other offers half the market price, I recommend cautcoleg. ro to you.

For one-room and two-room apartments to buy (which you may later rent), I suggest you do an advanced search for up to 15000 euros.

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Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2013-2018 Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article “Cum sa găseşti chirie ieftin în Bucureşti published initially in Romanian at 26.07.2013 on Discerne. Article updated in December 2020.


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