The Best Articles By Marcus Victor Grant published in 2017


2016 and 2017 have been quite odd years for those following my writings. They have been changing times for me too. Here are some of the things that happened in these years:

  • I stopped publishing one article every other day on Discerne, my blog in Romanian, and started publishing much less often.

  • I started writing and publishing my articles again in English on this blog, which brings me great joy. Actually, towards the end of 2017, I’ve mainly kept the good self-imposed discipline of publishing on Analytic Vision two articles/month and on Discerne two articles/month.

  • I didn’t publish any books. I didn’t post any e-books or audiobooks. Considering that between 2012-2015 I have been publishing approximately one book/year, 2016-2017 are pretty odd for many of those who have been habituated to my rhythm. In 2018, I intended to reward my fans with at least one newly published title.

  • I have insisted more on articles about my vision and opinion on specific topics, and I have published significantly fewer specialty articles on particular issues.

  • I stopped working for the prestigious Romanian magazine Economia Online once it discontinued publishing in the spring of 2017.

  • I have started writing for two Facebook publications that weren’t launched by me but to which I have made a significant contribution in quality and quantity. These are Learning Skills Romania and Random Inner Dialogues. The first is a community initiated by Silviu Vasile, preoccupied with efficient learning techniques: I published there once a month article about speed reading, memory, concentration, productivity, modeling, learning, and personal development. All the content is in Romanian. The second publication, launched by Ștefan Drăgan in the spring of 2016, is where I publish twice a day, both in Romanian and English: you’ll find over a thousand sketches: funny, ironic, witty, sarcastic, and short conversations and dialogues.

  • One of the most important things is that I have started working with a “muse”, a brilliant publishing consultant who supports me in delivering the best of myself in my writing. Her name is Diana Andreea Bădrăgan, and by this means, I thank her. She has added her insightful input to about half of the articles I published in 2017, improving, enhancing, or validating them.

    Copyright (C) Diana Andreea Badragan
    Copyright © Diana Andreea Badragan

So this year, I haven’t made a top of the best articles I published on Discerne, as I usually do. Instead, I made a top considering ALL of my articles published in 6 online publications. Of these 53, the bests are on Discerne and Analytic Vision :) . I have felt my perspective about how important and valuable content and/or air is, both in terms of utility for large audiences concerning personal development and for specialists interested in specific aspects. As usual, I spent a lot of time reading articles I wrote again and trying to figure out what I loved most. This year, for the first time, I have discarded the number of visualizations from my criteria.

Here are my top 10 of the best original articles I wrote and published in 2017. The titles in Romanian are written in Romanian


10. Networkingul fata in fata in era web 3.0 (Discerne, 31.5.2017), follow-up on the article Cu siguranță, dragă colectivitate, de la un liber-profesionist cu vervă

This article might seem to address salesmen and freelancers, but it actually affects interpersonal relationships between people even more than you think. How human are we when networking for business purposes?


9. The Timeline (Analytic Vision, 13.10.2017)

This is the first article in a series of four about how we perceive time profoundly influences our personality. I consider this short series of articles one of the best and most important I have written. Now in English!


8. In cautarea ascultarii pierdute (Discerne, 8.07.2017), follow-up on the article Networkingul fata in fata in era web 3.0

This is a challenging take on the value and skills necessary to listen and how much it is still worth nowadays.


7. Cine caută răspunsuri, culege puncte de vedere. Cine caută întrebări, cultivă orizonturi. (Discerne, 21.02.2017)

For all the protesters who care about their causes, this is a thought-provoking critical analysis of the protests against corruption in Romania at the beginning of 2017. The article doesn’t take sides but only invites different perspectives through questions that may be applied to protesters almost anywhere.


6. Teoria puişorului şi a hamsterului – o fabulă modernă. Part I. (Discerne, 7.1.2017) Part II. (Discerne, 12.1.2017)

This article tucked a fable in two pieces on the enmeshment that often happens between young adults and their parents, with a twist on Romanian lunacy.


5. Despre conștiința de oaie din turmă (Discerne, 1.12.2017)

This is the best article I wrote for the National Day in Romanian. It’s about patriotism, but it doesn’t only apply to Romanians.


4. Why Public Relations Are Not Marketing (Analytic Vision, 7.12.2017)

Find out what most communication and economics graduates and some practitioners are not able to explain to a 7-year-old child!


3. What is Schema Dynamics Programming (Analytic Vision, 6.7.2017)

The single most important development I succeeded in 2017. It has already revolutionized the lives of a few clients of mine. Find out how a bold vision might stand at the intersection of everything you were afraid to ask about psychology and coaching!


2. Some Differences Between Working Hard and Working SMART (Analytic Vision, 27.6.2017)

If you’ve got the right mindset and you’re looking for a tweak to implement, how about a dozen, with a clearly exemplified model of how to turn your office clock around the fifth dimension.


1. Meta Time (Analytic Vision, 13.11.2017)

This is the entire article which plain and straightforward explains to you, in case you don’t know why the time management techniques don’t work for most of those who try them and how to change your perspective to make the whole shebang work in your favor.


Keep on reading!

Marcus Victor Grant

Text Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2018-present

Photo copyright © Diana Andreea Badragan

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