A Hidden Advantage with Unrelenting Standards

“After all, I still do not understand why it is such a big problem to have <<unrealistic standards>>. I think it is a quality to be a perfectionist!”

“Yes, that is because you think that the imaginary or intentional advantages are better than the disadvantages and real consequences of your behaviors.”

“Such as?”

“Such as the tendency to improve something a tiny bit at the expense of unbalancing many others”

“But quality is essential!”

“Quality is only a value, besides those other 10 which are also important for you, and you cannot satisfy them all simultaneously.”

“No, but I have to because I can. So it is unacceptable that I do not make it!”

“So, by trying to find a needle in a haystack, the risk of losing all the hay is acceptable for you”

“I do not accept such a failure”

“But still, how often does this happen to you?”

“Quite often”

“So, don’t you think it is better to focus on what you can do rather than on what you risk losing, most likely by doing so?”

“I believe in externalizing the risks and internalizing the gains. Look, for instance, when I hired you to deal with this issue”

“And whose problem is this?”

“Mine. But if you cannot manage to deal with it the right way, then you are not skilled, and I choose somebody else”

“And who bears the consequences for it? Me or you?”


“So it is important for you to have somebody to share the blame with in case things do not go according to your standards”

“Well, of course. That is why I intend to hire some people”

“So that you would have somebody to fire?”

“Well, if they don’t meet my standards either…”

Marcus Victor Grant

Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2018-present. Originally published in Romanian on Random Inner Dialogs by Marcus Victor Grant. Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu. Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved. 

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