Ten myths about financial independence and the truth that will set you free. Part II.

Last month, I started an article about myths some people are considering while exploring alternative ways of thinking. I continue today with 5 more myths.

6. Selling is something that everybody hates

The truth is that if you want to earn the respect of others, then you must work in sales. It is not because it’s a job that “everybody hates”; therefore, it’s challenging, but because it’s a job that, if you do well, can earn you a lot of respect. If you don’t do it well, you should be ashamed. People hate bad salesmen. In one way or another, everybody works in sales. Therefore, you need to generate the kind of expectations and images that some other people might like to think of.

So, for example, if a salesman provides for his family, then he might be accepted in the community as a pillar, but if a salesman is ashamed of what he is doing, is not good at it, and does not provide the resources that are expected from a salesman, then he is covered in shame.

Therefore, most salesmen are not good salesmen. It is only because there is not enough place for all the salesmen in all the markets. Consequently, you must be a good salesman, and good salesmen are respected. So, if you want to earn the respect of others, stop considering salesmen as past and start working in sales.


7. To make money, you have to show you have money

I will tell you another perspective. If you sell yourself short, it doesn’t matter how expensive your dress is. That means your attitude matters more than what you look like.

So, you must consider that people watch your nonverbal communication and then what you say. I will give you a practical example. I got out of the house on a busy day without looking in the mirror. I haven’t noticed what I looked like. That day I made some sales. There were some unexpected sales because there were two people that I had just met that day. Coming back home, looking into the mirror, I noticed I looked terrible. And I thought to myself: “Oh my God, I have made some sales looking like that! This is impressive! It’s amazing!”

But then I became aware that those people bought from me not because of my looks but because of my attitude. So, it doesn’t really matter how well you dress. But, of course, if you sell to directors from a company, it is important to be well-dressed. So, you don’t have to be perfectly dressed, you don’t have to be dressed by Gucci, but you have to ensure that you get the chance of getting an entrance.

So, it might be even more important than you think to dress in clothes that are, let’s say, white or light-colored than the quality of the brand that you are using for your clothing.

So, I make here. Also, another point, each kind of expense must be considered at least as a tryout to make an investment. So, therefore, an example is if you need to impress a client, it’s better to rent a BMW than to have a BMW that you pay for every day.

So, I do not want to minimize the importance of getting through some obstacles in perceiving images. I’m merely suggesting it is more important to have an appropriate attitude.

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8. Always do things with a strategy

It might be a surprise that although the strategy is essential, it is not the most important thing.

To conceive an appropriate strategy, you must first have a proper system, and most people do not think about this. Yes, it’s essential to have the plan to launch a new product, line, invention, or something people have never heard of, but these things are hazardous. Usually, most business strategies are based on decisions made in a similar mode with other similar products. So people notice the pattern that leads to success and how to reproduce it.

Therefore, to have and apply an appropriate strategy, you first have to have a functional system that will be something that works and needs to be optimized. So this is the difference between doing basic merchandising, what is called in Romanian” bi?ni?ă” and doing business.

So first, you need a customer available to pay you money for your product, then you have a business. It’s not the other way around, although it is recommended for administrative and legislative means to do so.


9. It’s important to contribute and offer charity

It is, of course, essential to make sure that you leave something behind you, to make donations, and keep your generosity gates open. But, at the same time, it is more important to make intelligent charity. That is, to know who to give money to, why, when, and for what. So you do not look like somebody just throwing away money to buy other people’s attention, consideration, and respect.

Therefore, you need to have some standards and strategies to evaluate whether the people or the organization receiving your money are well documented and worthy of your money. Giving away cash without looking is not charity; it is mere stupidity.

Therefore, you need to have questions that you must put to those you are giving your money to, and if they don’t provide satisfactory answers, they don’t receive and deserve your money.


10. If I don’t work, I don’t have money. Therefore, I don’t read

When you don’t have money, buy time through what you do. So, most people tend to worry and think about the periods when they are unemployed or when they are not working as periods when they don’t make money; therefore, they afford to waste time. This is very true for some categories of people. For example, it is valid for (fool) people, for some employees, and for freelancers, for most of them.

The truth is making money shouldn’t be connected with the work you are doing directly. Instead, making money should be a symbolic result, a simple effect of what you are doing already best. Therefore, reading and personal development are generally one of the best investments you can make while not working, especially when you are not making money. Why? Because you can never know how exactly what you are reading as personal/professional development or a specialty book might do for you in terms of making money. Therefore, that is the most critical period when you should invest in yourself: when you don’t have the opportunity to work and/or to make money. This will make the difference between when you are down and when you succeed.


These have been just some of my personal considerations about financial independence and what some think. Unfortunately, I have been reading books, researching, and listening to audio programs for the last 13 years, and I have never found one resource that you have available in this article. Therefore, please consider that you must take all this and verify it in your own experience.

Please come up with your own experience and suggestions by commenting on this article.

Thank you.

Marcus Victor Grant

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The materials on this blog are subject to this disclaimer.


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