Live Blogging about the Oscars Ceremony 2015

Like I did on the 12th of January 15 with the article “Live Blogging for the Golden Globes 2015“, I will write this post on my blog in real-time as I watch the free live streaming of the 87th ceremony of the Academy Awards from Los Angeles, California, USA, using these two links:

One of the hashtags on Twitter is #askhermore because it invites reporters to ask more questions than those about clothes.

19 nominations – Meryl Streep’s Oscar record, more than any person.

Julianne Moore’s 5th nomination at the Oscars. Alzheimer’s is the 6th cause of death; it’s essential to illustrate how people are affected by it by their families; it’s a great cause.

Melanie Griffith is very proud of her daughter, Dakota Johnson, but she doesn’t want to see her last movie, Fifty Shades of Gray. Everybody talks about Johnson’s red dress.

Marion Cotillard says she likes deep characters, like Sandra from Two Days One Night.

Channing Tatum has been part of selecting the 6 college students, “Team Oscar” who made each 60 seconds short and were deemed the best among tens of thousands of participants in the USA.

Reese Witherspoon says working on “Wild” has been a scary experience that helped her grow. She talks about the 44 women nominated this year at the Oscars. She wants to bring more important roles for women.

Many people ask, where does the moniker The Oscars come from? According to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS), the origins of the name are unclear, but “a popular story has been that an Academy librarian and eventual executive director, Margaret Herrick, thought it resembled her Uncle Oscar and said so; and that the Academy staff began referring to it as Oscar.”

Emma Stone is a big Mark Ruffalo fan.

Ethan Hawke says the movie’s success has overwhelmed them; they surpassed everybody’s expectations. It’s the end of a 13 years job. He says he feels like a gentle pirate like they weren’t supposed to be here. I agree :)

Clara Kyle, the wife of Chris Kyle, is present to support American Sniper, where she appears as a character. It’s a movie that really opens up a dialog in the couples affected by war, she says.

Neil Patrick Harris says we are here to honor the most comprehensive, brightest actors. He sings to the movies. Anna Kendrick, as Cinderella, accompanies him. Jack Black joins in to create a rock moment. The 8 pictures nominated grossed more than 600 million $.

Lupita Nyong’O presents the award for best-supporting actor J.K. Simmons for Whiplash. Some people applaud standing. He thanks his wife, Michelle Schumacher, more than his children. Tell your parents how much you love them.

Neil Patrick Harris has his predictions in a briefcase he put Octavia Spencer to watch.

Liam Neeson presents The Grand Budapest Hotel and American Sniper.

Dakota Johnson presents “Lost Stars” from “Begin Again,” sung by Maroon5.

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Jennifer Lopez presents the award for costume design Milena Canonero – The Grand Budapest 4th Oscar and 9th nomination for Milena Canonero. Thanks to Wes.

Reese Witherspoon presents the Oscar for makeup. Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier for the Grand Budapest Hotel. First nomination and oscar for her, 2nd nomination and Oscar for him, after The Iron Lady. She thanks Bill Murray for introducing her to Wes Anderson.

Channing Tatum presents the Team Oscar project.

Nicole Kidman and Chwtel Ejiofor present an award for the foreign language film Ida by Pawel Pawlikowski. He feels surprised and thanks lots of people.

Shirley MacLaine presents Boyhood and The Theory of Everything and Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

Marion Cotillard presents the song Teagan Sara and the Lonely Island – “Everything is Awesome” from Lego Movie.

Kerry Washington and Jason Bateman present the best live-action short film, Mat Kirby and James Lucas – The Phone Call. Their 1st Oscar. Movies are not made by money but by determination. Thanks to all people who volunteered and contributed without being paid. Mat Kirby mentions the donut shop that will give him a free donut a day for life.

Best Documentary Short subject Ellen Goosenberg Kent and Dana Perry Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1. Dana perry’s son killed himself -she said we should talk more about suicide.

Viola Davis, 2 times nominee, presents the Governor’s Award – a lifetime of inspirational achievements. In addition, Maureen O’Hare, Jean-Claude Carriere, Harry Belafonte, and Hayao Miyazaki have received the awards.

Gwyneth Paltrow presents Glen Campbell’s song. I’m not gonna miss you by Tim McGrath from the documentary “Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me”. The composer’s last song tells the dear ones how much he’ll be affected by Alzheimer’s.

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Neil Patrick Harris comes in underwear on the stage. Miles Teller presents the Scientific and Technical Awards.

Chris Evans and Sienna Miller present the sound mixing and sound editing awards.

Best Sound Mixing: Whiplash – Craig Mann, Ben Wilkins, and Thomas Curley. They thank Damian Chazelle, a great leader.

Best Sound Editing> American Sniper – Alan Robert Murray and Bub Asman – they previously won for Letters from Iwo Jima.

Jared Leto presents the Oscar for best-supporting actress. Patricia Arquette for Boyhood. Everybody applauds, standing. She thanks her friends for making the world a better place. She strives for the rights of women to equal rights.

Josh Hutchinson presents Rita Ora, who performs the song “Grateful” from “Beyond the Lights” by Diane Warren.

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Chloe Grace Moretz presents the award for visual effects to Paul Franklin, Andrew Lockley, Ian Hunter, and Scott Fisher for Interstellar.

Kevin Hart and Anna Kendrick present the best animated short film. Feast – Patrick Osborn and Kristina Reed. She thanks her kids for the many nights they let her miss to proceed with her “crazy career”.

Zoe Saldana and Dwayne Johnson present the best-animated feature. Don Hall, Chris Williams, and Roy Conli for Big Hero 6.

Sheryl Boone-Isaacs, president of AMPAS, says the film is a universal language. Filmmakers are responsible for ensuring that every voice is heard, protecting freedom of expression. We honor the courage of filmmakers who encourage us to see the world around us in new ways. She thanks filmmakers around the world.

Chris Pratt and Felicity Jones present production design awards: Adam Stockhausen (2nd nomination) and Anna Pinnock (5th nomination) for The Grand Budapest Hotel. Their 1st Oscar.

Idris Elba and Jessica Chastain present the Oscar for cinematography Emmanuel Lubezki – Birdman Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance).

Meryl Streep presents in memoriam.

Naomi Watts and Benedict Cumberbatch present the award for film editing: John Cross for Whiplash. Thanks, assistant film editors.

Terence Howard presents Whiplash. He is blown away by emotion. Then he presents The Imitation Game, then Selma.

Jennifer Anniston and David Oyelowo present awards for documentary. Citizenfour – Laura Poitras, Mathilde Bonnefoy, and Dirk Wilutzky win for best documentary feature.

Octavia Spencer presents the song from Selma, “Glory” – by John Legend and Common – music and lyrics by John Stephens and Lonnie Flynn

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Everybody applauds, standing. This year we remember there have been 50 years since Martin Luther King jr. has been killed.

Steve O’Reimas is the orchestra conductor for this evening.

Adeena Menzel presents John Travolta, who she introduces as “Glom Gazingo”. They present the award for best original song, Glory. Everybody applauds, standing. Lonnie first, thanks first, God. He mentions “sexual orientation” as a difference similar to race. John says there are more persons of color in correctional/detention facilities than were people in slavery 2 centuries ago.

Scarlett Johansson presents the musical film which won the Oscar for best film and 4 others 49 years ago. It was presented to the public in 1965. She presents Lady Gaga, who sings “The Sound of Music” and other songs from this movie. Next, Julie Andrews enters the stage and is applauded by everyone standing. Julie Andrews was awarded the Oscar for achievement in music written for motion pictures (original score)> Alexandre Desplat for The Grand Budapest Hotel – 1st win, 8th nomination.

Up until now, The Grand Budapest Hotel and Whiplash seem to be the most awarded films of the night. However, J.K. Simmons’ prediction that Whiplash will make a “clean sweep” has been correct until now, as Whiplash didn’t lose in any category yet.

Eddie Murphy> “If it’s not on the page, it’s not on the stage”. He presents the award for the original screenplay Birdman Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance): Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Nicolas Giacobone, Alexander Dinelaris Jr, Armando Bo.

Oprah Winfrey presents the Oscar for adapted screenplay. Graham Moore – The Imitation Game. His speech pro LGBTM is applauded standing.

Ben Affleck presents the award for film direction: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu for Birdman Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Ego loves competition. Someone wins means someone loses. Artists’ work is measured by time and cannot be labeled and judged.

Cate Blanchett presents the award for best actor in a leading role. Eddie Redmayne for The Theory of Everything.

Matthew McConaughey presents the award for best actress. Julianne Moore for Still Alice. She is applauded, standing. “I read an article that said winning an Oscar prolongs your life by 5 years, which is great because my husband is younger than me”.

Sean Penn, 2 times award winner, presents the Oscar for best film> Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)> Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, John Lesher, and James W. Skotchdopole. The speech of Inarritu is centered on the thankfulness of immigrants, especially Mexican immigrants, to the USA, which granted them the equality of rights to which any American is entitled. He also noted that this is the 2nd year in a row when a Mexican won Best Director.

This year’s biggest winners of the Oscars

1. Birdman Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) – 4 awards> best picture, best directing, best original screenplay, best cinematography out of 9 nominations

2. The Grand Budapest Hotel – 4 awards > costume design, makeup and hairstyling, music, production design, out of 9 nominations.

3. Whiplash – 3 awards > actor in a supporting role, film editing, sound mixing out of 5 nominations

Biggest” losers”:

1. Foxcatcher – 5 nominations> actor in a supporting role, actor in a leading role, directing, original screenplay and makeup, and hairstyling 0 wins.

2. Mr. Turner – 4 nominations> cinematography, costume design, music, production design 0 wins

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