How I Will Support You To Grow Personally

I started working in consulting in 2005. Approximately 200 persons, whereof around 20 only last year, have been provided with my services, in consulting only. At the beginning of my career, I have offered free consulting services, without asking for anything in return. Then, the price per consulting hour has gradually increased from 10 Euros (at the beginning of 2006) to 70 Euros currently [update June 2017] – and I soon estimate that it will reach 100 Euros/hour. I have been extending my consulting services since 2015, also including barters (see details here), and consulting via Skype, both in Romanian and English. A part of the references received for the services I have offered to my clients can be found here, i.e. those gathered until 2009. 

This sounds nice and general. But, more precisely, what do I do? Or, even more precisely, how can I serve you? Of course, a general list can be found here.

Most often, by means of my questions and knowledge, I manage to be useful to those who want and are willing to invest time and money in:

  • Self-knowledge, with the purpose of identifying and using their potential and qualities in the labor market: choose a study specialization, find a job, start an independent activity as freelancers, or start a business as entrepreneurs;

  • Setting and pursuing personal and professional purposes, such as: complete a form of job training, get a contract or a promotion, find a life partner;

  • Efficient learning, with the purpose of assimilating advanced skills in covering, processing and remembering information, using speed reading and memorizing and focusing techniques;

  • Strategic promotion of one’s own services and products, as well as a personal brand, with the purpose of getting more satisfied clients in the long run;

  • Training and creating key-skills both in the professional and personal life: communication (especially persuasion and public speaking), organization (and especially planning), creativity and self-esteem;

  • Changing inefficient behaviors, creating useful and positive habits, adapting attitudes to objectives and environment, identifying the aspects which are not working (such as blockages, inner conflicts, limiting convictions), and remedying them using specific techniques;

  • Developing an authentic image, according to identity, by means of personal and organizational branding, blogging and copywriting (preparing promotional materials in marketing and public relations).

All of these are very efficient because it is a priority for me to offer to my client as much value in as little time as possible. How does this work? First of all, I offer a first free 1-hour session to each new potential client, for a service, at their own choice, depending on their need and priority.

It is reassuring for people to be spoken their own language. Do you also start anticipating which success you might have by experimenting with the things you can learn by means of this consulting? Well, I wish to suggest to you to start practicing this thought as soon as possible. What do you think would happen if you had complete control over your life? Can you visualize the success that is waiting for you? As you improve yourself, I wish you felt and pretended that you were an accomplished master and radiate with confidence. You will feel like an expert in managing your own emotions.

I know that you are curious about how easily these services could fit your natural abilities. In my experience, the combinations can be unlimited. Have you ever thought about how others would perceive you if you always thought so fluently and clearly as I am writing in this article? You probably learn to anticipate the image that you will convey, beyond the current obstacles, because by using what you will have learned through my consulting, it is impossible to fail.

After you become an expert in controlling your own life, you may look back and remember this moment, when you decided to change the way you make decisions. It is not important what it is that motivates you, as long as you feel strongly committed to expanding your horizon.

You are probably wondering which opinion you will have then about you, the way you are now. Stop for a while and think about this. The realization that you will come to, during this process, from now till then, might be the most important insight of your life.

After having so diligently practiced the changes that I have suggested to you, don’t you think you will be happier? Of course you can be. I don’t want to offer suggestions to you but I’m wondering: wouldn’t you thus also inspire many other people around you to be more confident? Remember! A person who offers trust kindles trust! How do you know that somebody trusts you? How do you feel when others trust you? Excellent, isn’t it?

When you see how other people’s appreciation and trust grow in you, then it will be easier for you to build a relationship that matters, and offer to the people who trust you the best solutions for their needs – to become the answer to their problems, instead of looking for answers to your problems in them. The more confidence they have in you, the more will you want to offer them ideas and high-quality services and products, that they would use, and that would inspire and help them grow.

I am curious to find out from you what this path, that you are practicing now, will be like for you, now that you are passionate about personal development. May I ask you to use every day, for at least 15 minutes, the suggestions and exercises that I will present to you in our consulting sessions? Since you are considering this, I invite you to become more and more curious about the numerous benefits you will have and be able to enjoy them starting now.

The decision is up to you. It is yours. You either choose to tread on this path of training for success, or you can say goodbye to all the positive results that we have imagined earlier. Would you be willing to give up this success that you can get so easily, or would you rather set a practicing schedule?

I remember that, when I first started using these services in my personal development, I myself thought that they were a little strange as compared to the way I was thinking every day, maybe because I didn’t consider myself worthy of others’ trust because I actually didn’t trust myself. Of course, in order to trust yourself, you must first be proficient… in controlling your emotions instead of allowing them to control you. 

However, they have soon become an integral part of my way of thinking. It is important to find how to surpass what limits us, and by surpassing our own barriers, to also inspire others to do the same. 

Let’s get moving together!

Call me now on 004 0729 034 88 to set a session via Skype or Zoom. Remember, the first session of one hour is free!

Marcus Victor Grant

Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant 2016-present. Translation by Cristiana Brezeanu of the article Cum am să te sprijin să te dezvolţi personalpreviously published in Romanian by Marcus Victor Grant at the 24th of February 2016 on Discerne. Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, all rights reserved. 

The materials on this blog are subject to this disclaimer.

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