Schema Dynamics Programming with Marcus Victor Grant


Psychologists have worked for more than 100 years to find explanations for how the human mind and personality work to heal the problems deep inside us. Personal development fields such as neuro-linguistic programming and transactional analysis have developed effective and efficient solutions for a successful breakthrough. However, clinical psychology and the development of excellence have long separated. Now there is a possibility to unite the best of both worlds: heal the suffering mind and personality and drive it to success and performance. 


Questions for you

  • How would it be for you to find out what holds you back from accessing your full potential and succeeding?
  • How can you confront, heal and solve your traumas?
  • Do you want to find the profound psychological and emotional roots of your problems?
  • Are you ready to confront a profound truth about who you are and how to get yourself out of your way?
  • Have you implemented effective changes using fields such as psychotherapy, coaching, and personal development consulting but only up to one point?

If your answer to these questions is “YES”, this will interest you.

Please read the following lines, as the world, they open up might amazingly transform your life!


A revolutionary approach

My name is Marcus Victor Grant, and I have worked one-on-one with hundreds of customers since 2004. I have always been interested in discovering why some people who came to me for various problems or goals succeeded after just 2-3 sessions, and some needed tens of sessions. Now I found out everything else I knew fitted in like a puzzle.

Schema therapy offered me the key I was missing, but I found something even better. Using advanced techniques I tested and developed in working with clients, I have discovered what some might call” the Holy Grail” of psychology and personal development. I have developed an integrative approach using schema therapy conceptualization and homework, NLP techniques, and various correlations with other psychological theories that are unique.


Answers for you

I have worked with tens of customers one on one since 2016, and after more than one thousand hours spent with and for my clients, we have achieved some fantastic results.

  • Do you also want to understand how your personality works inside out?
  • Do you also wish to unveil the deepest roots of all your sidetracks that cover your potential?
  • Do you want to set your path straight to a powerful future that will fulfill your goals and talents?
  • Do you also want to embark on a journey confronting all the fears, limiting beliefs, uncovered traumas, and inner conflicts to break through them?
  • Do you want to discover what has kept you from becoming who you were meant to be?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes, ” please keep reading because I will explain how and what.


The questionnaires

The first thing you need to do is to complete several tests (psychometric questionnaires), totaling a few hundred questions. These will require a lot of concentration and a state of introspection. Then, based on your answers to those questions, you will have to send me the results, and I will calculate your scores, make a few correlations and offer you a free evaluation.

When we meet, either face to face or through Skype, the evaluation must be done with the results open (all the Excel and PDF files) so that you have a complete understanding of how the interpretation model works for you.

The tests I will give you will have identified a detailed list of:

  • your strong points in skills, talents, and personality traits;
  • your main weak points that hold you down from reaching higher goals;
  • how these are correlated with your experience and manifestations.

These tests work within the correlations between theories from NLP, transactional analysis, Spiral Dynamics, schema-focused therapy (SFT), and classical psychology.

The tests can be done for free in a variety of forms. The first consulting session of the brief, general interpretation of these profiles is free of charge, with no strings attached. If you decide to start a journey of profound transformation, a program tailored specifically to your needs awaits you. The program is designed to be flexible and very efficient. It will require time, money, and effort, but I promise you it will be one of the best investments you have ever made if you choose to go through it.

From 2022 you have the chance to be part of the third wave of clients using this integrated approach between personal development for excellence and clinical psychology. This has already provided excellent results for clients in just a matter of months!


The transformation sessions aren’t for you if:

  • you cannot allocate at least 2 hours/week or 1 hour/week for the consulting session and at least 3-4 times more for homework (journals, letters, goal formulations, lists, questionnaires);
  • you think 60 euros/hour (that is the equivalent of $64/hour) for a program that can change your life in a few months is too much;
  • you are afraid to confront yourself, discover yourself in depth;
  • you don’t care about what happens to you in the future;
  • it’s OK to postpone your goals, happiness, fulfillment, or healing time and again;
  • you don’t have the discipline to invest the efforts into your development.

With the likely results that:

  • you will try to fix surface issues (effects) that will appear in your life in various ways, with little chance to approach the deep roots;
  • you will try to fix behaviors (results) instead of beliefs, emotions, and experiences (causes);
  • the problems will cost you more than solving them;
  • feel this sounds great, but you don’t have a few hours to complete the questionnaires.


This is a challenging process. Not everyone is up for it. Are you ready? I can promise you this:

  • you will unveil painful memories;
  • you will understand the mechanisms of faulty behaviors that endanger your life as you know it;
  • you will experience intense negative emotions;
  • you will feel disappointed in people in your life;
  • you might try to find excuses to interrupt the process.

With the likely effect that, in the end:

  • you will have deep insights;
  • you will be able to choose in the present what is appropriate for you;
  • you will understand and accept yourself and others;
  • you will experience the power of forgiveness;
  • you will train the skills you need to perform;
  • you will become a better parent;
  • You can heal deep wounds in the past that restrain you from being yourself.

Start now!


 The first steps are to get in touch with me, receive the questionnaires, complete them, let me score them, and receive your free evaluation!

Find out more! Get in touch NOW! This is for you!

Marcus Victor Grant

Copyright © Marcus Victor Grant, 2016-present

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